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  1. It's time to announce Roscrea

    Fair enough, it being analogous to Raven Rock wouldn't surprise me too greatly. Little iffy on them being that gung ho on the Civil War issue though, most dialogue in game more leans towards everyone outside of Skyrim caring very little about the Civil War while its happening. The fact that most of the legion being local recruits by in large as opposed to Cyrodiil itself amassing its armies in total war and only sending in Tullius as their fixer says to me that they're interests are lying elsewhere. But I agree with everything else.
  2. It's time to announce Roscrea

    Out of idle curiosity, any idea what the current state of Roscrea is for the project? The most info we have on it is from the Third Pocket Guide, and that mostly entails that it was under Uriel's direct governance (As opposed to Skyrim's) and that it was fairly prosperous during the Third Era. Granted, that was two hundred years ago, and the Empire is currently waning.