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  1. Galandil added a topic in Civil War   

    Large Scale Open Field Battle System
    Skyrim can only handle a certain amount of NPC's at once. Because of this the engines ability to simulate big battles is limited and requires certain work arounds: Like respawning and despawning enemies. Now this works fine in forts and cities as the battle would be layered between districts seperated by walls and buildings. In open battles however this is just not possible, and occationally spawning enemies from thin air or behind a ditch would make a battle feel rather ... odd. Like the enemy arrived late.

    Because of this: large battles in the fields seem impossible. Taking inspiration from Civil War overhauls that create large battles, like Warzones... you can have battles... with spawning enemies, but I think a war requires a polished system where soldiers aren't respawned and despawned behind tree's to toss themselves into a moshpit.

    I suggest enhancing the feeling of facing a big army by using static objects. Soldiers in the lines are static, in say a shieldwall position, until either the player hits the triggerbox(Essentially charges too close, hits the object with an arrow or... sword) which makes the first say two lines turn to NPC's and do battle, provided enough units have been slain and despawned, making the next line turn NPC. This way you can cheat a little bit and give the impression that your facing down a big army. 

    Another way to go about this is to have NPC's inform the player that the armies have been split into numerous battlefields, thereby giving off another impression that this is just one army your facing. This would also make it less surprising if say another army of static dummies arrive and join the battle in some capacity.

    Because Static Objects don't put as much strain on the engine as NPCs that put a ton of strain on it in large quantities. This should allow us to simulate big battles
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  2. Galandil added a topic in New Locations   

    Dragontail Valley
    An isolated Nordic city resides in the middle of a frozen valley. With frozen ruins, frozen people standing inaminate leads to the conclusion that whatever happened here was instantious and killed everyone in the valley. The further one travels from the center the less frozen the valley becomes. The valley consists mostly of the ruins from this ancient city venerating the dragons. Within the valley there are also large chunks of ice crystal seemingly lying in the middle of nowhere. 

    Ice Wolves, snow bears, ice giant, ice wraith and dragons. 
    Society and Settlements:
    An abandoned Nordic ruin city with its ancient inhabitants frozen in place.

    Ice caves and Nordic Ruins. 
    Possible Problems:
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  3. Galandil added a topic in New Locations   

    Velothi Mountains
    A mountainious region in the far northern portion of the mountain covered by ice and snow. Due to the hot steam coming up from below the mountain, the steaming hot water that runs in the mountain is dyed green and deadly. Aside from the ice and snow the area is also littered with ancient dragon bones that appear to hold the chunks of ice and rock togheter.

    Frostbite spiders, giants, ice trolls, snow bears, ice wolves, cave bears and dragons. 
    Society and Settlements:
    The Velothi mountains does not sport any civilization. It is however possible to find the idle hutt or mountaindweller.

    Ice caves and a subterranean Nordic Temple. 
    Possible Problems:

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  4. Galandil added a topic in New Locations   

    Jerall Valley
    A remote an isolated valley between two mountain tops in the Jerall's. An un-assuming an frozen place, either unknown or avoided by travelers. Within the valley resides one village of no importance, comprised mostly of farmers and hunters. The valley itself is frozen over, sports a frozen lake and mountainpass between Skyrim and Cyrodiil.

    Wolves, bears, stags, cave bears, snow bears, ice wolves, ice wraiths, ice trolls, ice giants, ogres and dragons.
    Society and Settlements:
    In the valley is one idle Nordic farming village of isolationist Nords as well as a few idle hutts here and there in the valley. The inhabitants still worship the dragons, have a priesthood and would unsurprisingly be linked up with the extension planned for the main quest in Holds. 

    The Jerall Valley consists of many caves that are inhabitated by feral animals as well as nord barbarians. There is one Nordic Ruin which is part of the main story. There may or may not be an Imperial fort that is supposed to represent the Pale Pass, but it may or may not be included due to wanting to avoid conflict with the Beyond Skyrim project.
    Possible Problems:

    Pale Pass which might make an apperance might be included in the Beyond Skyrim project Bruma, and therefor may or may not be included. 
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  5. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    Re-Record the voices? Theres a ton of un-used dialogue that can be used, as well as one can always use Audacity to cut and paste dialogue togheter. Though it can be hard to make it sound .. normalish.
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  6. Galandil added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    I never did notice that. Good to know Bethesda thought of this as well, even if it didn't quite work out. I thought we'd add header markers and make the NPC's if they are within a trigger box head to these header markers and face the mountain during this sequence, and face it for atleast an hour. Just to really show that this hasn't happened before in their lifetime.

