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  1. Galandil added a post in a topic Seasons   

    Problem with major shifts is that it would have to affect everywhere. The mountain area's and the northern parts of Skyrim which I believe would be covered in snow all year round. This function for texture swapping, is this a Papyrus function or does it require SKSE? The building swap can be a momentous task in going through and creating a snow version that can be shut on and off. 

    If this script would require something other then papyrus, then maybe it will be possible to add snow directional decals as well as swapping textures. only have to figure out how. As for tree's, the ground textures etc.. Should be simple to swap, provided Sooli is willing to work together with us on this and is willing to share the script he has created.
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  2. Galandil added a post in a topic Seasons   

    Frostfall and Wet and Cold, maybe even Footprints, I vaguely remember have a "Winter mode" option to tick off which makes everywhere snow and Cold. The downside is I just tested in the Creation Kit and no, You cannot simply layer over the texture. So... That means we cannot do it in stages like that. At least not for the ground. For the tree's and foliage definitely through the alpha. There is also the problem of the weather.

    So what we're left with is a Pop at a certain point where certain summer textures will be replaced by winter textures. Sadly thats the best and perhaps only way we can do it, without having a billion compatibility requests. We could create an optional modders resource with a guide on how to apply the colder filter to your own landscape textures and where to store it, and do it that way. And release the mod with the vanilla Hi-res textures with the filter instead. Maybe that could work? It'd be a bit of work for the mod user but.. maybe we could make the stages optional and that way leave it to the users discretion?

    We would also have to add disabled building variations with snow on them to the cities. Reason is: If we just add a snow texture to them instead, it'll wrap everywhere. Which means even under the roof... Which makes little to no sense. In Holds too we use textures that are wrapped from just about everything. The wooden beams are used for a ton of stuff. We can't just wrap it with snow and think people would be fine with that. No, it requires snow variation building references that can be enabled and take the place of the normal buildings. Its a simple switch to do, and unless we decide we're going to do this for every piece of rock that's in the wilderness, it wont be too much work. (The rocks will have snow surrounding them anyway, but if we want to at some point we could always get back to it and do that tedious hefty amount of work. We should also at that point add in ice to lakes, icicles to the buildings, snow mounds, and so on to complete the picture)
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  3. Galandil added a post in a topic Seasons   

    350 is a bit much. I get nobody likes the sudden change of textures and weather but- yeah. Script engine would be tearing itself apart.
    Nobody plays Skyrim for an entire in game season in one sitting. I can understand the annoyance with a message saying: "Winter is coming, save and quit and change the textures" but we can make it optional. Otherwise the player will have full control of when seasons change and so on.

    Swapping esp is dangerous though. I know it sounds like an exxegeration but it is not. When you change a reference and then undo that change by removing the esp you run the risk of corrupting your save. You shouldn't ever really remove a esp from your load order during a playthrough. Its just standard Bethesda game practice. So if we can do it without then all the better. Consequence is: Its a lot more work and I wonder if it means if we cannot change the weather.

    Thanks for the info! I'll have to speak with Soolie! Maybe see if we can cooperate on creating it. As I understand your message your saying that if we made... WhiterunGrassTexture into Snow, then all objects that uses the WhiterunGrassTexture would instead be using snow. Because if that's the case, then that's exactly what we need!
    Otherwise we'll have to add a switch for objects, lest we can find a way to add the snow decals to buildings through a script as swapping textures I don't know if is enough. I mean, it could be if we edit the textures and add a custom snow filter to it. Actually why don't we just do that, it would take off a ton of scripting swaps and I wouldn't need to sit and link object after object and saturate the world with extra objects.

    Meshes for the tree's though would need to be changed as well I think, but thankfully this could be easier as you can add scripts to the meshes and if we can swap with the textures then I believe it should be possible to do the same with a mesh. 

