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  1. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    The Vagaries of Magicka Author unknown "...but take care, lest power enfeeble the fundaments, and curtail the flow through the Congeries, except when functions be warranted. And safeguard that the Congeries shall not be abused by prideful wizards, confident in their skill and blinded by their ambitions. In this, hold the ordering of the Congeries among the oldest and most trusted of mages, and make secure this ordering through arcane codes and keys to confound even the most clever students. "The Restorals must be most carefully guarded, for how often have even the wise lusted to overreach their bodies and souls with vitality and mana. And also must the Magicka Fountains be damped and banked, sanctioning their engendering only to the reconsecration of essential arcane engines and templates, and then only by common assent of the Council." (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  2. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Trebuchet Ritual Forromeo [beneath several large, important-looking charts and diagrams] Behold the ritual of making for the Grand and Thaumaturgical and Most Puissant Trebuchet of Overarching Peril. He that touches this parchment to the workings of the Trebuchet of Granvellusa and releases its spirits therein shall apprehend before him an full and ready Engine of Mighty Destruction for the subjugation of the Foes of all Direnni. Forromeo has spoken. The world shall hear. Let all peoples tremble before the everlasting might and grandeur of Clan Direnni. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  3. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Posting of the Hunt Excerpts Author unknown Posting of The Hunt, Excerpt 1: The Posting of the Hunt. Let no man say before a witness that the Hunt has not been called, nor the Rites declared, or the Ancient Offices observed. The Huntsman and his Hounds shall chase and harry the Hare as the ritual demands. The Hunt begins before the green crystal reflections of the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry. The Spear of Bitter Mercy is displayed, the Offices of the Hunt are recited: the Drag, the Chase, the Call, and the View to the Kill. Posting of The Hunt, Excerpt 2: The Drag is for the Lesser Dogs, to startle out the Hare. The Chase is for the Greater Hounds to drive the Hare before them. On the Call the Greater Hounds trap the Hare and summon the Huntsmen for the kill, with the Spear of Bitter Mercy. Last is the View. The Huntsman rings the bell to call the Master to view his kill. Then is the bounty bestowed, and the victorious huntsman calls the new Hunt. To name a Wild Hunt is a grand and grave right indeed. All but the High Daedra Lords are prey to the potent Spear of Bitter Mercy. It is a terrible weapon, and must not be removed from the Grounds of the Ritual Hunt. Posting of The Hunt, Excerpt 3: I think this one doesn't actually appear in the game (For obvious reasons). The Hare is granted one slim chance for escape. Six keys in the grounds can open the way into the Horned Temple and away to elude the Huntsman and his Spear. Though no Hare has done this, the forms must be observed. To cheat the Hare of the keys is an unforgivable betrayal of the Law of the Hunt. Posting of The Hunt, Excerpt 4: In the Ritual of the Hunt, the Huntsmen are protected from all harm, from all weapons, and from sorceries of all types. Wise is the huntsman, however, that fears the bite of his own Spear, for a single touch of the Spear of Bitter Mercy means death for Hare and Huntsman alike. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  4. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Letter to Fire Daedra Herne For all Feydra's vassals, our Hounds. You shall not return to the Chapel until the hunt is resolved, and the quarry's corpse is borne in to rest upon the altar. Remember, you are The Greater Hounds. You are to pursue and harry the quarry but must not kill it. That honor shall be Egahirn's only. Keep your amulets about you, the quarry is wily. Now go, and run well, for the Hunt is a thing of beauty. Herne. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  5. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Letter from Balaherne Balaherne Brother Herne, I do not comprehend. By the rites of the Hunt, the hare must have some chance of escape, however small. I understand that this is Egahirn's first Hunt, I see that he must succeed, but does it not impair the principles of the Hunt to have him bear one of the six keys? How is the hare to wrest it from him? Egahirn should pass the rite as you did, as I did, as a proper hunter, in full obedience to the forms. Surely it is the only way for the rite to be firm and fast. Balaherne. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  6. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Kendhall Book of Riddles Kendhall Loadbearer, Warrior Spirited, Brave Fleet-foot, Ironshod Faithful One, Slave Answer: Horse I rise above the roofs below Finger up-raised to heaven. I speak in clear tones That aim for others To gather where I call. Answer: Bell Tower Some live in me, some live on, And some shave me to stride upon. I rarely leave my native land. Until my death I always stand. High and low I may be found Both above and under ground. Answer: Tree Armor bright Gleaming white A single rank Their faces blank Now hid by night Now bold by light Bright red the land Where soldiers stand Answer: Teeth (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  7. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Imago's Notes on Neonymics Imago Storm Dagon's incantory neonymic is Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepeh. The Daedric characters are Djeh Koh Leh Oh - Deh Beh - Feh Ee Zeh Peh, or, in Tamrielic, JKLO-DB-FEZP. Xivilai's neonymic is Wegerohseh-chehkohieu. The Daedric characters are Weh Geh Roh Seh - Cheh Koh Eiu, or, in Tamrielic, WGRS-CKU. Faydra's Neonymic is Nepehkweh-kodo. The Daedric characters are Neh Peh Kweh - Koh Doh, or, in Tamrielic, NPK-KD. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  8. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Harvest's End Chimere Graegyn The book contains many pages of close, tightly-written scribbling. The earliest entry is marked "Harvest's End, 3E 172." Only the first few pages make sense. Later entries are incoherent and illegible. In the first few pages you learn the basic story of Chimere, Master Sorcerer, Summoner, and Direnni retainer, and how he treated with Lord Dagon, tricked him, and paid the price of his victory. Chimere Graegyn was a retainer of the ambitious Direnni clan. The Direnni derived the bulk of their power from their traffickings with Daedra, a very profitable but risky path to success. Chimere was perhaps the cleverest and most ambitious of the Direnni summoners. He dared to scheme against Lord Dagon, and won. When his trick succeeded, Dagon was cast into Oblivion. However, in the instant of his betrayal, Dagon struck out against the mortal who tricked him. Chimere's pact assured that he would live forever in his home town among the happy voices of his friends and countrymen. Twisting the literal words of Chimere's pact, Dagon scooped up tiny Caecilly Island (a small island off the coast of Northmoor) and hurled in into the void. All Chimere's friends and countrymen were instantly killed, though the sounds of their voices remained to torment Chimere's memory. Chimere was condemned to live forever, to grow progressively old and crippled with arthritis, and to contemplate the tragic consequences of his defiance of fate and fortune in cheating a Daedra Lord. In the earlier, more lucid sections of the journal, you also find other information of relevance to your current plight. Searching for details of Chimere's successful defeat of Dagon, you find the following: The Armor of the Saviour's Hide: Created by the Daedra Lord Malacath, this armor has the marvelous property of turning the blow of an oathbreaker. Chimere tricked Dagon into swearing an oath against the Powers which he had no intention of keeping. The Hide of the Savior turned Dagon's titanic fury long enough for Chimere to deliver his own attack -- an incantation invoked upon Dagon's "Protonymic" (i.e., Incantory True Name). Unfortunately, like many of Malacath's gifts, the armor is a mixed blessing. It also makes its wearer exceptionally vulnerable to magical attacks, so one should only wear it for particular occasions. Dagon's Protonymic: Chimere used Dagon's Protonymic in an incantation to invoke a sorcery that would gradually drain all of Dagon's power into the void. Chimere miscalculated, however, not realizing that Dagon's resistance could slow the draining of his power, even if it could not stop it. As a result, Dagon had the time to curse Chimere with a literal fulfillment of the terms of his bargain with Chimere. Rather than let his power drain into the void, Dagon cast it all into his curse. As a result, Caecilly Island was cast into the void, all its citizens were horribly slain, and Chimere was condemned to live forever among the ruins of his greatest ambition. You also find the following details concerning the Rituals of the Hunt: The Chapel of the Innocent Quarry: Chimere believes that Dagon had Caecilly Island established as the site of the Chapel of the Innocent Quarry to personally mock and torment Chimere. The green crystal structure was created by enchantments, and is the only building on the island erected since it was ripped from Tamriel and loosed in the void. The Spear: Supposedly the Spear of Bitter Mercy used in the Wild Hunts could not be handled by any mortal or immortal save the ones sanctified to the Hunt and bound by its strictures. However, Chimere has determined that though the Spear's power is great, it is not unlimited, and that certain enchanted items -for instance, the Armor of the Savior's Hide, forged by Malacath- are sufficient to protect a mortal or immortal bearer from its maleficent energies. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire) NOTE: Curiously, this book has many inconsistencies with the rest of the Elder Scrolls series. According to the main set of five games (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim), the Savior's Hide is an artifact of Hircine, while the Spear of Bitter Mercy is of Sheogorath.