    Your working on the SMQO?

    From what I've gathered. Shor vs Akatosh happens once every kalpa. It started with Akatosh usurping Shor and Trinnimac shooting his heart into the air causing the red mountain to appear. Akatosh however got seperated into four fragments. One of which is Alduin. As I understand it, Divines can die. Daedra can't. Your job as Dragonborn, killing Alduin can have some tie in into the battle between shor and Akatosh as I've also heard an unconfirmed rumor that the Dragonborn may be a shezarine. But it'll be a lot of speculation.
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  7. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    That is actually a very interesting idea. I'd love to implement that!  As an optional way of defeating Alduin I mean. Otherwise the idea I had was that upon defeating Alduin he would fly off. And land at a distant area, the other tounges who fought with you are incapable of following and you go off alone to slay the dragon. Upon reaching Alduin he is too wounded to fight and you can either kill him, or talk and explore an alternative conclusion to the Dragon Crisis. If Alduin is the world eater, (A fragment of Akatosh), and devouring the world is in his nature, then while allowing this to happen will just end the game with a narration screen before sending you back to the main menu. Perhaps having a quick save before the decision so you can go back and re-do the decision. Sending Alduin back in time also sounds very clever, I'd love for that to be do-able either during the battle itself by just using the scroll, or during the dialogue at the end.
    This is what I had in mind too. Adding new quests within the Civil War that needs to be completed before the Civil War itself carries on as usual. This includes sieging towns, battles, and just normal quests. I want the Civil War to be far more story driven and to have little things here and there happen that forces the player to make decisions which will impact either the few named NPC's the Dragonborn works with, or the war itself. Thank you for uploading a hook mod, it'll give me a good overview over how to do this! Thank you!
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  8. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    We need to preserve a balance, but its not about making one better then the other?

    The player still decides for the same reasons as before. The option to influence the leaders isn't something that just happens. Its a player choice, and doesn't really have to happen for you to finish the Civil War.

    And I have responded to this a few times now. I do understand what your saying, I just don't agree. I mean.. are you saying you would choose the Stormcloaks if there was a chance for you to make Ulfric a better person?
    I have absolutely no idea what your on about. We can add meaningful choices, but they can't have any influence or anything on the story, or the land? Then whats the point?

    We are going to add an option to spare Alduin's. Read the main story topic. 
    Unless it has any impact on the world in any shape or form? ... No thanks
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  9. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    I did not misunderstand you. This is what I responded to.
    .. Aha.


    So when you say: "I am not saying the Imperials aren't racist" your still insinuating there's an important decision balance which requires us to forego any possibility of the Dragonborn having an influence with the Stormcloak that might make it a little more tolerateble. Its not like there are things about the Empire that can be made more tolerable for a Stormcloak player that we can add in?

    The balance as far as I'm concerned has nothing to do with racism, Ulfric or Elisif. Its about what do you think is best for Skyrim. Independence or not. Yes, is Ulfric a charismatic and strong-headed leader figure. Yeah. Is Elisif as intelligent as a wet plank... ... ... yeah. When you make the decision of joining a side the Dragonborn has not influenced anyone yet. So the choice still comes down to whether Skyrim should be independent or not. If players decide to use knowledge cause they prefer turning Ulfric Stormcloak into a nicer person then so be it, that's entirely up to them. Someone might find it far more appealing to turn Elisif into a stronger and wiser leader for the province. It really comes down to preference. 

    And if this in the end upsets a balance Bethesda has set up, then I think it is a stupid balance. Its not what the decision should come down to, in my opinion.

