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  1. Application: Scripter/Level Designer

    Alright, we'll bring you on board in a modeling capacity. I'm sure over time you'll improve and learn the Skyrim workflow. There are many tutorials around, and we also have an Arcane University which tutors new or prospective recruits in their chosen skill.
  2. Application: Scripter/Level Designer

    Ah okay. What name did you join under? How much experience do you have with making assets for Skyrim? How are you at making and texturing models from scratch?
  3. Application: Scripter/Level Designer

    Hello! Do you have much experience with Skyrim (in any of these disciplines)? Which province would you like to join? Thank you
  4. Application: Software Dev

    Hello, I am the Iliac Bay (High Rock and Hammerfell) Implementation and Scripting Director. Would you be able to have a go at Bethesda quest tutorials, then re-apply? Papyrus should be fairly easy to pick up for you. Furthermore, you may wish to experiment and learn more about how Skyrim runs under the hood. Once you've done that, I'm sure any team would be glad to have you. Which team would you prefer to join? Good luck Casey!
  5. Navmesh Application

    No worries. Other provinces, including my own, will have opportunities for you now, or in the future, if you keep learning. Best of luck!
  6. Application: Writer

    Would you be interested in working for the Iliac Bay? Your skills sound decent, and we can help you train up some more. We might be a bit light on on tasks for you at the moment, but we'll work things out.
  7. Navmesh Application

    Hello, I'm the implementation and scripting director on the Iliac Bay. Your navmeshing skills seem proficient, though more practice is always welcome. Unfortunately IB isn't in need of much navmeshing in the moment. There also aren't generally any dedicated navmeshers. We strongly recommend you learn implementation, but we can bring you aboard in the mean time. The Bethesda tutorials are generally well regarded. If that's alright, I'll get you set up now.
  8. Application 2D/3D Art Generalist

    Hello Alberto! Your skills definitely look quite impressive. Which province team are you most interested in? Furthermore, you've not modeled specifically for skyrim before? Thank you
  9. Voice Actor for Redguard, and other Male Characters

    The sample doesn't seem to contain what you describe. Could you perhaps try google drive as a host for the audio files?
  10. Application - Software Developer

    Hello Jyurei. It's good that you have experience with those two projects you mention. You'll want to go through some tutorials on the CK wiki to learn how to use the tools of Beyond Skyrim. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Bethesda_Tutorial_Planning_the_Quest https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Bethesda_Tutorial_Papyrus_Hello_World Papyrus is Skyrim's scripting language. It really isn't too difficult, don't worry. Once you feel proficient in quest design and scripting, feel free to come back. You may want to post some screenshots or other evidence of your skills though. Good luck.
  11. Application-ImperialRepublic

    Well done Mr. Republic, we like your application. I'm going to add you aboard to the Iliac Bay team, consisting of High Rock and Application. I'll send you a pm with more information. Come on discord and introduce yourself to everyone : )
  12. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    Alright cheers, good luck with the mod
  13. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    I think policy is basically "go for your life". However you can't redistribute any parts of BS, you'll have to direct your users to download from us. What's the name of your mod? I'll make sure to look out for it : )
  14. Recruitment - Peekay1982

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kC9DyvZvA0P7gl6krGxd2_WHwTKH9uX_yBWj50zcrCs/edit This is an example of the sort of format we use. I'd like you to address one of the below prompts, and demonstrate your skills in that area. You may include things like unlockable topics, custom greetings and trees. You should display a base knowledge of the TES world, a strong grasp of the English language and adhere closely to the style the vanilla game uses. Creativity in addressing the task is also valued. 1. Write dialogue for a Redguard sailor. Include a number of dialogue options. Potential topics include the state of the seas, life on a ship or background 2. The player encounters a travelling wizard on the roads. The player can ask questions that reveal why they are travelling, and where to. Dialogue might also reveal insights into the attitudes towards magic in High Rock, about the dissolution of the Mages Guild, history of Breton magic or how magical institutions operate. 3. Construct a number of dialogue options for a vendor (the type is up to you) in Eastern High Rock. Possible topics of conversation include where they get there stock from, how business is or the Skyrim civil war. 4. The player meets a Hammerfell nationalist in a tavern. Introduce their views in an intelligent way, and allow the player to engage in and feel invested in the debate. You may wish to utilise racial-specific dialogue or allow the conversation to turn ugly. The main idea is that we'd like to see how good you are at producing dialogue that could belong in-game, and follows the standards of Skyrim. Good luck with the task!
  15. Recruitment - Peekay1982

    You seem quite proficient at description, well done. I am impressed, though obviously short samples make it hard to judge. The main skill we look for however is dialogue writing. Would you like to complete a task that tests your dialogue writing skills in order to apply for High Rock?