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  1. 06/11/2017

    Speaking of new bridges: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91892
  2. 06/11/2017

    Sorry for the late response, I started a new job this week and have been very busy! @Tasheni: Hey Tasheni! I think perhaps a remodeling of the hay roofs to look more like proper Reed roofs would make them look perhaps a bit too refined. Dawnstar is supposed to feel very shabby and simple. The people thrive and seem to shrug off the cold, open windows, broken floors and very likely- not entirely air-tight ceilings. However.. The people are also masters of boat-building so I'd assume they'd find a way to make the roofs durable, at least to a degree. Honestly though: I'm kinda liking the plank-design and while adding hay would solve a lot of potential design-problems... It would also make the city look eerily similar to Morthal, and Falkreath. @Cailan: I've seen! Finally they are releasing a new Elder scrolls... In 2-3 years. Really happy to see they are going for a tropical setting, though a part of me hopes this isn't going to be another human province. While Hammerfell could be fun, Elsweyr would be completely alien, and it'd be nice to see the Aldmeri Dominion's perspective.
  3. 06/11/2017

    @Cailan Modding Skyrim has become a part of my daily routine, I have no intention of breaking from it. However there are times when I get stuck and I can't budge, a-kin to a writers-block. When that happens the best thing to do is to either work on something else or take a short break. I have every intention of finishing the project I liked the old Dawnstar too, but I agree with the criticism, it didn't feel like Skyrim. Now I was expecting Beyond Skyrim Illiac Bay to add snow-clad Breton cities in Northpoint, which I expected to look more or less like what I had... However upon looking at their map it does not appear to be the case, which is a bummer but I'm sure their project will be great either way. The problem with the flat-dark stone was that it was far too refined and made players feel like the edges were flat. I looked at many options to remedying this, even released an update to the meshes in the summer of 2017 to see if it improved the meshes with rounder corners and more detail- it did not really do much for the design. Dawnstar in the lore was a Nord port-city that rebelled against the Akaviri Potentate which caused the guild act, it later became a legionnaire retirement port, essentially you could argue that it would carry some Imperial influences, but there is also lore that points to Dawnstar forming itself as its own kingdom, ruling most of Northern Skyrim and trying to assert itself. I want to keep the Holds-lore-input for Dawnstar intact, however the design would also feel very similar to what we're doing in Winterhold. Essentially I decided that a very norse-looking port-town was appropriate considering all the other port towns had very refined designs. Hay roofs is a very convenient excuse to rid the buildings of flat-planked roofs. After discovering that the normal map was in fact upside down which made the snow shader overwrite the normal map, I managed to fix the issue. We have also discussed grass roofs, but a place in perma-frost wouldn't really have that...... Either way I agree that the plank roofs make it look unique and separates its design from places like Falkreath and Morthal. The walls have changed drastically. We've cut the number of towers in half and instead of clumsy fences balancing itself against the cliff-face I've made the surrounding cliffs more of a natural defense which means I could make the walls cut as they reach the mountain cliffs, rather then surround the town. Its hard to make a case for a fortification bridge that doesn't lead anywhere. I have added a gate there to fortify the area, but Wrenik argued there should be a door behind the Jarl's throne leading to a defensive level above the gate like in the old design. This design always bothered me in the old design, no Jarl would sit comfortably on his throne knowing at any moment someone could come at him from behind with a knife, or there isn't anything really there meaning its just a platform. A platform would then require some design changes as I wouldn't want the player to be able to jump down into the city, and invisible walls that make no sense, no objects that could seemingly be blamed for being in the way, will annoy people. The dock area looks the same as it did in the old version. there is a new sail-texture for one of the ships, and one of the buildings that used to be a boxy windowless eye-sore has been replaced by a log-house, but that's really it. Entrance with the Khajiit's is the same. You still have the stable, khajiit camp. However the Macalla gate has had a design change. I have added more detail since the screenshots were taken. We now have a lawstone near the slope-farmhouse and more rocks. Interiors will be changed slightly, buildings that now use log-houses will need to be changed, and the dark stone walls have to be changed for the stacked rocks. Otherwise I want to keep it as intact as I can. The White Hall will undergo some changes but I want to keep the drinking hall intact as much as possible. Been thinking of changing the plank texture to something unique with a sharp normal map, however I do like the plank design and will keep it. Cheers
  4. Vampires in skyrim