    N O

    Adding more choices and letting the player have a lasting effect on the world is something Skyrim sorely needs. Your decisions in the vanilla game feels lackluster and aside from choosing Empire or Stormcloak, none of your choices really matter- even with the few times you actually get choices. Adding choices and consequences is exactly what Holds is going to be about.
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  10. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    ... Wat?

    Did you read what I posted above? If not then let me put it this way: There's no balance in a choice like this. Its either you prefer the Imperials 'Because' X. Or you prefer the Stormcloaks because X. If that choice bases itself solely around is this guy a dick or not, then... well.. too bad then. I'm gonna upset that balance. But for most people Ulfric and Elisif are irrelevant. It comes down to what is best for Skyrim, or what is best for the Empire as a whole. None of that gets unbalanced if you can influence the faction you join, if anything it allows you to have a lasting footprint on the storyline.

    ... No. ^ Read the above.

    And again: If the choice comes down to racism or not, well... 'kay. Its not like the racism will get removed. You only get to have an influence if you first choose to fight for the Stormcloaks. What your insinuating here is like: "I voted for Trump cause I believe that he'll change his mind on immigrants when he wins the election" .... No. And besides, you have many ways of influencing it in a worse direction. Lets say because of the Dragonborn the Dunmer are driven out of Windhelm after the civil war. Or something or other. .. Build a wall to Morrowind, and let the Dunmer pay for it.

    Also: The Imperials are also racist to a degree. Have you even played the games? They have the same high opinion of themselves and their culture and believe its only through them that the world can be civilized and ruled justly.
    Elisif being incompetent was actually the reason why I chose to lean towards the Stormcloaks.

    ... ... What? ... Others will rule with her so they are fine with it? Can you name someone who thinks having a very bad leader surrounded by lesser leaders who are very ambitious and corrupt is a good idea? If you ask the citizens in Skyrim you will hear it often said that Elisif is but a puppet, and no they are not too happy with that. Making her a strong leader is an equal footed development due to the Dragonborns choices influencing the leader as the Dragonborn influencing Ulfric Stormcloak. But again; These are but choices the player can make. It doesn't mean we're changing the default outcome to always mean that Ulfric becomes less hostile towards outlanders, or Elisif suddenly starts her brain engines.

    And no. The entire rebbelion revolves around the issue: Whether Skyrim should be independent and self-governed. Ulfric like.. say Donald Trump is only a catalyst and figurehead. No one voted for Trump the person, they voted for his policies and idea's. Same goes for those fighting for Ulfric. 

    ... No she does not support Ulfric's cause. And no she does not fight to prove anything to the Empire. She explains her position quite clearly in the campaign. She fights because she believes the Empire benefits Skyrim. Not because Skyrim benefits the Empire. Shes not out to prove anything but to keep her country secure, and prosperous. She does not secretly wish she is a Stormcloak, shes a Talos worshipper. Like Jarl Balgruuf. The Thalmor's anti-Talos policy is not the Empire's policy. Its a forced treaty that they have to abide by until the next war breaks out.
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  11. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    Sure you can. Ulfric is a good example of someone who comes off as someone you can influence and sway in a direction. But he's opponent, isn't really General Tullius, or Legate Rikke, but Elisif the Fair. Now Elisif is a dumb cow. No one really respects her, she relies on her advisers, her Thane's are laughing all the way to the bank and will likely find ways of politically replacing her in the future. So as the Dragonborn, giving some advice, helping her toughen and smarten up, would definitely go a long way towards giving Skyrim a respectable and wise ruler.

    Beyond that there's Legate Rikke, a secret Talos worshipper and nationalist. I can imagine many ways of influencing her view of her country and her views of the Empire. 

    Then there's General Tullius who's a stubborn mule and practicalist. In vanilla, it is clear that Tullius slowly goes from loathing being in Skyrim and being surrounded by stupid mountain barbarians, but upon the end says he has come to respect the people, and see Skyrim in a different light. I can imagine many ways the Dragonborn could lean in and have some lasting effect here. What if instead of parting with Skyrim with his mission complete and trusting the new Jarls to rule favorably for the Empire, he declares martial law? Maybe you convince Tullius to go rouge and turn on the Thalmor; To say an extreme example. 
    @Edit; As for Ulfric being racist being the only argument against joining the Stormcloaks. ... Eh- NO. The Stormcloaks may be extreme nationalists who want their country to be self-governed and as free as possible of other cultures and races. Self-governing is the positive that draws people to support them, and the "Build-a-Wall"-esc is what makes people less inclined to support them. True. But there are other reasons. For one, Skyrim finds itself in a bad spot. It is clear there'll be another war with the Aldmeri Dominion and the wise choice is to preserve the Alliances that are to have a stronger bulk against the coming war. There's the matter of trade, exchanging of cultures, resources and breakthroughs. However, then there's the argument of the Stormcloaks: The Jarls of Skyrim are useless, grown to their station puppets who when asked to jump, asks how high. Speaking to people around Skyrim shows a great resentment towards this, and an un-ease at having their country so firmly under the thumb of an Empire. Foreign Laws, Foreign Gods, Foreign Treaties, Foreign Customs. All of this creates discontent. To pull this into a real world sense: The European Union is something very unpopular and while there are benefits to being a part of it, it still creates a lot of resentment. Now, who's in charge of a country, the people or the Jarls. A Jarl still needs to listen and act on the discomforts and fears of her people, if she refuses to do this, or fails to explain why she cannot do this, then yes, civil wars will erupt and the person will be exchanged for someone who is far more willing to please he's people. So yes, if Ulfric stops being racist, Ulfric the man will become far more likable but anyone who chooses a side simply because they detest one person, clearly shouldn't have anything to do with politics. Its like the election, you vote on policies, not the person, and there are always far more nuance to each parties position then the superficial.
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  12. Galandil added a topic in Civil War   

    Civil War Story Concepts

    The Civil War in Skyrim felt very underwhelming, this is why the mod, which at this time is taken down by Apollodown, The Civil War Overhaul mod was so popular. What this mod did was add more sieges, instead of just taking forts, you'd also have to fight for every city and it was possible for the Dragonborn to loose a battle. 

    I want to implement this as well, but I want to go about it a little differently, incorporating a far more heavy story-driven Civil War Questline with tactical choices. The Dragonborn may start off as a lone soldier in either the Imperial or Stormcloak army but after the battle of Whiterun will have proved himself to be worthy of helping the war effort more tactically. I also want a battle for a Hold to be far more then just one battle, or capture the fort and then join the siege. There should be more battles then that, it should be story-driven to keep it interesting and there should be consequences for making mistakes. Elements such as being captured, rescuing say... Ralof from an Imperial Camp, going undercover, stopping a Stormcloak messenger, using diplomacy to turn the fallout of an engagement and more unique battles such as at sea, and on land. A good example of a land battle could for instance be that the Stormcloaks ambush the Imperials on the road, or just an ordinary battle in the fields. 