  9. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Chimere's Notes Chimere Graegyn [These words are painstakingly scratched onto the parchment in watery uneven strokes] The Armor of the Savior's Hide may safeguard you against the sting of the Spear of Bitter Mercy. It turns the blow of an oath-breaker and guarded me against Dagon's hand, but not against his venomous intellect. Alas, my memory is clouded. So much time has passed since I took the pieces and hid them from my own sight. I fear I have done the task too well. I never wished to see the armor again, much less suspected it might be needed by another. Enough of regrets. These faint snatches are as much as I recollect through the years of madness. Make of them what you will. One piece I recall in a place high over the water, a narrow margin, between two plumb drops, one below, one above, looking down on the lookout and the faint creaking of timbers. Another is somewhere similar, within stagger of the first but in the center of a people-home. Where folk would gather, full of music and laughter and the slop of water of life, high above the water and ringed all about with stone. The third I placed in a most wet and inaccessible locale, for I had no thought for decay and the crust of nature. All about was the sound of the great blue and slits of light fell through to the water below. My friends would cast nets and lines to catch food from here, but I cannot fetch out the name of it. The fourth lies within the mountain, in the tall tower, in the darkness beyond the curtain of water. The fifth waits in cold darkness down below. The last sailed up into the sky, and there revolved at the call of the wind. I tacked it to the canvas, so I know not if it still hangs there. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  10. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Chimere's Journal Chimere Graegyn [These lines are scribbled hastily on crumpled vellum. From the stains and the changes in ink colour, you guess they were written over a long period of time.] What new madness is this? Is it not enough that I am to be tormented here for all time with the pain of my friends? The island is crawling with horrors and my ears are filled with the shrieks of mortals, torn apart for sport! I cannot leave, I am cursed to stay, but I shall not stand by and watch others be so used! There must be some way I can help them. I have heard one of them speak of the great horned temple, the way to leave this place, and of the six keys to its great door. The temple must be the one in Granvellusa. The keys, I fancy, are hidden away in the other temples. They babble about a ritual hunt, as if this torture were a holy office! And their own temple, the emerald abomination, seems the key to all, their arsenal and their demesne. I have seen them foray out from it with their spears and their hounds of ice and fire. For now it seems I am safe here, but I long to return to my little croft-cottage on Hartmoor, where I can bar the door, and blot out the screams. Perhaps my old armor might guard against the terrible spears. Perhaps the next poor soul brought here might gather the keys and escape. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  11. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV Malham Just as it is necessary for the state to prepare arms and to provide abundant stores of victuals for the soldiers who are to fight for it, so it is fitting for Imperial Servants to fortify themselves against the assaults of pagans and heretics with a multitude of sound writings. So all know, and Malham speaks. "White Finger of Lingering Death" Produces the casting of Poison By envious fate's decrees Abide not long the lords of earth; Beneath the poisoned bite the flesh must fall. "Shroud of Night" Casts the spell of Shadow Whence art thou come? Know by his mien That Shadow is power. "Beacon of Warning" Renders the power of Detect Enemy Thine enemy be known. "Glove of Service" Grants the gift of lesser Monster Summoning Though they be least, least answer thy call. "Horn of the Hunt" Grants the gift of modest Summon Brute Pour out libations from the mingled cup; the soldiers answer; the captain's call. "Badge of the Steward" Grants the gift of Summon Wise Monster From parched and arid wastes beyond the stars, the Wise harken to the clash of war. "Guerdon of the Warden" Grants the gift of grand Summon Guard" From darkness he comes. "Knower of Nightmares" Grants the gift of Summon Surpassing Horror When his horn sounds, the hosts shall part in fear and shame. "Eyes of Arcane Sight" Renders the power of Detect Spell What works, bright or dark, are written between this world and the next? Those works you shall read as threads woven in fire. "Curtain of the Unseen World" Renders the power of Invisibility Behind this curtain he moves unknown to friend and foe. "Beckon of the Averted Eye" Renders the power of Chameleon The stalker is lost in the blend of light and shadow, color and texture. "Arms of Feathered Grace" Renders the power of Slow Fall He falls, but with grace and keen eye, like the raptor upon his prey. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  12. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Vampires of Vvardenfell, Book II Author unknown ... In the West, a shadowy fraternity of vampire hunters is believed to be primarily composed of formerly afflicted vampires who have been cured of the disease. According to legend, the Vampire Hunters refuse to reveal the cure to the disease for fear that it may encourage depraved thrill seekers from deliberately infecting themselves. In the East, the Western tradition of Vampire Hunters is unknown. Vampirism is known to be incurable, and even if it were curable, a cured vampire would be an abomination to be destroyed. Since the disease is infallibly cured if treated within three days, failure to treat oneself after an encounter with a vampire would be considered a deliberate attempt to contract the disease, and a mark of monstrous depravity.... ... In Temple doctrine, one ancient tradition holds that, among his many other crimes, Molag Bal, the Father of Monsters, spawned the first vampire upon the corpse of a defeated foe. Several different versions of this story exist, with the foe variously identified as a Daedra Lord, a Temple Saint, or a powerful beast creature. This account of the origin of vampirism is peculiar to Morrowind, appearing nowhere else in Imperial lore. Unfortunately, scholarly inquiry upon this topic is discouraged by the Temple, which controls access to the only substantial collection of historical and cultural records in Morrowind.... ... Though the Dunmer believe the disease is incurable, a Buoyant Armigers of former years named Galur Rithari insisted that he was cured of vampirism. Initially imprisoned by the Temple for heresy, he later recanted, was released, and served his final years as a librarian in the Hall of Wisdom in Vivec. It is interesting that previous to his imprisonment for heresy, Rithari had been posted to the Buoyant Armiger garrison at Bal Ur, a pilgrimage site known as the "birthplace of Molag Bal.†(from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
  13. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Vampires of Vvardenfell, Book I Author unknown ...The violent antipathy of Morrowind culture toward necromancy ensures that vampires are virtually unknown in Morrowind... ...The Temple does not acknowledge the existence of Western vampire hunting orders. Nonetheless, interviews with Temple officials persuade me that the Dunmer of Morrowind are experienced and knowledgeable in the handling of these menaces. On the other hand, they freely admit that even a large community of vampires might easily escape detection in the remote wastelands, or in the subterranean labyrinths of abandoned strongholds and wizard towers.... ...The "ash vampire" of Ashlander legend is not undead. Sorceries and blessings affecting the undead reportedly have no effect on these creatures. No specimen has ever been examined, and no references have ever linked these legends with the known clans of Tamrielic vampires.... ...Vvardenfell's three known bloodlines differ greatly in their approach to prey. The Quarra bloodline features exceptional strength and endurance, and attacks in a state of ecstatic frenzy. Aundae vampires are potent spellcasters, seeking to hypnotize victims before feeding, while the swift and agile Berne clan vampires prefer stealth and ambush, first poisoning the victim with a bite, then withdrawing to a safe distance, returning to feed only when the prey has weakened... ...It is supposed that vampirism is contracted from wounds received from a vampire. Since few victims survive vampiric attacks or feedings, the process of contracting the disease is little understood. Some have suggested that victims may willingly submit themselves to the will of a vampire, but no real evidence of this exists.... ...During the incubation phase, lasting up to 72 hours, the vampirism disease exhibits no symptoms, and may be cured by general spellcraft or cult blessings. However, during incubation, some victims have reported sleep disturbances and troubling dreams. After symptoms are exhibited, however, the disease is incurable and irreversible.... (from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
  14. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Starlover's Log Samar Starlover [scrawled hastily on a page from a log journal] 6th moon: "Alas, the Battlespire appears to be falling into the hands of evil. Their many attempts in the past have failed, until now. Dagon seems to have new minions at his side this time. These new horrors are not at all too powerful beyond our magicks and weaponry, but their numbers are feverishly great. We grow low on supplies and soldiers for this holdout. I fear the worst." 8th moon: "I have presented to the few remaining Battlemages my last hope plan. I will fight my way to the bowells of the Battlespire, where I will mount Dragonne Papré, my Dragon companion. From his lair, we will take flight. Since the Weir Gate has been taken, teleportation is not possible. Only Papré can make such a journey to the Imperial Palace. There, we will report the evil infection and return with a regimental force of rescue. May the Powers be with me." 9th moon: "It is as I feared. A carcass is all I have come to find. They have sealed the main gate so Papré could not escape. I am not sorrowful though, for I will be eternally reunited with Dragonne Papré. Hope for the living is lost. My name is Samar Starlover. Tell my sister I am dead, and if all the seas were ink, I could not write enough how I shall miss her." (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)
  15. Battlespire Library (All texts)

    Anchor Warning Clarentavious Valisious For the edification and admonition of all that should pass through this hall. Know that this is one of the five great Anchors that moor the Battlespire in its place and retain it in the life-flood of sustaining Mana, without which there is no light, no life, no Being. In their o'er-reaching wisdom, the Powers have required me, against my every protest and complaint, to affix to it a dreadful device, which you see before you, whose purpose is to sunder and divide this anchor and imperil the Spire and all who inhabit it. Never divide the Anchor. It is the rock on which all our lives are founded. All Anchors must be conjoined to assure the safety and stability of the Spire. Above all, never allow them all to be unloosed. Sure destruction shall follow, as the Battlespire departs the flux that keeps all sides of nature in unity. Now avaunt, and quit this chamber, lest the imp of temptation, or some unhappy humour overcome you, and lead you onto the path of certain annihilation. C.V. (from An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)