    The only problem that persists at this point though is grass. Are you saying we should swap more and more over a period to give the seasonal change a more natural change instead of just *pop* Winter is here and snow is everywhere? It would actually take away the need for a mesh change, at least if we don't go with the more heavy snowed built up on pine tree's. It would also remove the need to change the meshes on the tree's in the Rift. In many ways, it actually makes the seasonal feature a texture feature, and very do-able

    I personally don't see *That* much of a problem with a bit of grass sticking up here and there in the winter. I live in a Scandinavian country and it tends to happen. Though I do see in the SSE that grass is a bit.. more- then on the legendary edition and perhaps that is a bit much growth. But if we can use alpha mapping to remove it bit by bit then that's great! Means we can also have the seasons change be immersive with colors changing and density changes simply by changing the textures If its a low-cost script then that's amazing! Takes a ton of work off of what I initially imagined this would be like: And it also makes it so that this feature doesn't have to be a Holds only. It could be a plugin for any load list set up
    If we can do this with a simple texture swap script, we can make the mod a lot more intuative. Add a season input with various stages, and the player can themselves set the dates for when the seasons will change and have it happen on its own. The last remaining obstacle now is the pop when we add ice to the rivers and lakes and buildings, and the weather which we don't know yet if we can change, but I find these to be minor concerns in the grand scheme of things. Whats important really is that you get the look of winter when it should be winter, with textures covered in snow, and the look of summer(Vanilla) when it is summer. If we can add stages for each of the four seasons, lets say 5 stages per season.
    Early Autumn(Dark leaves and grass), 2 Autumn(Yellowish leaves, darker grass), 3 Autumn(Dry Leaves, yellowish grass), 4 Autumn(Leaves fall off, much less grass still yellowish), 5 Autumn(No Leaves, little to no grass density, yellowish). 

    Early Winter(No grass density), 2 Winter(Bits of snow), 3 Winter(Snow covers), 4 Winter(Snow Covers), 5 Winter(Snow Covers).

    Early Spring(Snow Covers), 2 Spring(Snow Covers, bits of grass density), 3 Spring(Bits of snow, more grass density, Leaves grow), 4 Spring(No Snow/Bits of Snow), full grass density, much more leaves), 5 Spring(No Snow, full grass density, full leaves).

    Ideally we could've made it so that certain holds gets winter faster, but seeing as holds share their textures... I don't think it is possible.
    @Edit: Seeing as we can change texture paths through a script, Ideally if we could add a filter texture to the texture somewhere and have it layered over the actually used texture then we can give the coloration of the seasons and snow without having to create compatibility with every texture pack out there!
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  4. Galandil added a topic in Feature Concepts   

    A system that allows Holds to be switched to Winter and Summer in an MCM menu.

    While we cannot change textures in realtime while playing we could create a tool that users can use that changes places targeted textures like grass, and dirt in a backup folder and exchanges it for winter variations that the player can customize. When the player then enters game they can tick a box that will change the objects in the non-snowy area's of Skyrim to winter variations with snow on them. I can only assume the player would also have to re-apply LOD after this effect.
    Since there is already boxes to tick in mods such as Wet and Cold and Frostfall that adds Winter mode, these will have to be manually ticked as well for immersion if the player is using these mods.
    When the player decides to revert back to Summer, the player can run the tool again which will exchange the textures once again(This time with the backup, switching the winter textures back into backup) and run the LOD tool. Then in game switch off winter mode. 

    We could also add a autumn and late autumn variation for the tree's in the Rift, just for immersions sake without changing the textures of the ground. This would do exactly the same as the texture tool but instead for the meshes of the Rift tree's. 
    The tool itself I think would be simple enough to make, it would require the player to change manually before entering game which might not be entirely convenient but it also allows the player to change the season at will. After all, who doesn't stop playing Skyrim now and then and doesn't have time to run a quick exchanging tool?

