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  1. Student Thread: Sonemer

    Hi, I know it's been a very long time now but over the past few months I've been generally better familiarizing myself with the creation kit. I finally jumped into designing a dungeon when I found this quote: “Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake.” Also I've attached the esp of what i have so far, figured it's easier to look at hands-on than to try interpreting a 2d image of often complex creation kit work. If for whatever reason this is inconvenient I'll just stick with screenshots. I scrapped the previous dungeon due to it being the slightly messy and inefficient results of me only starting to learn, I'm liking the results of this new project probably due to a new mindset I've gained for level design now. The cell name is Sonemer001. SonemerFirstDungeon.esp
  2. Student Thread: Sonemer

    You can also put another floor above that one and then use the rubble piles and rocks to fill in the gaps you will inevitably make. (in the paragraph you talk about the stream) / / What do you mean by this, a floor where? I haven't began and nor do I have much of a clue about lighting yet, i'll clutter first. After this cave i'll try interior worldspaces, it would definitely be helpful with something like the area I used pillars for cliffs.
  3. Student Thread: Sonemer

    I haven't been doing much with this for awhile but I've gotten into it now, here are the results of learning and applying ck knowledge for a night. Here's the stream I was talking about in the last post, there will be a waterfall from it to the lake below of course. Any tips on cluttering the area with rocks, cliffs, ledges, etc for this and any cave built later? Was using pillars for the cliff platforms by the stream a good idea? Also how does landscaping work with caves? I know it's used in Blackreach and it's a must have for any large floored cave or else you seem to have to do what I did with the pillars to add variation.
  4. Student Thread: Sonemer

    I get this warning when I angle the stream piece it says, is it fixable? I tested it in-game and the water seemed to be only a visual effect, does the stream have to be flat for it to have displacement physics? If it's not fixable, what else can I use?
  5. Level Design

  6. Student Thread: Sonemer

    I was wondering, what's the opinion on the use of the nordic dungeon kit in beyond skyrim? It seems to have the most diversity but obviously it's skyrim based and maybe too "old" to make much use of.
  7. Student Application Thread (Implementation)

    1. Quests, and enough scripting knowledge to be able to make a unique quest. 2. Nothing right now. 3. Just the thread's good. 4. The CK so far is a lot easier to use than I expected, so I'm interested in learning more than just level design now.
  8. Student Application Thread (level design.)

    It's me, from the High Rock recruitment thread. 1. I've learned most of what the Bethesda tutorials show but haven't gotten into lighting or npc/enemy pathing and scripting yet. 2. Mostly dungeons, maybe some interiors. Landscaping would be cool, but I'm not sure if I have the right mind for that. 3. Through the forum's just fine. 4. For now High Rock, although if Cyrodiil is using the Oblivion dungeons I'd actually enjoy converting and improving set layouts. 5. At first I was over at the Skywind site but they seem to have their dungeon work almost finished, so I looked around and found what looks like something a lot more interesting to contribute to.
  9. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    I'm interested in dungeon design. I am fairly new to the Creation Kit but over the past few days all I've been doing is learning about it, therefore I can't exactly show any complete examples of my work. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist so I figured asking to join now would allow me to make use of the Beyond Skyrim content to give my first "real dungeon" a chance to be used in High Rock if everyone agrees it looks and works well. I understand if you want an example of how my work looks before accepting me, in which case I'll get right to building a dungeon.