    A downside to having big battles in Skyrim is that the engine cannot tolerate more then a certain number of NPC's in the Dragonborns area at once. I believe in Vanilla Skyrim this limit without an ENBOOST is around 25, and with ENBOOST is 50. With the Special Edition I believe its around 200. Eitherway there is a workaround for this and that is simply to say that there are battles being fought elsewhere, and the Dragonborn happens to be fighting this group. Maybe their army is split up, maybe the Dragonborn arrived just a little late for the fight and most are dead, etc... If its an attack on a fort/city/boats then there are ways to make the battle seem much larger then it really is by using various occlusion planes or triggered spawns of troops. I believe Bethesda themselves also approached the Civil War through this method.
    I also want the Dragonborn to have the opportunity to shape the direction the faction he is fighting for will take once the war is over. For instance, say you've just escaped an Imperial ambush and you, Ralof and Ulfric Stormcloak are escaping through an Imperial Fort attempting to avoid capture. There's a pause while Ralof tries to figure out how to unlock a door and you strike up a conversation with Ulfric. Ulfric is a racist piece of SH*T but the opinion of the Dragonborn might resonate with him. Say that the Dragonborn tells him to get his shit togheter and treat the Dunmer better in Windhelm. Or that the Dragonborn tells him to ensure the execution of Elisif the Fair. This makes your part of the Civil War and your choices far more meaningful.
    Further more Ralof and Hadvar should have a more active presence in the story. Regardless of who you escaped Helgen with, the other should be actively fighting for the other side, and if you can avoid killing the person, he should re-appear later continuously in the story. There should also be some story elements revolving around the two and their relationship.
    There should also be introduced more characters fighting for its faction, giving you more story characters to fight together with. These characters should be part of the Dragonborns circle and fight alongside him, as well have more of a story presence. If you side with say the Empire, then the Stormcloaks characters will be killed off, and vice versa.
    Jarls and their opposing potential usurpers should have a more active role in the Civil War, and they should be killable if the Dragonborn makes a choice that allows this to happen. I cannot verify this but I believe the reason from a lore perspective why the Jarls are allowed to wander to the capital of their faction is due to Nordic tradition of allowing safe passage to a surrendered opponent. Its kind of dumb. The only character that I wish to ensure can leave is Jarl Balgruuf who I intend to allow to attempt to take back Whiterun once the Civil War is over, allowing Stormcloak players such as myself a chance to re-instate the Jarl in Whiterun. Other Jarls as say Skald the Elder should be killable. Lets say you've finally taken Dawnstar after many battles and losses. The legionaire commander wants Skald to pay for the deaths he's men caused on the battlefield. Naturally you can allow this to happen or you can stand up to this commander and try to see if you can help Skald leave Dawnstar in one piece. I think the reason Bethesda implemented a system where the Jarls would simply pack up and leave was because the Civil War questline was originally intended to be far more dynamic. Allowing factions to re-take their cities, and subsequently re-instate their factions Jarl. There is also the Peace Summit negotiations, but still... I personally think it becomes far more impactful if a Jarl can die, and the player gets to either make that decision or intervene against such a decision. Naturally at times intervention or demanding an execution is not do-able due to previous decisions during a siege. (Like say... the Stormcloaks hold someone else captive and Legate rikke wishes to make a trade and therefor overrules you, this capture was also your fault so its therefor preventable, another consequence of wrong choices in tactical).

    Thanes/Nobles should also have some impact on the Civil War. Gerdur of Riverwood for one makes it very clear that she is a Stormcloak supporter, where as I imagine Thane Rorik of Rorikstead is a staunch Imperial supporter. Their impact on the Civil War should be noticeable. Should the Stormcloaks march into Riverwood then they should be greeted and allowed to raise their banners there. Should the Imperials try to do the same, then say Gerdur betrays you and tries to poison or create an ambush against the legion. There are many ways this can be made more interesting and make the war feel far more fleshed and stretched out.

    Instead of a steady progression taking one enemy hold at a time there should be cast in events that forces the player to make decisions. Aside from making tactical decisions before a battle, when its natural to do so I mean, the Dragonborn will get informed that say... the Imperials has sent two ships with legionaire's and mercenaries to Windhelm. The Dragonborn therefor has the choice of going and helping defend Windhelm from this siege or press the battle against for instance.. Falkreath. Tactical decisions during a battle normally involves the Dragonborn deciding which battle he can participate in, as there are naturally more battles going on at once. Will he head to Blackmoor and attempt to suede the Thane there to fight for the Empire, or he will join the battle for Riverwood. In such cases the choice doesn't always guarentee success. The battle for Riverwood may be doomed from the start, or the Thane of Blackmoor may be ideologically opposed to fighting alongside the Empire, or may have terms that the Dragonborn chooses not to accept. Upon finishing the choice the Dragonborn becomes informed of the consequence which may have consequences on the war effort. Each choice has a consequence, much like when its just normal tactical of choosing what battle the Dragonborn will fight, making too many wrong choices changes the progression of the story and can result in a retreat, the enemy gaining an upper-hand forcing a confrontation, or a loss. Its like a game of Risk, make too many wrong decisions and you've lost. Make the right decisions and you'll win.

