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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. The Gears of War Series

    No, I mean the more recent example where one person's brain activity was used to get another person's hand to move to fire the bullets while playing space invaders....without the second person being able to see the screen. http://www.iflscience.com/brain/mind-meld-brains-cooperate-without-words It's still not exactly usable, but like I said, infancy. XD Any product like that would have to be controlled in the extreme. Like, no, you can't actually read someone's personal thoughts with it and you certainly can't subpoena anyone to obtain it. It's one of those paradigm shifts, I think, Deeza. Still at least twenty years away, I think, from being perfected to the point of commercial viability. Another decade at least to deal with the obvious resultant issues.
  3. The Gears of War Series

    Exactly. Before such tech went on the market it would have to be so rigorously tested for what would undoubtedly be unique security measures... But yeah. That being said, we've already got scientists sending thoughts between people in the lab, so the tech is coming. It's just a matter of a lot of r and d and testing.
  4. The Gears of War Series

    Not really. Facial recognition is only a fraction of full communication. Also, bear in mind how horrifyingly poor the Kinect is at detecting anything. The tech is still in its infancy. Neurological interfacing is the pinnacle, and I don't think it's very far above the minimum either.
  5. The Gears of War Series

    Just putting this out there: Those gimmicky VR helmets are the vehicle to better npcs. Why? Once we achieve a proper full-immersion VR system, the games will finally be able to have enough input data to react more realistically to the player. E.g. someone talked about the AI reacting to the player believing they've figured the npc out. That's only possible once err are capturing sufficient input data like facial expressions and hand gestures for the computer to be able to make that interpretation. Current gen gimmicks are more stepping stones, after all, than an end to themselves. How is the ai supposed to figure out not just your character's behavior, but your behavior, if you only have two sticks, four eight buttons and three dialogue options to work with? Once we remove those two limitations (input and options), that's when the experience can ramp up. Basically, once games stop letting me accidentally throw a grenade at my feet because my finger slipped or I forgot which button I actually wanted, we can get into better mechanics. Imo, anyway.
  6. Windows 10

    Yeah, these days its pretty easy to go to a new hard drive or computer/reinstall Windows at will. I think it's one of the few areas where the company realised that its both futile to try and prevent and that most people are doing it legitimately.
  7. Windows 10

    Screw that. Again with the force-the-user-to-adopt-always-online shit. Did they learn nothing from the internet kick-back over the One? -_-
  8. Windows 10

    There's a reason I'm not on Windows 8. XD Trying to force one interface model for all devices is stupid. It's like ceasing to manufacture regular monitors because 3D is currently the "in" thing. Touch is great...for mobile/small devices. Even then, it's only good because the alternatives are not really sensible. On a desktop PC, touch makes no sense. It might have the occasional use for specific applications, but not only is keyboard/mouse more intuitive, it also doesn't get fingerprints all over your freaking viewable space! All touch does on a desktop is reduce the amount of things you can interact with because it requires allowances for less precise input. I.e. everything has to be larger and more finger-friendly. The amount of features you lose/can't do as accurately because of a touch interface is absurd. It's a "one size fits all" mentality and that has been proven to be stupid countless times in the past - it's the "gaming laptop" approach, and while it works, it's never going to be the *right* solution for either of the tasks you're applying it to. Why Microsoft though this approach was sensible or going to help them in any way is beyond me. More likely developing one OS was more cost-effective in development terms, but that's a short-sighted approach. And as much as they insist that desktop sales are down, mobile is taking over, etc, etc, I'm still not seeing it. They might take over for everyday use applications, but phones and 12" tablets still are not the best way to view media content, they're not the best way to write things like reports, documentation, code, essays, spreadsheets, or anything else that requires more than five seconds of typing. They're not good for doing side-by-side comparisons or comparing multiple pages of content. They're not good for extended periods of use for most things, even, due to the posture and gestures they force you to assume. Nor are they suitable for non-mobile gaming. And no matter how much Microsoft wants to think otherwise, no, removing desktops PCs won't make their consoles do better. Just because something is more convenient in small doses does not make it the better platform by default. It makes it another option to consider. At the end of the day, short of neural-interface futuretech, keyboard will always be the option of choice for bulk data entry applications - which is a rather large percentage of business use, for a start. The same as the precision of a mouse will always make it superior for most gaming applications. Or why a stylus will always be better for drawing on tablets than a finger. Approaches like this, ones where people try to sell the idea of "death of the desktop", sounds a lot like people heralding e-readers as the end of printed books, or the internet as the death of public libraries. Piracy will destroy the movie industry, etc. Heck, we still use analogue clocks/watches often enough! And the concept which I've read elsewhere that Microsoft is calling 10 the "last major release" sounds like things they've said before. It sounds like a lie. Or the death of Microsoft. It's oversimplifying their target audience. They made the mistake of broad-base generalisations with the Xbox One and Windows 8...hopefully Win10 learns from that mistake. *sigh* ....and yes, that turned into much more of a rant about semi-tangential issues than I had intended, lol.
  9. Diablo III

    Eh, I got sidetracked from playing this by the release of Destiny. >.> Yeah, it may be a while before I pick this back up. XD
  10. Diablo III

    I've been forced into buying this for fun co-op by a friend. Haven't played it yet though. Apparently the new consoles edition really makes it quite decent, with automatic loot assignment (normally I'd hate this, but when playing for the lulz it probably won't annoy me) and no more auction house crap, etc. I'll feedback here after I give it a try.
  11. Thread o' Random Stuff

    Why have a zipper that doesn't unzip? Wouldn't you just manufacture them without zippers?! Da hell.... "Nanny state", ftw....O.o
  12. Happy Birthday Ysne58

    Happy birthday Ysne! All the best...
  13. Happy Birthday Deeza!

    Happy birthday! :D
  14. Elder Scrolls MMO

    Though if that is in-game currency, is that so out of character? Is one not allowed to be a conniving/enterprising vampire who may also be a bit duplicitous? On the one hand, I agree, it's a dick move. On the other, great RP!
  15. Katawa Shoujo

    Yup, awesome game. Amazing that something like this could come out of 4chan, for sure...