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  1. Have nif with textures that cannot be seen

    Try hitting "Alt+d" if that fails, click on "Render" at the top drop-down menus and click "silhouette" because it looks like you have silhouette enabled.
  2. Application: 3d modeller

    Never modelled weapons and they would require new textures which is my weak spot. Though I will give anything a try. As for clutter I do have a few clutter pieces I modelled laying around unused which are a few Arabian style oil lamp/candles and an hourglass I was going to try and animate but could never figure out.
  3. Application: 3d modeller

    So technically some of my work has already been used in BS but I would like to join in a more official capacity. My skills are 3d modelling, best at structures and statics. Creatures with skinning I find to be a bit of a nightmare, though I can modify existing skinned meshes to create new variant forms. Also, not too great at texturing. I thought I would show 2 videos that showcase a few bits and pieces I've worked on. (some of it is old and unreleased but might be of some use.) The first video here shows a bridge set along with raised road segments that can be used to link them if needed, some light posts, a tileable cliff edge and a Flame Wraith which is essentially a retextured modified Ice Wraith with different spells. The cliff segments which there are 8 separate tileable pieces are scratch built and the bridges are almost scratch built apart from the road segment which was lifted from Skyrim. These might not be that useful as I'm not sure how much over-all worldspace has already been finished or designed in the various projects. The second video here shows some dogs and horses. The dogs are modified wolves and the horses are modified horses (obviously). Both names of the new horses "Swift" and "Desert" are just placeholder. I am aware that new types of horses might already have been modelled for the project but I thought it would be fun to do. the two new types can share saddles with each other as they have the same back/waist shape. Thank you for your consideration. As to the province, I am not too fussed. Though I am leaning towards High Rock/Hammerfell.
  4. Missing Texture when rendering in Blender

    Regarding the black splotches, make sure you don't have 2 faces occupying the same space. That's kinda what it looks like.
  5. Hair Meshes Resource

    Been a while. I've still been working/tweaking the hairs on and off. Did get and start playing Fallout 4, so modding Skyrim took a backseat, but got bored of it and went back to Skyrim. Future updates of the hairs will be done through the mod I released on the Nexus here. The hairs are still free to use by Beyond Skyrim if they're wanted and the esp does showcase some of the hairlines/hairs relationship without a complicated readme. All the hairs have been tweaked and the hairlines now have all the correct shader flags. More hairs have been added and some redone and some renamed. There's also some beards, though these were more of a test to see if they could be done. I'm also partially rebooting a child mod I made a while back, so in the near future there might be some child hairs if you want them. I'm also up for hair requests. Can't promise I can make them, but I will give it a shot.
  6. Hair Meshes Resource

    Okay, here's the link to the hairs. There's a readme that explains which hairs share the same hairline/hair. One or two use vanilla hairlines and which ones is also explained. Hope it's not too confusing. Also I did get slightly lazy with the Imperial female ones. The fourth Imperial female one in the pics I posted just the other day is just Nord hair 1 with a plait headband. Also Imperial hair 6 (there's 5, but there's already an Imperial hair 1 in vanilla game) is a modified Serana hair. I did this because it already looked a lot like a hair in Oblivion. Female Fringes I think. I removed the plaits and rounded it off. Any issues with any of them, tell me. (some don't have dismemberments to hats, which I already know.)
  7. Hair Meshes Resource

    Sure, do you want me to post a link on here or in a PM, or somewhere else? Also just a note that some of them don't have functioning dismemberments for hats because I haven't gotten around to doing it yet, mainly on the Redguard hairs.
  8. Hair Meshes Resource

    I guess I should update what's been happening with the hair meshes. I decided to ditch most of the "alternate" hairs for something a little more original. Also, I made shortish combed hair as suggested/requested that isn't slicked back. I also decided to use vanilla textures instead of modded vanilla textures because I wanted to make the UV's to the vanilla instead of modded hair . Below in spoiler tag is shortish combed but not slick. I'm using nothing but vanilla textures which makes doing some hairtypes more of a challenge. And here's a selection of hairs from the races. I might have gone overboard for Bretons as they have 10 for each gender (8 of them shown here) Some of these are already out of date as they've been modified, such as giving the 2nd tied back male breton hair sideburns and pulling the hairline of the female Breton slightly forward. I have tried to remake some Oblivion hairs. The first Imperial male hair is my attempt to make the suggested oblivion hair (on Martin) the second ponytail Imperial hair that is on both the male and female is actually an unused hair I found in the BSA, but it was only for female elder. I cleaned up the mesh because it was clipping all over the place and put it as Imperial . You'll probably notice that a lot of the Breton hairs have a hairline reminiscent of the Elves and in some cases, I even ported the hair to work on humans. I thought it would be interesting due to their heritage to do this. I thought it would actually look worse than it does. Looks pretty normal actually. For the male Altmer, I was intending to make the cone hairstyles from Oblivion (think adoring fan), but it ultimately didn't look right so I made them tied up instead. Initially, I was aiming for 5 hairs, but ended up approaching ten and getting to ten in some cases. I haven't done anything for the Khajiit yet and for the Orcs I only gave them the mohawk and the curly shaved hair. They only had shaved hair and the dreadlock mohawk. Also, Sage of Ice, I haven't actually looked at beards yet, though I wouldn't be against trying. I'll look at Aldis and see what beard he uses and see if I can do anything with it.
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    What about skinning it to the Ice Wraith? It sorta swims through the air like a shark. Edit: It's already been suggested by Meliodas. I should read before I post, lol.
  10. Hair Meshes Resource