    Nice to hear your enjoying Vampyr, however this is outside of the scope of this project. There are plenty of vampire mods that do this available on the nexus.
  5. 06/11/2017

    Been a while since I've showcased some screenshots of the ongoing work so I thought I'd do it now. These are all very early work in progress leveldesign with some first-touch decorations, no new navmesh or marker placement and a few still enabled old references: Such as floating doors to the old towers. All of this will be fixed as the work continues. For the past 1-2 months I've been working on Dawnstar. The two big criticisms people had of Dawnstar was: 1) Its too Medieval European looking, it doesn't feel like your in Skyrim. (This applies to Falkreath too for some people, but Falkreath has lore reasons for looking the way it does, Dawnstar does not). 2) The buildings mesh are too flat and their positioning makes the city feel very boxy. I've addressed both of these criticisms, I hope successfully. The buildings have once again been reworked to have a much more shapely form, the former dark brick stone foundations have been tossed aside for the generic Riverwood stacked rock foundations. I was hesitant with this as we use this in Falkreath and Morthal as well, but at the same time it really does work well for making less flat corners and to make the city feel less refined. I've scaled down a few of the buildings in terms of size and floors, some have been completely remade to instead be log houses, a design I am hesitant with as it does clash a bit with the otherwise uniformity in the cities we've had in the project. They do still use the white plank walls on the second floor, so it could be written off as just a different foundation choice. Lorewise Dawnstar was a legionnaire retirement garrison and according to the lore Jarl Macalla of Dawnstar married High King Thian of Solitude which according to our project lore did give Dawnstar some expansive building permits to both restore the White Hall as well as restore proper defenses surrounding the town. This could account for some of the architectural differences but at the end of the day I hope people can shrug it off as just a different foundation. I have done away with the amount of towers in Dawnstar. The towers I have kept are the two gate towers at the southern gate, two of the fort surrounding the White Hall's towers, and two towers, one on each side of Dawnstar. The Dark Tower has been completely removed and instead the White Hall has been expanded(By far the biggest single building I've ever created!). I still have a lot of work ahead of me, there's some of the buildings I want to add some variations to so they don't feel re-used, add in a glow shader effect to the open windows to simulate light during night time and of course snow on roof. I am still on the fence about hay on roofs for Dawnstar, so comments about the roofs would be appreciated as I was criticized for having too flat roofs in previous iterations. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think! Cheers!
  6. Cities of war

    We already have that. Loads of them. Adding even more would make the game very unstable. This doesn't mean that we won't have named civil war characters who partake in the civil war and thus moves about, but as far as the generic city garrison we already have additional city guards, as well as plenty of named ones. I think it may become a bit more clear once we add dialogue, as they don't all wear uniforms while off duty. "Whip the Nords into Imperial Soldiers". Its bad enough they have to wear a skirt. We also have plenty of soldiers who drink and feast, both in taverns and elsewhere. Especially in garrison towns like Solitude. Windhelm could use a few more but that's what I'm adding now. This was something I had actually aimed to avoid, at least until the Dragonborn joins a side. Turning the land into the Witcher with soldiers and camps everywhere, people hanged and soldiers rotting in the fields. Ugh. Something I'd love to add- when the Dragonborn joins a side, but til then I would rather say that the Civil War hasn't reached its climax yet. Each side is preparing, waging on what the other will do, we see this in the dialogue as well that everything hinges on Whiterun and who moves first. Once Whiterun falls- each side begins its marathon to destroy the other. Until then its low-key raids and such. We also as Rasilion says, already have camps in the vanilla game. some of these like the Imperial one in Whiterun are disabled at the start of the game, but will enable itself as the war progresses. I'd love to add more of these, but not before the dragonborn joins the civil war itself. I do think these camps could use some work though, I've seen a few really good mods that expands upon them on the nexus, but again- I really want to go for the: "The war is slowly and surely becoming more apparent the further into the quest-line you get, rather then traveling to Whiterun feels like passing multiple military posts and not tripping over dead soldiers". As for patrols, we also already have these in the vanilla game, though they run on the radiant engine rather then being permanently positioned NPC's. An all out male? You mean you want more female soldiers? Sure, I don't see why not. Unsure whether I wrote this in the civil war page, but I had thought to do all of this, just not at the start of the game. This comes gradually over time and then fades out when the wars won. Its to keep the war in a lowkey stalemate up until the dragonborn joins a side.
  7. 06/11/2017

