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  1. oliver1706 added a post in a topic 2d artist looking to work for cyrodiil   

    Hi! Your portfolio is very impressive. I'm sure any project would be glad to have you. The active projects are Black Marsh, Cyrodiil, the Iliac Bay (High Rock and Hammerfell), Morrowind, Roscra and Thras. If you like, you can read up about these locations on the UESP, our official website ,  or just look around the forums a bit.  Any project would be able to use your skills for in-game or concept art I imagine.
    Personally, I'm a director on the Iliac Bay project, and we've been recently looking into in-game paintings (one of which, a portrait of a King, is pretty much complete. You also may be able to find work drawing armour, or create or landscape concepts and the like. If the Iliac Bay sounds like something that would interest you, let me know.
    Thanks for your application!
    EDIT: Oops sorry, only skimmed the title, read the body, didn't see you were applying specifically to Cyrodiil. I'm sure someone from there will contact you soon, but IB is still open.
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  2. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    Got frustrated with the ships stuff, so I decided to make an Open spell.
    And doors
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  3. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Enhanced AI Framework   

    I've followed your developments and release on /r/skyrimmods as well, and been very impressed. We'll certainly consider using it, and very much appreciate the offer. I'll have to have a look at the documentation properly, to see its potential uses, but from what I've seen it is very promising.
    I've also always wanted to do some sort of scripted boss fight, Dawnguard style, and I might look at incorporating this somehow.
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  4. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics   

    SKSE String File
    1. Make a new .txt document and add the following (remember it needs a TAB to separate the string from the translation - under Localization on that linked page, not a bunch of spaces):
    $My Stat    My Stat
    2. Use your text editor to save it as "UTF16 LE with BOM", name it "yourEspName" + "_ENGLISH" (eg. myMod_ENGLISH.txt")
    3. Now place it in ...data/interface/translations
    The reason for the string file is to circumvent PopulateStatsList's habit of affixing whatever you write in the code with a "$"
    So create a new text file called "YourESPName_ENGLISH.txt" in /interface/translations,  and add a line with something like "$Goblin Reputation    Goblin Reputation" with a tab separating them. That should solve the issue. The translation file will of course have to be changed to "BSIliacBay_English.txt" when integrated, but you can use your esp name for testing.
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  5. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Glacial Cavern - ub3rman123   

    Cheeky pun?
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  6. oliver1706 added a post in a topic HF - West Reach [9F]   

    Yes, you must change the file over.
    An esp file is a series of records, or new info for the game. So if you placed a tree, then merged it, the master would have the creation of that tree. If you use the same file, it would register for the addition of that tree, and then add another one, causing duplicates. Obviously you don't want this, and must change plugin each time.
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  7. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Landscape artist, mediocre experience - for Cyrodiil   

    Hi, do you have any screenshots or examples of your landscaping work? That would be very useful. Also, I am assuming you wish to join Cyrodiil?
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  8. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Applying for 3D Modeling/Texturing (Experienced)   

    The available provinces are High Rock and Hammerfall (Forming the Iliac Bay, you can work on either or both though), Cyrodiil, Morrowind, Roscrea, and Black Marsh. Any of those would be happy to have you on I'm sure, do you have a preference? If you're not familiar with the Elder Scrolls world, I could elaborate more on each of them?
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  9. oliver1706 added a post in a topic [Claimed] Bretic "ESO Style" Castle (Castle Llugwych)   

    That quality is absolutely amazing! Looks great! 
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  10. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    The spell definitely wouldn't be called Raise Dead, and they would be portrayed as imbuing life into the golem. I'd like to also have the golems break down and need repair after dying, with different stages of damage, negatively affecting them. Conjuration is the only school such spells would fit in. I agree Sage, Dwemer wouldn't really work here.
    On having "wild" golems and daedra lurking in dungeons (which I support BTW, for the atmosphere) I found this, in the book Darkest Daedra. It talks of daedra remaining "indefinitely". Would golems remain when the caster is not present? I feel like as the golem is now its own living thing, it would run independently (despite the lack of energy). What do you think?
    The book can be found here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Darkest_Darkness
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  11. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    We might be able to make it so that the player constructs a body of a sort, then casts a spell to bring it to life. The body would be like an item that can be picked up and dropped, but acts like a corpse. Therefore, it works not like a summoning spell, aimed at a location, but rather imbues a construct with the magical energy for life. The spell could also have a material casting cost, such as some iron ingots. When I can, I'll add the golem effects to the list.
    I don't think we really need to try and fluff our spells list at this time Sage. Thanks for the input Joe. So is the consensus that we should add some Restoration spells that damage undead, and leave the banish spells to vanilla (but perhaps combine them with an effect later)?
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  12. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    For the Holy spells, I was thinking that they would be either drawing from a higher power that dislikes those unholy (demons and undead), or simply be harming things considered unnatural. I'm sure we could make something up to fit the gameplay. If this isn't wanted, that's fine of course. Making and changing the parameters of such a spell will not be difficult.
    Glad to hear about golems, hopefully they can be implemented well. If we get somebody willing to produce the assets needed, then I'll set the spells up. IMHO, having new summons for HR is important to show their magic mastery.
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  13. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    Silenced enemies do not use magic at all, so that is good. Silenced enemies attempt to cast spells, but they get interrupted. I am yet to add the magicka cost for being interrupted though.
    Silence doesn't exist in TES5, so are you thinking of another mod, or were you just talking about our's?
    It doesn't seem too much of a change to have a Holy spell work against demons as well. Perhaps not against Atronachs? Would there be a lore-basis for affecting Dremora, and not other creatures or Oblivion?
    Speaking of Atronachs, TES2 featured atronach/golem things, which seemed to be built by the caster, then brought to life. We could look at making something about them, which would go with Deeza's ritual spells. However, they would be largely dependent on art assets, or I could try a retexture of something different.
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  14. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    How about just a holy word damage spell that affects undead, daedra and demons? I'm not sure if you can easily banish non-summoned actors.
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  15. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Breton Magic   

    Both poison and the spell reflection effects are on the sheet already. I did talk about that kind of reflection in the OP : ) I will make that reflection shield (Shalidor's Mirror) sometime. I think we can add Poison and generic magic "Arcane" effects. Skyrim has about half a dozen resistances, and there is both a generic magic resistance and poison, which should work for us. However, I'm not sure if we are going to be modifying perk trees as part of BS, which we would need to implement them properly as a real element alongside Skyrim's three.
    I think Banish works on a daedra keyword. We can add that to our daedra and it should work. If not, we can make our own spell or modify Beth's. Banish only works on summoned creatures I believe, doesn't work on ones "in the wild".
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