    The script heaviest portion would be to exchange buildings and rocks and such with snow variations. Essentially with ones that have snow decals added to them. Skyrim's non snowy area's make up half of the world and while we could target X markers who are linked to objects, it would still be a lot of work, and there would need to be one X marker per season. Winter and Summer. The first summer already being activated and target by the X marker (Do these disappear if the X marker is disabled?). I'd imagine we'd have to have one x marker per cell which in the end will be quite a lot... But seeing as it isn't such a complicated script I'd hope it'd run fine.
    The Alternative is to add an optional esp that simply adds snow decals to objects, but removing and adding esps might not be good for a playthrough.
    Possible problems: Changing the weather. I do not know if this can be done through scripts and it wouldn't really feel right if we had the vanilla weather types during the winter. Perhaps going with an esp would be the simplest option instead of an mcm menu? It would certainly take away the overwhelming majority of work which would be linking up all the objects to disable and enable with the season switch.
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  5. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    That is actually a good question. Delphine says she knows they always send people there, predictable and all that but yes. It is rather odd that she knew to collect it.
    I would believe it is a age old trial by the Greybeards, as they do go and put the Horn back afterwords(Which is rather a waste, we will definitely use the horn in the questline). But there haven't been a Dragonborn in ages... So yes it is rather odd.
    It would be nice to have a rolemodel among the blades, and not just among the Greybeards. Fultheim, if we use him would have to be re-voiced though.
    I don't think Delphine and Esbern don't care for the Dragonborn. Esbern see's you as a last hope for the world, hence why he leaves his hidey-hole in the Rift, and speaks out so vividly at the peace council. Delphine is a more rugged woman, to say she doesn't care or.. believe in the Dragonborn I think is a misinterpretation of her character. She obviously cares and follows you, but shes a hard-headed strong-female character. Unlike badly written ones who either bend-over backwards, wear skimpy bikini armors or are just cunts who's "Strength" just feels forced and relies on belittling other characters... and thereby comes off as a very dis-likable character-
    Delphine on the other hand strikes me like a strict mother. She has flaws, she makes mistakes, shes hard-headed and depends on the Dragonborn more then she might want to admit(With the Blades order being in the toilet and all that), but shes a well written character over all. Shes no damsel in distress, shes no lap dog who doesn't speak her mind or is really all too concerned with what people think of her, she is confident enough in herself to speak her mind. The hallmark of a good 'Strong' character. I don't think anyone really disliked her before she started giving the Dragonborn ultimatums. Having her and the Dragonborn come at odds from time to time may be a fun rabbit hole to follow, but I don't think it should detract from her wish to end the Dragon crisis, restore the Blades and better the position of the Empire/Skyrim/Dragonborn/etc...
    I did think about conversing with Parthurnax beyond death but I don't think it is possible. Atleast not before the Dragonborn would be dead himself. By devouring a spirit it doesn't exactly delete them, they exist within him, but they are still unreachable by the Dragonborn. I also think if we did it would take a lot away from him dying... atleast if we do it before the mission is over. I do still wish to go with my 'good' ending. Alduin is dead, you get knocked off and awaken in a strange white lighted place where Parthurnax speaks with you before you either pass on and die, or awaken in Sovngarde still alive.
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  6. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    I figure that a handful will be "main protagonist sidekick level followers" that are recruited into the Blades, and then some filler. The challenge will be to take the characters we can't just toss aside as filler, such as Lydia for instance. Making out dialogue that doesn't make her sound like shes suffering from a head injury will be difficult.
    Parthurnax dying makes sense for two reasons. Alduin has a very keen reason for wanting him dead and would not just fly about ignoring him as he does otherwise. And the story builds up so that you'd genuinely care for Parthurnax, hence why the Delphine/Esbern Kill Parthurnax is such a headache. It also hardens the motivation to take out Alduin, hence the "I killed your master trope". Leaving him alive leaves you with the same "Why on earth was I built up to love this guy? ... so I could ignore a quest to kill him indefinitely?"
    Having a new dragon take his place feels like a cheap knock-off effect. :/ Sadly. We already got the kind and wise master, no need to muddle it with throwing in Yoda nr. 2.

    With that said, there's no reason why we can't build up other characters who your supposed to love too, and then perish. The trap would be that these characters mustn't feel forced. A carbon-copy Parthurnax would feel so. As would a carbon-copy of anything else, or a character who kisses your toes and is always waddling after you. There are plenty of mods that fall into these writers traps and what you end up with is an awkward feeling of being mused over, a fan boy essentially, and when that fanboy then ends up dead, you don't really care as much. Parthurnax isn't just a kind dragon, its a kind dragon voiced by Mario. He is also compelling in his philosophy and unique, you don't meet any other dragons like him, hence he really stands out. 