    Hey Cailan! Development did slow down a bit in Feburary and March as I felt a bit stuck on the Winterhold design. In the end of march I decided to move development to Dawnstar and pause Winterhold for a while. I have as of right now finished the building set for Dawnstar and will begin implementing the new assets into the world-space. Once I am happy with the exterior leveldesign I'll start uploading screenshots. If your interested we do host a discord channel where I do upload WIP mesh development quite regularly as well as discuss lore and quest idea's. I do intend to get back to Winterhold very soon as I've had some time to throw idea's back and forth and have come up with a way to make the interiors far more interesting then what we have now. First though I want to wrap up Dawnstar's exterior which shouldn't take more then a few days at most.
  8. Join our Discord!

    Oh, the old outdated Falkreath Don't think there's any more up to date screenshots you could've used?
  9. Sync-up topic with Main Quest Plait project

    This was actually not such a bad idea. I'd love to incorporate some dream sequences, as long as they can fit the greater picture of whats going in there and then in the story and not feel jumbled together and random. Otherwise we could always incorporate side-quests into the main quest itself, I have already a few idea's for main story side-quests such as companion quests and others. Beside that I had also thought that one of the shouts/abilities you learn allow you to manipulate time at certain places where time is fragile. Such as say... The outbreak of the Dragon Wars, Saarthal etc... These need not necessarily tie into the main quest, but could be fun to explore non the less. I had thought to approach this a little differently. Your given the quest in the usual way, the Blades know about Parthurnax and want him dead, you then have the option to go and kill Parthurnax or disregard the blades. Seeing as the Blades will have a more active role against the dragons, something you've built. A private army that actually carries some assemblance of features and power in the land, it will not be an easy choice. Though I suspect most, like myself will want to spare Parthurnax because, whatever he has done he wishes to atone for that and help the Dragonborn. I want there therefor to be a bit of a shock with Parthurnax being killed later in the story by Alduin. This way your feelings have been hardened for the dragon, but its taken by your sworn enemy. A bit of a worn out trope, but good all the same. If you however have taken out Parthurnax yourself, I think the story should change, but to what degree I haven't thought of yet. Still, I like the idea of going in your own direction and having the story shape itself around the players choices, rather then it being linear. Oh? Your the author of that mod? I would appreciate the help But I am also thinking of making my own civil war addition with Holds which will follow a very story-driven narrative. Would love to have our mods compatible with one another. Main quest and civil war. Definitely something we should strive towards! Cheers!
  10. 06/11/2017

    No but I don't think it'd be a problem to ask. In either case mods like Wet and Cold add backpacks to NPC's using the travel AI automaticly
  11. 06/11/2017

    Can guarantee this. In Winterhold we have a temple to Jhunal, in Windhelm we have a temple of the old gods or Tsun(Not yet decided whether to just go for one or all of them). In Morthal they don't exactly have a temple though the Longhouse could substitute for it, where they worship Shor and Kyne. The people of Dawnstar have a very warped view of the Nordic Pantheon but worship primarily Stuhn, Kyne and Tsun. Well I'm working on the interiors but we're looking at over 30 interiors in just the pre-destruction versions. Then there's the destroyed versions which I doubt will take too long, but then there's the restored. If I want to cut corners.. I mean.. some of the buildings in destroyed aren't destroyed and should remain the same. Some of the destroyed will be so wrecked its just barely standing walls. Dawnstar I have yet to start on.
  12. 06/11/2017