    Rigging isn't an issue for me, I've been weighting them off the head and I haven't had any issues. Also, a question. Bowl Cut hairstyle. Imperial or Breton? Right now I have it as a Breton hairstyle, but I don't know the origins of this hairstyle and I can't seem to find one. If it's Roman, then it'll probably end up as an Imperial hairstyle, if it's Medieval, then probably Breton. If it has other origins, then probably Breton.
  11. Hair Meshes Resource

    I have extracted the hairs from Oblivion and have been looking at them. Not sure if I'll do the top one because it's essentially short (imperial) hair with a bandana (or whatever that particular headband is called) also, I have started to separate the new hairs into folders and give them specific names that fit better with the existing names, such as the "slick hair " is now named malehairBreton01. The human ones I try and remake from Oblivion (if I can manage it) will be most likely all be "Imperial hair". In the end, I want each race to have some hairs (aiming for 5) that have their namesake.
  12. Hair Meshes Resource

    Just to let people know, I am still working on the hair meshes. I have had a bit of a setback because while the female curly Redguard hair looked fine in the CK, in-game it looked more like a hat as there was a visible perimeter. This was because I had essentially resized the male hair. So I opted to just remake it starting with the shaved female Redguard hair as a base and now it fits like a glove. This means that I have lost the "double bun" but it isn't a big loss as it looked too much like mickey mouse from the front and behind in-game. (Sorry for the image sizes) While I did lose one, I did gain /make two other Redguard hairs, a male and female version of shaved back of head and mohawk. \/ (just male shown) I also made a set of "Slick" hair with different stages of pattern baldness (the "Slick Hair" images are slightly out of date) the widow's peak I've shown before, but it's been almost completely redone. That's not everything, but again I don't want to spam too many images. Still working on it and making sure all .tri's are working as intended and that there's no lighting issues. I think what I'm going to end up doing is releasing it as a mod on the nexus, though BS will still be free to use them once I'm done.
  13. Hair Meshes Resource

    I've still got some tweaking to do on some of the meshes, but I'm hoping to have a nicely sized pack ready for next week. Just got to check the weights are correct and that none of the hairs are going to fold into the neck when the head turns. They all use vanilla texture paths so they'll be easy to drop in without changing anything in Nifskope. Also most of the 'Alternate' hair meshes use the hairline of the original, for example, the female "hair 17 alt" uses the same hairline as hair 17.
  14. Hair Meshes Resource

    Hello, it's been a while since I posted on here, over a year. Anyway, not sure if this is a good place to post this, but here goes. Recently I started getting into modding again and I started looking at the vanilla hair meshes. I started off simply altering the vanilla hair to make variants such as: (hope these images post right) I then decided to try and make some female versions of male hairs such as: (I pulled the top section off male dark elf 3 and merged it with female dark elf 2) There is also a semi-original mesh, I say semi because the Widows peak hair/hairline was pulled and reformed directly from the male head (saved on time) This led me to modifying the male Redguard hair 3 (Curly) to fit on the female head (strangely there wasn't curly hair for females) . I then made variants : There's a lot more, but I didn't want to spam the post with too many pictures. I was thinking that with the multiple provinces in Beyond Skyrim, I thought some variation in hairs would be beneficial to create more variation, especially with the Redguard females who only have 4 hairs in vanilla Skyrim. These assets are up for grabs if you think their quality is high enough. If not then they'll probably end up on the Nexus. I guess PM me or something. Thanks for all the work all the teams are putting into Beyond Skyrim, it's really inspiring. Again, I hope this is a good place to post this.
  15. (Armour/Creature) Aurorans

    Well as I understand it, Auri-El (Akatosh) is often depicted as an eagle, so that's where the eagle stuff came from (I've always suspected that the Skyforge is actually the Forge of Auri-El or something like that as it's an eagle too) Anyway, the Ayleid copying designs from Meridia does make a lot of sense given the lore behind them. It might be that considering the Ayleids at their height were the biggest empire at the time (I think), that their designs influenced what the Altmer on the Isles was doing, and did since. Most of it is speculation though, as there's no real history behind the armour designs. My guess is that they made it a similar style to quickly convey that the Ayleids and Altmer were related. Or it could all just laziness on Bethesda's part, who didn't really think it through themselves. Armour designs have never been their strength.