    Skuldafn is his "Seat of power" according to Odhaviing, but really its just where his portal to Sovngarde is. I'd imagine he'd have temples and other sanctuaries that the Dragonborn visits through out his/her journey. But Odhaviing is important as he can take you to Skuldafn. Having a different dragon who works for Alduin would likely know where this sanctuary is, and since Alduin hunting in Sovngarde is public knowledge among dragons.. well.... I mean. Its kind of hard to excuse away why 'that' dragon can't take you there. 
    I didn't quite get how Alduin schemed out a plan to make the blades want Parthurnax dead. I mean.. in many ways Alduin being the arrogant 1/4th of a Divine could probably take out Parthurnax himself if that's something he really wanted to do. Of course.. He would much rather have the Dragonborn do it as the Dragonborn can consume his soul. On the shrines up to High Hrothgar Parthurnax is widely mentioned and is even refered to as the leader of the Greybeards, so.. having the blades find out on their own is something I am fine with. Alternatively if Alduin's plan is to break up the blades also feels a little far fetched. He is cocky enough to spare you at Helgen, but gets nervous enough when you got a few mortals with katana's at your back to try and split it up by stealth? It doesn't really sound like Alduin at all, and it detracts from Esbern and Delphine having legitimate reasoning for wanting Parthurnax dead. Having Delphine act on her own is perfectly in-sync with her character, but having it be a part of Alduin's masterplan sounds a little far-fetched.

    As much as Alduin is the end-goal, he doesn't have to puppeteer everything. The Thalmor attacking the blades, the cult sprouting up around Skyrim, the Civil War, etc.. It doesn't all have to lead back to him.  I think its enough to think that he does spare the Dragonborn so that the Dragonborn can murder the brethern who betrayed him in the Merethic Era, or before. Once the Dragonborn reaches a certain point, Alduin reveals himself and attacks you, Parthurnax intervenes and after the Dragonborn has escaped, Parthurnax is thrown dying before him/her. Then when Parthurnax dies, Alduin has had the last laugh. The only thing left from there is to deal with the other crises, hunt him into Sovngarde and kill him
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  7. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    While I want to expand the main story quest-line I don't really mean to completely change it. Having Fultheim involved could be a boon, I mean.. otherwise he is just there.. a mysterious fellow with a katana. Perhaps do as with the Dawnguard. You get a quest you can pursue which means to find scattered blades around Skyrim and when they are gathered at Skyhaven they join the cause.

    Still, finding Skyhaven is something Delphine and Esbern set the Dragonborn on.
    Dragons and dragon cultists attacking towns sounds like something that happens nearing the end of the story. If we pursue it that is. It feels like a very direct thing, we could go with dragons attacking and then rooting out cultists later. Or whichever works.

    Aanmirdov being ordered to attack a city is fine, but being against it sounds a little.. errrrr... Dragons are all about superiority complex. I'd assume the calm selflessness of Parthurnax to be extremely rare. I like the idea but at the same time I see a few problems with it. Sparing him, you've ultimately taken out the bit that requires Odhaviing. An insider dragon who knows where Alduin's portal to Sovngarde is, and that can take you there. Gathering followers for Parthurnax is well and all but at the same time makes the story a little bit messier then it needs to be. Unless this is at the very end, after you've captured Odhaviing anyway.
    Telling Delphine and Esbern to leave Parthurnax alone is a -Must- yep! Agree'd

    Delphine feeling salty is fine, but... She is not the Dragonborn, she knows you require a shout to defeat Alduin, why would she go out and try to hunt down Alduin herself? It makes her come off as rather dimwitted to be honest which I honestly don't think she is. Maybe instead she rushes off to cool her head and the Dragonborn can pursue to calm her down, maybe its even dangerous. Thalmor about, or.. something!

    Alduin being a schemer who've arrogantly used the Dragonborn to take out dragons who betrayed him back in the merethic era is a concept I want to go with too. It at least makes a little bit of sense out of why he spared you at Helgen, even went as far as to rescue you... He knew you were Dragonborn as he calls you such when you meet him at Kynesgrove, he also looked directly at you at Helgen, as if hesitating. He flies down to take down a threat, then surmises that perhaps he ought to keep you around for a while. 

    Having a few hand-few characters who are more key-secondary protagonists in the story aside from the normal cast is something I want to go with as well, and that the Blades now feels more like your own personal army and Skyhaven Temple feels more like your stronghold rather then that odd place you went just once or twice. Give it a bit more of a Dragonage Inquisition kind of feel.  I still think Fultheim should be an optional side-quest to bring along, just cause he is otherwise considered a novelty in the vanilla game. An odd thing to stumble upon. Perhaps even having him killable on the Thalmor Hit-man Quest-line, I am not too sure yet.
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  8. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    I did think it would be interesting if Markarth could be given to the Reach in some way.
    Naturally this is a strategic choice the player will have to make and not something that will happen unless chosen.
    I am unsure how it can be argued. The Stormcloaks hate the Reachmen, handing land over them to spite the Imperials would be risky as the Forsworn could ally with whoever they wish at that point. The Imperials likely don't love them either as they have vile religious practices.
    Thalmor getting involved in some way I am onboard for, but perhaps not directly. I like the light touch approach
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  9. Galandil added a topic in Religion   

    The religious makeup of Skyrim

    Colors represent religious influences and in what way the populace of a town is leaning.