    Well Hannibal did march across the Alps with his war elephants, but I don't think Skyrim is their climate. Besides, more then likely they'd become a target for giants who are eager to herd their fur-less mammoth towards their camp. Welcome! I look forward to reading your opinions on the project this far Way ahead of you! Discussed this a bit with Wrenik as well a few days ago. We have a merchant stand outside of the palace, a type of Bazaar. In a way you might say the merchant district and the palace district are connected. However I wanted to keep the gateways. Essentially its your typical roof with beams holding it up and a large table underneath for the merchants to peddle their wares. I think that making it a big merchant plaza would be fine, though I'd worry it'd make other trading area's such as in Whiterun and Solitude would feel smaller by comparison. Winterhold was never known as a big trade-capital and so I want to reflect that. We also discussed making the outer walls a bit more, errr.. protective? Thicker and higher walls, we will implement that As for your caravan idea, I had thought of this before. Why are there no caravans on the roads? We have the mechanics for making the carriage move about so why not use it. Well, there's a reason for that and its bugs. When I tried it out I couldn't get the cart to stick properly, and worse.. when exploring Skyrim and finding a carriage the cart would get stuck on the horse and spasm about as the horse tries to pull forward, it was a hilarious mess. If we can get it right then I would be very positive towards adding trade carriages on the road, but if we can't then I already have dialogue reflecting that trade caravans are becoming rarer between the holds due to the growing intensity of the bandit clans and the Civil War. Aside from the Khajiit Caravan there aren't that many who dare to travel the road with goods. With that said, I would love to get it working but I think we ought to stick to Horse and cart I am also tempted to make some of the NPC's who I've written as pelt merchants and other mover of goods to have AI Packages where they will actually travel across the land, though by foot. Finding someone traveling will be rare but it would be a nice surprise when you do find someone and you might remember speaking with that particular merchant at the Winking Skeever. As for foreigners peddling wares in Skyrim... Holds does actually add a Redguard caravan of sorts towards Falkreath. Two merchants have been barred from entering the city and peddle their wares outside while the third member peddles the wares from an inn near the Hammerfell border. Spices, special wines, special jewelry and magical trinkets from Elinhir. Other then that, well... We have the Khajiit. I fear the khajiit caravan might feel a little less unique if Skyrim is suddenly full of other races doing the exact same thing.
  13. 06/11/2017