    Naturally the Civil War should have multiple endings. I'd say there should be around 10 loss endings and 10 victory endings for each factions, which rely on the choices you've made through out.
    Multiple Endings / Consequences:
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  13. Galandil added a post in a topic Solitude   

    Eh? They lost everything and they are fleeing towards the capital of either side- people in power wouldn't care one way or the other, if they can be put to use they should. On one hand you have a rebellion that survives merely on nationalism and hatred towards the Thalmor and by association the Empire. And then there's the Empire which struggles to divert resources to re-take control of a land that is ever growing hostile towards them, relying mostly on local recruits and what few legionnaire's that can be spared for the north. 
    If I had to guess, the pair either died on the road or fled Skyrim? Desperation in the eyes of the victim is all well and good to characterize in quests, dialogues, etc.. but from a realistic perspective that man and woman would've been viewed as a burden on a war-effort or a potential to re-bolster the ranks. The old, meek and too young would've been put to work in other ways to aid the war effort.
    Solitude is extended more then enough I think. The engine can barely handle what we have so far.

    Like I said in my previous post, I don't mind having an optional plugin that allows for this content, but for the most part I doubt refugee's would be allowed to gather in such a place and would be able to survive. They would likely have become bandits, if its one thing this game seems to have a lot of, its those- what brought that about? Well if I had to guess its the war. 

    The Dunmer refusing to fight alongside the Stormcloaks is a fact yes, but that doesn't really detract from the point. They arrived before the Civil War and perhaps in some small redeeming way the Stormcloaks have not kicked them out of the city, or forced them into the army. People fleeing in fighting condition or other useful condition to the cities would most undoubtedly be put to work. I can only guess that the reason why the Dunmer haven't been conscripted by force is because many of them work the farms which are vital to Eastmarch's agriculture.

    Anyone else by realistic standards would be put to work, and yes this also accounts for the Imperials who would have just as much cause as the Stormcloaks to do so. The Imperial army in Skyrim is comprised mostly of locally recruited Nords, some legionaire's from the legion itself but mostly peasants, mercenaries, bandits, regular citizens who want to fight for the Empire. When it comes down to either caring for refugee's or conscripting them into some form of work that benefits the Empire's position in Skyrim, it wouldn't be a hard choice to make.

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  14. Galandil added a post in a topic Solitude   

    Keep in mind that the refugee system we use now a days would've been extremely counter-efficient during a time and setting that Skyrim takes place in. Its not all that different from when your aim is to wound the enemy soldier and not kill him, because now the enemy needs to spend resources taking care of him back home. The Empire and the Stormcloaks would therefor likely try to send refugee's in the other direction knowing that their enemy would waste resources taking care of these people. A setting which Skyrim takes place in would demand conscription or 'something' in return from refugee's who wish to keep themselves and their families safe. The European Refugee Crisis also has a lot of things which would make it obsolete in a setting like Skyrim's. I do not want this to turn into a real world political debate so I'll suffice by saying that you have the same chances of survival and getting work and land in Solitude that you have anywhere else, the only upside is that your in a walled and guarded city... It should also be noted that most of Skyrim's refugee population would likely be farmers, they don't really have much to contribute to a big capital cities economy- but knowing this is the end goal of either side- and the perilous journey getting there without the Red Cross or police escort... I'd wager people would instead head for families, out of country, or simply turn to banditry (which is not all that far fetched considering this was usually the fate of refugee's back in the day- No one will take you, there's not enough food- you gather into a group and start harassing travelers who have coin or food). 

    There is also another problem I have with this and that is that while the Nordic culture is heavily watered down in Skyrim (due to the Imperial Cult and a time of great wealth) it still clings to that characteristic Nordic honor system. Your expected to be brave and death is not to be feared. To fear and cower is to be the lowest form of life and while Nords might try to help you they'd simultaneously feel nauseated by you. If the resources aren't there to take care of X number of fleeing people it is widely possible that they'd run them off. 

    But in the end the reason I am so opposed to this is because of how it effects the engine. The area your refering to is not too far from the Emperor's ship and the Solitude Dock. I fear that this can create a choke on the engine due to the amount of NPC's. Another thing I find odd is that... if your hiding and there's a bandit cove right nearby... and your saying the Solitude officials placed them there... I can see many ways this could turn ugly. 

    (If we're going to add this, a bunch of NPC's who are refugee's living by a lighthouse, I'd say the best solution is to create it as a plugin that can be compatible with Holds)
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  15. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Act 3
    Quest plot:
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
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