    Red: Imperial Cult, Imperial Pantheon.
    Yellow: Secular.
    Green: Muddled mix of Imperial Pantheon and Nordic, largely due to conversion and processional overturn towards the Imperial Pantheon.
    Blue: Nordic Pantheon.
    Purple: The Pale's Mythological variation of the Ancient Nordic Pantheon.
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  10. Galandil added a post in a topic Hopeful Recruit   

    Hello! Sorry for the late response!

    We'd love to have you on our team!
    We mainly operate out of Skype and have a group dedicated to writers as well as a group for social. Since you want to work with us I'll have to ask for your Skype name so I can add you to these groups

    Otherwise feel free to post idea's here on the forum and we'll frequent them as often as we're able!
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  11. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    Sadly compatibility patches will be required with Holds whether we like it or not. It is a city overhaul after all. With that said: If you make Delphine killable and she dies, I am unsure how early to have the work arounds. If Delphine and Esbern dies for instance before reaching Skyhaven temple, ... how would you know to get there? If the Greybeards all die, along with parthurnaax before something important plot-wise. How does the Dragonborn know how to do X. This isn't just a problem you will have with Holds.
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  12. Galandil added a post in a topic Merh Hallowtop   

    This questline is now finished. 
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  13. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   


    hey! I do watch Zaric now and then and his video's are both informative and I in general like to get his perspective on things. However I must admit that I generally disagree with the man more often then not, especially in video's where he goes into his ideal for Skyrim and how the story should go. With that said however, I did like his take on the Civil War, and I do intend to incorporate certain parts of it into the Civil War story for each faction.
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  14. Galandil added a topic in News   

    After just uploading the version 0.0.7 which provides a fix to some of the more game breaking problems in Holds among minor fixes, I believe its time to start to go back to focusing on quests and dialogue implementation. And as such writers and voice actors who've mostly been on hold since last summer can finally sink their teeth into some work should they want it

    I will on the side begin the development for Morthal, re-implementation and re-design of Winterhold as well as a second district to Windhelm, but this will be a side project that will not be the main priority going forward.

    Due to the problems Holds had I felt that quest and dialogue development had to be put on hold last summer as the problems were so bad that it actually discouraged me from further development fearing that whatever we created would be redundant on a unstable game. With these fixes however I am confident that whatever quests and other story concepts we develop will work fine.
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  15. Galandil added a post in a topic Arena Equivalent for Skyrim   

    Agree'd. Arena's would feel very roman, and very out of place in Skyrim. With that said, they did find an arena of sorts in old roman ruins in England. The idea that there'd be a some Imperial gladiatorial influence in a city like Solitude for instance would not feel too out of place, but as I've stated before, I want this to feel like your in Skyrim, not Cyrodiil.

    I don't think it should look too Imperial either, put in some astetics that fit the Solitude design, since we're placing the entrance next to the Winking Skeever, we might use some cave parts to make it feel a little gritty while keeping the refined architectural design of Solitude intact. We discussed adding statues of Morihaus, perhaps Stuhn, other warrior gods or "legendary" warriors. I will need to make two statue meshes for the new Solitude walkway so I may as well look into these as well.

    I must have missed the part where Windhelm was built over something. A basement-like place or underworld area where there are fights sound great and all but there's already a functioning pit above ground  . I believe we talked about seperating the concepts of the battles between something more gladiatorial or nobles settling things through a Holmgang, with your underworld where its mostly brawls and less regulated rules.

    I would prefer to keep the archiectural design consistent. I could try to emulate a "Sovngardish" design, but I'd be doing so with a Windhelm design palette. 
    Essentially if your a great warrior naturally those with power and coin would want you to fight for them. Not just for the entertainment of the crowds but also to ensure that should they be challenged then you can fight for them. Essentially you are their champion in all things. Seeing however as we intend to expand the concept of being a Thane(Noble) and what this entails makes the concept a little hard to approach. Having a equally or even higher standing noble fighting for you sounds  alittle fishy.. Means a lot of conditional dialogue I can imagine to deal with the conversations.
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