    @mikiep1031: I'll be sure to have a house available for the Dragonborn to purchase once the city is restored @Rasilon: I thought to do that yeah. When the city is destroyed the entire palace district has been submerged and thus the walls carry towards the cliff before looking as though its about to tumble over. Like most Winterhold Overhauls do. I will, I have noticed this as well and will be utilizing snowdrifts. In some of the area's though where it is flattest the ground is pavement, and while I have added snowdrift the flat ground make sense in my opinion and I don't want to overdo it. With that said, I will be adding more snowdrifts to the other area's. The fence isn't imposing no. I will consider adding a thicker wall, like I use near the college district but I'm hesitant to make it as large and imposing as say.. the walls in Windhelm. Winterhold is the city of mages and I had thought to add some unique aesthetics to the towers, like crystals which can be tuned to Winterhold's defense. While Winterhold was a powerhouse through out Skyrim's history I don't want to do an overkill and make it look impregnable. Especially considering we're going to overhaul the Civil War at one point and the Dragonborn will have to take the city. @Gahrotgoltfus: It is true, I do go for a very grid-like design. It comes down to the buildings being very boxy and I want to fit as many buildings within a short space as possible. It also makes a city feel more developed and less simple. For cities like Falkreath, Winterhold, Solitude and Riften I think this is a sound way of doing it. You have tight-packed alleyways and buildings towering above you. Considering the lore of these places it adds to the concept that these are cities that have drawn people from the Hold to it by offering labor for coin, no different from how settlements evolved in our real world history. If you look at medieval cities and even old Scandinavian Viking settlements you will find this as well. For cities like Whiterun and Morthal which aren't as advanced and hold closer to the old ways, more open and loosely placed homes is the way to go. With Winterhold I've seperated the city into districts. Which are walled off towards each other, this makes the city feel larger then it actually is when you have everything broken up like that. When it comes to designing buildings I could add rounder corners and place them to make the maze of a city a bit more loose and less uniformed in its approach but not only would this take up a lot more space that I could fill, but it would also make it difficult to add roofs with proper weight adjustments. I had thought to do this and use the typical Winterhold balcony roof-top approach but I decided against as it would take up too much space that I otherwise would like to fill. Instead I made some of the buildings have varying square shapes, to make place for tight alleyways. I do intend to go back and make changes to Dawnstar, both in the building style and the layout. As your right. Dawnstar doesn't need a grid-like building placement like that, and the building style is far too European and needs to be nordified. I still want to keep the tightly packed docking area, but the rest will be changed, and I do intend to make it loosely placed in those area's. Winterhold when you first approach it was destroyed in the Great Collapse. So the buildings and walls are for the most part ruined. I am leaning towards taking a Fallout route, having some of the buildings while wrecked, still standing for the most part so the Player can explore them and add a nice dynamic that way, but aside from adding perhaps some fence walls here and there to try and keep wildlife and bandits out, the city is on its last legs. The original concept was to have the Palace span across a bridge near the College. However I decided against this after speaking with Wrenik about it, as the College not only overshadowed the Palace, but it felt repetitive from the College. I wanted to place it near the Walls to give it a belonging feeling with the defenses. I will definitely have to change it up a bit to make it more defensible. With that said the environment that the Palace finds itself on makes it difficult for invaders to attack, the ground is un-even and the Palace finds itself on a cliff-side. An attacker might find it tempting to scale the walls and get into the Merchants district where the statue of the warrior stands, however they would also have to contend with a magic tower as well as a tight gateway. Perhaps I could add more cliffsides to the sides of the walls in these area's to make it less accessible. I want to go for the Helgen Reborn route. As time passes more and more people move in, but it will not be as it was with as many NPC's as before the great Collapse. This is for two reasons: one its unrealistic, and two I actually want this to be an open city, and therefor I have to limit how much impact this city will have on the game. Its a cold city so most people might want to stay indoors which works great for the engine's sake, but I can't imagine a few hundred people showing up over the span of a year and the Jarl just welcoming them in. Korir is a xenophobe who clearly distrusts outsiders, and Kraldar while an optimist I'd still imagine taking precautions. Besides, for people to want to move there they'd have to give up everything have, their home, their friends and risk getting killed, encountering dragons or getting robbed on the way. So the NPC's currently in the mod is a given, and other NPC's who over time move in. One building will be available for the Dragonborn to purchase for himself. I fear there may be a few empty homes, but since the Dragonborn restores the city with a spell, they are part of the package. Perhaps we can find a neat way of doing it. I had this idea that as a part of the College Quest-line you help the two missing apprentices who wished to create a new kind of Mead and in vanilla, died in the process. Perhaps they can open up a meadary. I don't imagine many would want to live near the cliffs, but I'd imagine the Jarl being quite happy about being able to move into the Palace. Being such an unlikable guy, perhaps it is best that he is solitary over there. Ah yes! I did look up this concept while making my own! Its a great map but I have a few problems with it. The first problem that made me hesitant with using it is that the city now stretches down the roadside. I did not want the city to go too far from its original boundaries for one very important reason: You'll be able to see the city from afar. This is actually a big problem I have with open world RPG's, if you can see Civilization in every direction, you don't really feel like your in a wilderness anymore. Skyrim does this actually pretty well, the cities are often hidden behind mountain-cliffs or a hill, or something that forces you to approach it before being able to spot it. There are a few exceptions like Solitude and the college of Winterhold but these are also only visible from certain angles. The College for instance feels like it could be really far away even when your approaching by the road, however if we start adding city structures that span up the cliff-side that leads down to Winterhold, then all of a sudden you have an exact idea where the city is located which at least for me would be bothersome. I cannot change Solitude and the College's design, but I can try to avoid these mistakes in my own design. The other problem I have is that the College is no longer separated from the city proper with the bridge. Which honestly makes the bridge feel really out of place. If all it is a wall leading up to the College it- well it feels like a rather odd design decision honestly. A bridge makes sense. The concept also has a big keep at the foot of the College which was something I wanted to go for as well up until a fellow developer gave his thoughts on it and it honestly did make the Palace feel very underwhelming. The last problem I have with the design is that the wildlife below the College would have to be swept aside. I had thought to create my own dock district but ultimately I decided against it as felt a bit overkill in the end. Had I been designing a city in High Rock, or Cyrodiil it might've felt more fitting, despite Winterhold being a powerful hold. The Last concept image definitely felt a bit much, I believe those walls and towers are modeled after the keep in Dawnguard. Winterhold would by this token feel like a step-up above all the other cities in Skyrim, heck.. The cities in Cyrodiil as well. While it looks cool it feels a bit much. @Rasilon: Definitely, approaching the city with the towers and walls broken down, perhaps re-enforced by sharpen stakes here and there to clumsily imitate a defense should be heartbreaking and really bring home the situation the city finds itself in. Hm. I believe I made sure the buildings near the wall didn't have windows, aside from the Palace I mean. I'll have to double check! I could add a layer of walls around the buildings, will need to look at a way to make this work though, as the area would have to be accessible as well.
  14. 06/11/2017

    I did give Falkreath and Dawnstar walls, and while I have intentions of making some changes to Dawnstar, mostly to nordify it, I am actually happy with how Falkreath turned out. I'm leaning towards adding some extra clutter details in the interiors and perhaps adding some extra support-beams to a few of the houses, but beyond that the project is wrapping up I do intend to change the walls a bit, but the over-all layout will remain the same, with the walls focusing on the Whitehall and the southern gate, with everything else simply fenced. With Winterhold I could try to add thicker walls but I had originally thought to go for more of a Riften fence defense. While every city in Cyrodiil have thick defensive walls I feel like it may be a bit much if every city in Skyrim have this as well. Winterhold is the city of mages, so I thought I'd balance it a bit with the rest of Skyrim. I could make the outer-walls thicker but I'm a bit hesitant to raise them high and add adding platforms. Will respond to the other posts just give me a minute
  15. 06/11/2017

    I apologize for not being as active as I used to be on this forum but I've been hard at work on Winterhold. In fact I've been a little obsessed with getting it right and I am still not 100% satisfied with the design. I'll post below a bundle of screenshots of Winterhold in its restored state, these are taken in the Pre-Destruction Worldspace and still lack interiors and navmesh. I've decorated the exterior though I did notice that I forgot to decorate the area outside of the barn and the area surrounding the palace. Winterhold feels huge, though is actually slightly smaller then Falkreath. I want to give it a very overwhelming towering stone structure feeling while at the same time giving it the familiar Nordic Longhouse feeling, which is a difficult combination. I feel like I've found a good combination. I wanted to avoid making it feel like Solitude covered in snow. I'll be creating the interiors for the restored next which will be accessible when the Dragonborn goes back in time and ventures into Winterhold just hours before the storm pummels the shore, hence the entire Palace district remains and the buildings are still standing tall. Winterhold's dock district will be unavailable and frankly I think I'm going to cut it out all together and still only have it mentioned. This is because the absolutely essential mod called Immersive College of Winterhold adds a cave system beneath the Midden where the Player can find ruins of the old dock district. Not only does this district feel very different from how I'm designing Winterhold(Provided I can get a permission from the original author I will rectify this); but looking at the surrounding area, I'd really hate to swap out the wildlife and change the location to suit a small or large docking area. I think having ships sailing to the beach beneath the college is a pretty neat concept and it will give the long stretching path up to the city in the north some actual use. I do not think this requires a lot of buildings to be present. Instead I'm going to opt for the spell simply restoring the upper portion and the dock being lost forever. The screenshots will include some weirdly shaped tree's. These are from the old LOD from the Tamriel world space, this will be fixed before release. What I still want to add are the dragonheads mantling the roofs and some remaining decorations. Screenshots below: