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  1. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    We need to preserve a balance, but its not about making one better then the other?

    The player still decides for the same reasons as before. The option to influence the leaders isn't something that just happens. Its a player choice, and doesn't really have to happen for you to finish the Civil War.

    And I have responded to this a few times now. I do understand what your saying, I just don't agree. I mean.. are you saying you would choose the Stormcloaks if there was a chance for you to make Ulfric a better person?
    I have absolutely no idea what your on about. We can add meaningful choices, but they can't have any influence or anything on the story, or the land? Then whats the point?

    We are going to add an option to spare Alduin's. Read the main story topic. 
    Unless it has any impact on the world in any shape or form? ... No thanks
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  2. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    I did not misunderstand you. This is what I responded to.
    .. Aha.


    So when you say: "I am not saying the Imperials aren't racist" your still insinuating there's an important decision balance which requires us to forego any possibility of the Dragonborn having an influence with the Stormcloak that might make it a little more tolerateble. Its not like there are things about the Empire that can be made more tolerable for a Stormcloak player that we can add in?

    The balance as far as I'm concerned has nothing to do with racism, Ulfric or Elisif. Its about what do you think is best for Skyrim. Independence or not. Yes, is Ulfric a charismatic and strong-headed leader figure. Yeah. Is Elisif as intelligent as a wet plank... ... ... yeah. When you make the decision of joining a side the Dragonborn has not influenced anyone yet. So the choice still comes down to whether Skyrim should be independent or not. If players decide to use knowledge cause they prefer turning Ulfric Stormcloak into a nicer person then so be it, that's entirely up to them. Someone might find it far more appealing to turn Elisif into a stronger and wiser leader for the province. It really comes down to preference. 

    And if this in the end upsets a balance Bethesda has set up, then I think it is a stupid balance. Its not what the decision should come down to, in my opinion.

    N O

    Adding more choices and letting the player have a lasting effect on the world is something Skyrim sorely needs. Your decisions in the vanilla game feels lackluster and aside from choosing Empire or Stormcloak, none of your choices really matter- even with the few times you actually get choices. Adding choices and consequences is exactly what Holds is going to be about.
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  3. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    ... Wat?

    Did you read what I posted above? If not then let me put it this way: There's no balance in a choice like this. Its either you prefer the Imperials 'Because' X. Or you prefer the Stormcloaks because X. If that choice bases itself solely around is this guy a dick or not, then... well.. too bad then. I'm gonna upset that balance. But for most people Ulfric and Elisif are irrelevant. It comes down to what is best for Skyrim, or what is best for the Empire as a whole. None of that gets unbalanced if you can influence the faction you join, if anything it allows you to have a lasting footprint on the storyline.

    ... No. ^ Read the above.

    And again: If the choice comes down to racism or not, well... 'kay. Its not like the racism will get removed. You only get to have an influence if you first choose to fight for the Stormcloaks. What your insinuating here is like: "I voted for Trump cause I believe that he'll change his mind on immigrants when he wins the election" .... No. And besides, you have many ways of influencing it in a worse direction. Lets say because of the Dragonborn the Dunmer are driven out of Windhelm after the civil war. Or something or other. .. Build a wall to Morrowind, and let the Dunmer pay for it.

    Also: The Imperials are also racist to a degree. Have you even played the games? They have the same high opinion of themselves and their culture and believe its only through them that the world can be civilized and ruled justly.
    Elisif being incompetent was actually the reason why I chose to lean towards the Stormcloaks.

    ... ... What? ... Others will rule with her so they are fine with it? Can you name someone who thinks having a very bad leader surrounded by lesser leaders who are very ambitious and corrupt is a good idea? If you ask the citizens in Skyrim you will hear it often said that Elisif is but a puppet, and no they are not too happy with that. Making her a strong leader is an equal footed development due to the Dragonborns choices influencing the leader as the Dragonborn influencing Ulfric Stormcloak. But again; These are but choices the player can make. It doesn't mean we're changing the default outcome to always mean that Ulfric becomes less hostile towards outlanders, or Elisif suddenly starts her brain engines.

    And no. The entire rebbelion revolves around the issue: Whether Skyrim should be independent and self-governed. Ulfric like.. say Donald Trump is only a catalyst and figurehead. No one voted for Trump the person, they voted for his policies and idea's. Same goes for those fighting for Ulfric. 

    ... No she does not support Ulfric's cause. And no she does not fight to prove anything to the Empire. She explains her position quite clearly in the campaign. She fights because she believes the Empire benefits Skyrim. Not because Skyrim benefits the Empire. Shes not out to prove anything but to keep her country secure, and prosperous. She does not secretly wish she is a Stormcloak, shes a Talos worshipper. Like Jarl Balgruuf. The Thalmor's anti-Talos policy is not the Empire's policy. Its a forced treaty that they have to abide by until the next war breaks out.
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  4. Galandil added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    Sure you can. Ulfric is a good example of someone who comes off as someone you can influence and sway in a direction. But he's opponent, isn't really General Tullius, or Legate Rikke, but Elisif the Fair. Now Elisif is a dumb cow. No one really respects her, she relies on her advisers, her Thane's are laughing all the way to the bank and will likely find ways of politically replacing her in the future. So as the Dragonborn, giving some advice, helping her toughen and smarten up, would definitely go a long way towards giving Skyrim a respectable and wise ruler.

    Beyond that there's Legate Rikke, a secret Talos worshipper and nationalist. I can imagine many ways of influencing her view of her country and her views of the Empire. 

    Then there's General Tullius who's a stubborn mule and practicalist. In vanilla, it is clear that Tullius slowly goes from loathing being in Skyrim and being surrounded by stupid mountain barbarians, but upon the end says he has come to respect the people, and see Skyrim in a different light. I can imagine many ways the Dragonborn could lean in and have some lasting effect here. What if instead of parting with Skyrim with his mission complete and trusting the new Jarls to rule favorably for the Empire, he declares martial law? Maybe you convince Tullius to go rouge and turn on the Thalmor; To say an extreme example. 
    @Edit; As for Ulfric being racist being the only argument against joining the Stormcloaks. ... Eh- NO. The Stormcloaks may be extreme nationalists who want their country to be self-governed and as free as possible of other cultures and races. Self-governing is the positive that draws people to support them, and the "Build-a-Wall"-esc is what makes people less inclined to support them. True. But there are other reasons. For one, Skyrim finds itself in a bad spot. It is clear there'll be another war with the Aldmeri Dominion and the wise choice is to preserve the Alliances that are to have a stronger bulk against the coming war. There's the matter of trade, exchanging of cultures, resources and breakthroughs. However, then there's the argument of the Stormcloaks: The Jarls of Skyrim are useless, grown to their station puppets who when asked to jump, asks how high. Speaking to people around Skyrim shows a great resentment towards this, and an un-ease at having their country so firmly under the thumb of an Empire. Foreign Laws, Foreign Gods, Foreign Treaties, Foreign Customs. All of this creates discontent. To pull this into a real world sense: The European Union is something very unpopular and while there are benefits to being a part of it, it still creates a lot of resentment. Now, who's in charge of a country, the people or the Jarls. A Jarl still needs to listen and act on the discomforts and fears of her people, if she refuses to do this, or fails to explain why she cannot do this, then yes, civil wars will erupt and the person will be exchanged for someone who is far more willing to please he's people. So yes, if Ulfric stops being racist, Ulfric the man will become far more likable but anyone who chooses a side simply because they detest one person, clearly shouldn't have anything to do with politics. Its like the election, you vote on policies, not the person, and there are always far more nuance to each parties position then the superficial.
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  5. Galandil added a topic in Civil War   

    Civil War Story Concepts

    The Civil War in Skyrim felt very underwhelming, this is why the mod, which at this time is taken down by Apollodown, The Civil War Overhaul mod was so popular. What this mod did was add more sieges, instead of just taking forts, you'd also have to fight for every city and it was possible for the Dragonborn to loose a battle. 

    I want to implement this as well, but I want to go about it a little differently, incorporating a far more heavy story-driven Civil War Questline with tactical choices. The Dragonborn may start off as a lone soldier in either the Imperial or Stormcloak army but after the battle of Whiterun will have proved himself to be worthy of helping the war effort more tactically. I also want a battle for a Hold to be far more then just one battle, or capture the fort and then join the siege. There should be more battles then that, it should be story-driven to keep it interesting and there should be consequences for making mistakes. Elements such as being captured, rescuing say... Ralof from an Imperial Camp, going undercover, stopping a Stormcloak messenger, using diplomacy to turn the fallout of an engagement and more unique battles such as at sea, and on land. A good example of a land battle could for instance be that the Stormcloaks ambush the Imperials on the road, or just an ordinary battle in the fields. 

    A downside to having big battles in Skyrim is that the engine cannot tolerate more then a certain number of NPC's in the Dragonborns area at once. I believe in Vanilla Skyrim this limit without an ENBOOST is around 25, and with ENBOOST is 50. With the Special Edition I believe its around 200. Eitherway there is a workaround for this and that is simply to say that there are battles being fought elsewhere, and the Dragonborn happens to be fighting this group. Maybe their army is split up, maybe the Dragonborn arrived just a little late for the fight and most are dead, etc... If its an attack on a fort/city/boats then there are ways to make the battle seem much larger then it really is by using various occlusion planes or triggered spawns of troops. I believe Bethesda themselves also approached the Civil War through this method.
    I also want the Dragonborn to have the opportunity to shape the direction the faction he is fighting for will take once the war is over. For instance, say you've just escaped an Imperial ambush and you, Ralof and Ulfric Stormcloak are escaping through an Imperial Fort attempting to avoid capture. There's a pause while Ralof tries to figure out how to unlock a door and you strike up a conversation with Ulfric. Ulfric is a racist piece of SH*T but the opinion of the Dragonborn might resonate with him. Say that the Dragonborn tells him to get his shit togheter and treat the Dunmer better in Windhelm. Or that the Dragonborn tells him to ensure the execution of Elisif the Fair. This makes your part of the Civil War and your choices far more meaningful.
    Further more Ralof and Hadvar should have a more active presence in the story. Regardless of who you escaped Helgen with, the other should be actively fighting for the other side, and if you can avoid killing the person, he should re-appear later continuously in the story. There should also be some story elements revolving around the two and their relationship.
    There should also be introduced more characters fighting for its faction, giving you more story characters to fight together with. These characters should be part of the Dragonborns circle and fight alongside him, as well have more of a story presence. If you side with say the Empire, then the Stormcloaks characters will be killed off, and vice versa.
    Jarls and their opposing potential usurpers should have a more active role in the Civil War, and they should be killable if the Dragonborn makes a choice that allows this to happen. I cannot verify this but I believe the reason from a lore perspective why the Jarls are allowed to wander to the capital of their faction is due to Nordic tradition of allowing safe passage to a surrendered opponent. Its kind of dumb. The only character that I wish to ensure can leave is Jarl Balgruuf who I intend to allow to attempt to take back Whiterun once the Civil War is over, allowing Stormcloak players such as myself a chance to re-instate the Jarl in Whiterun. Other Jarls as say Skald the Elder should be killable. Lets say you've finally taken Dawnstar after many battles and losses. The legionaire commander wants Skald to pay for the deaths he's men caused on the battlefield. Naturally you can allow this to happen or you can stand up to this commander and try to see if you can help Skald leave Dawnstar in one piece. I think the reason Bethesda implemented a system where the Jarls would simply pack up and leave was because the Civil War questline was originally intended to be far more dynamic. Allowing factions to re-take their cities, and subsequently re-instate their factions Jarl. There is also the Peace Summit negotiations, but still... I personally think it becomes far more impactful if a Jarl can die, and the player gets to either make that decision or intervene against such a decision. Naturally at times intervention or demanding an execution is not do-able due to previous decisions during a siege. (Like say... the Stormcloaks hold someone else captive and Legate rikke wishes to make a trade and therefor overrules you, this capture was also your fault so its therefor preventable, another consequence of wrong choices in tactical).

    Thanes/Nobles should also have some impact on the Civil War. Gerdur of Riverwood for one makes it very clear that she is a Stormcloak supporter, where as I imagine Thane Rorik of Rorikstead is a staunch Imperial supporter. Their impact on the Civil War should be noticeable. Should the Stormcloaks march into Riverwood then they should be greeted and allowed to raise their banners there. Should the Imperials try to do the same, then say Gerdur betrays you and tries to poison or create an ambush against the legion. There are many ways this can be made more interesting and make the war feel far more fleshed and stretched out.

    Instead of a steady progression taking one enemy hold at a time there should be cast in events that forces the player to make decisions. Aside from making tactical decisions before a battle, when its natural to do so I mean, the Dragonborn will get informed that say... the Imperials has sent two ships with legionaire's and mercenaries to Windhelm. The Dragonborn therefor has the choice of going and helping defend Windhelm from this siege or press the battle against for instance.. Falkreath. Tactical decisions during a battle normally involves the Dragonborn deciding which battle he can participate in, as there are naturally more battles going on at once. Will he head to Blackmoor and attempt to suede the Thane there to fight for the Empire, or he will join the battle for Riverwood. In such cases the choice doesn't always guarentee success. The battle for Riverwood may be doomed from the start, or the Thane of Blackmoor may be ideologically opposed to fighting alongside the Empire, or may have terms that the Dragonborn chooses not to accept. Upon finishing the choice the Dragonborn becomes informed of the consequence which may have consequences on the war effort. Each choice has a consequence, much like when its just normal tactical of choosing what battle the Dragonborn will fight, making too many wrong choices changes the progression of the story and can result in a retreat, the enemy gaining an upper-hand forcing a confrontation, or a loss. Its like a game of Risk, make too many wrong decisions and you've lost. Make the right decisions and you'll win.

    Naturally the Civil War should have multiple endings. I'd say there should be around 10 loss endings and 10 victory endings for each factions, which rely on the choices you've made through out.
    Multiple Endings / Consequences:
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  6. Galandil added a post in a topic Solitude   

    Eh? They lost everything and they are fleeing towards the capital of either side- people in power wouldn't care one way or the other, if they can be put to use they should. On one hand you have a rebellion that survives merely on nationalism and hatred towards the Thalmor and by association the Empire. And then there's the Empire which struggles to divert resources to re-take control of a land that is ever growing hostile towards them, relying mostly on local recruits and what few legionnaire's that can be spared for the north. 
    If I had to guess, the pair either died on the road or fled Skyrim? Desperation in the eyes of the victim is all well and good to characterize in quests, dialogues, etc.. but from a realistic perspective that man and woman would've been viewed as a burden on a war-effort or a potential to re-bolster the ranks. The old, meek and too young would've been put to work in other ways to aid the war effort.
    Solitude is extended more then enough I think. The engine can barely handle what we have so far.

    Like I said in my previous post, I don't mind having an optional plugin that allows for this content, but for the most part I doubt refugee's would be allowed to gather in such a place and would be able to survive. They would likely have become bandits, if its one thing this game seems to have a lot of, its those- what brought that about? Well if I had to guess its the war. 

    The Dunmer refusing to fight alongside the Stormcloaks is a fact yes, but that doesn't really detract from the point. They arrived before the Civil War and perhaps in some small redeeming way the Stormcloaks have not kicked them out of the city, or forced them into the army. People fleeing in fighting condition or other useful condition to the cities would most undoubtedly be put to work. I can only guess that the reason why the Dunmer haven't been conscripted by force is because many of them work the farms which are vital to Eastmarch's agriculture.

    Anyone else by realistic standards would be put to work, and yes this also accounts for the Imperials who would have just as much cause as the Stormcloaks to do so. The Imperial army in Skyrim is comprised mostly of locally recruited Nords, some legionaire's from the legion itself but mostly peasants, mercenaries, bandits, regular citizens who want to fight for the Empire. When it comes down to either caring for refugee's or conscripting them into some form of work that benefits the Empire's position in Skyrim, it wouldn't be a hard choice to make.

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  7. Galandil added a post in a topic Solitude   

    Keep in mind that the refugee system we use now a days would've been extremely counter-efficient during a time and setting that Skyrim takes place in. Its not all that different from when your aim is to wound the enemy soldier and not kill him, because now the enemy needs to spend resources taking care of him back home. The Empire and the Stormcloaks would therefor likely try to send refugee's in the other direction knowing that their enemy would waste resources taking care of these people. A setting which Skyrim takes place in would demand conscription or 'something' in return from refugee's who wish to keep themselves and their families safe. The European Refugee Crisis also has a lot of things which would make it obsolete in a setting like Skyrim's. I do not want this to turn into a real world political debate so I'll suffice by saying that you have the same chances of survival and getting work and land in Solitude that you have anywhere else, the only upside is that your in a walled and guarded city... It should also be noted that most of Skyrim's refugee population would likely be farmers, they don't really have much to contribute to a big capital cities economy- but knowing this is the end goal of either side- and the perilous journey getting there without the Red Cross or police escort... I'd wager people would instead head for families, out of country, or simply turn to banditry (which is not all that far fetched considering this was usually the fate of refugee's back in the day- No one will take you, there's not enough food- you gather into a group and start harassing travelers who have coin or food). 

    There is also another problem I have with this and that is that while the Nordic culture is heavily watered down in Skyrim (due to the Imperial Cult and a time of great wealth) it still clings to that characteristic Nordic honor system. Your expected to be brave and death is not to be feared. To fear and cower is to be the lowest form of life and while Nords might try to help you they'd simultaneously feel nauseated by you. If the resources aren't there to take care of X number of fleeing people it is widely possible that they'd run them off. 

    But in the end the reason I am so opposed to this is because of how it effects the engine. The area your refering to is not too far from the Emperor's ship and the Solitude Dock. I fear that this can create a choke on the engine due to the amount of NPC's. Another thing I find odd is that... if your hiding and there's a bandit cove right nearby... and your saying the Solitude officials placed them there... I can see many ways this could turn ugly. 

    (If we're going to add this, a bunch of NPC's who are refugee's living by a lighthouse, I'd say the best solution is to create it as a plugin that can be compatible with Holds)
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  8. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Act 3
    Quest plot:
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
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  9. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Act 2
    Quest plot:
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
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  10. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Act 1
    Quest plot:
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
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  11. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Quest plot:
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
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  12. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Quest plot:
    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:
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  13. Galandil added a topic in Main Quest   

    Story Synopsis
    The story of the Dragonborn is a story about a man or woman who hunts and kills dragons. The main quest is itself one long dragon hunt for the 'King-pin' Dragon. That is an oversimplification of the main story we received in the game, but if you look at it closely the main story is both complicated and holds major implications that are never addressed in the story. What I want to do here is to overhaul the main story and make it actually address these plots as well as conclude many of the elements that the main quest introduces to the player. If I had to guess I'd say that Bethesda intended the main quest as an introduction to the game, not a conclusion, and I find that greatly problematic in spite of the hope that Bethesda may touch on these plots in future games.
    Beyond just addressing I also want the main quest to take on a lot of elements that I greatly enjoyed in other games, such as the cult-element in Oblivion. I find it perplexing that something which was such a big part of Skyrim doesn't even have a handful of followers, especially considering you can see dragons flying overhead. You'd expect there to be people who'd see the return of the dragons as either "The End Times" or start worshiping the dragons, like their ancestors did. This also allows us to introduce humanoid villains who directly oppose the Dragonborn.
    I also believe we ought to introduce new area's. Isolated valleys and mountainous regions in the Jerall's, Dragontail and Velothi Mountains. In these regions its either bare but allows for unique landscape, such as a dragon graveyard in the ice, volcanic fissures, etc... or settled where we can introduce isolated Nordic cultures.

    The story should also address some rather perplexing details in the story. You are Alduins opposite. Your a mortal humanoid consuming dragon souls, Alduin is a dragon immortal consuming humanoid souls in Sovngarde. Alduin is not a simple dragon, he is Akatosh. He is one fourth of the Time God, the fragment of the time god that embodies 'The End Of Time'. Alduin does through out the story present himself as the 'First-Born of Akatosh', or Bormahu(father) as he is known among the dragons. And while it is easy to take a Christianity-spin on this, "He is the Son but he is also the father" kind of thing. I think it is otherwise implied that of the four fragments, he may have been the first to break apart- hence its rather darker nature, it is also perplexing that Parthunax refers to Alduin as his brother, I doubt Parthunax is anything but a regular "lesser Aedra" of Akatosh but perhaps Alduin was the first fragment to be torn from Akatosh and then the lesser Aedra's the Dragons came to be which Alduin was given lordship over. This is something that should be explored in the story itself which adds a ton of extra pressure and complications on the Dragonborn as he sets off to kill this being. Alduins role is to eat the world so that a new kalpa can begin, kalpa's being sort of a reset button for time which begins a new iteration of the world. Citation needed on the purpose of a reset, it could be as simple as flipping a sand glass in order to continue existence, but it can also be a measure of restarting the world in order to try once again to achieve a perceived goal. I would also like citation on that I've heard that the Shezzarine's; Tiber Septim, Zurin Arctus and Ysmir Wulfharth mantling Lorkhan somehow achieved the said goal and brought an end to the need of future kalpa's. 
    While the other fragments aren't directly relevant to the story. Auriel being the beginning of time fragment, (aside from visiting a Snow Elven temple dedicated to this fragment and understanding of the deity he has no bearing on the story itself). Akatosh being the embodiment of linear time or the forward progression of time and is said to be the fragment that gifted Alessia with the blood of dragons, one could theorize that Miraak was gifted with the blood before Alessia but I highly suspect he learned how to obtain this gift with the help of Hermaeus Mora, thereby making him a 'False' Dragonborn. Citation needed on this as I'm a little unsure. Alkosh is the final fragment which I am a little unsure what represents, also forward progression?, what is known however is that the Khajiit believes that a Dragonbreak appears when Alkosh is broken, which leads me to believe that he represents how time is subject to change. Tosh raka is also suspected of being a fragment of the Time-god, a creation from one of the tiger folk of Akavir eating a dragon and thereby becoming the dragon. Alkosh is mostly represented and revered by the Khajiit who venerate him as a half-cat half dragon figure, known as the "Dragon King of Cats", which leads me to believe that Tosh raka and Alkosh may be the same fragment. While Akatosh is widely perceived as a good and helpful by the people of Tamriel his attributes: Invincibility, endurance, everlasting legitimacy and promoting virtues such as duty, service and obedience tells me that Alduin's over all behavior in many ways mirrors a darker interpretation of these virtues. He expects people to serve him, unquestionably, he is arrogant in his power and is driven to dominate other beings.
    While it may not necessarily need to impact the Main Quest, the fact that Martin Septim turned into an avatar of Akatosh makes me wonder what this really means. Aedric Gods can die, and we see for ourselves that this avatar is turned to stone. While Alduin appears to have very little problems with interreacting with the world of mortals the other Divines are said to be weakened and thus cannot interreact directly with the denizens of Nirn. While I highly doubt this means that a fragment of Akatosh is now dead, gone, it does make me wonder of this could be linked to the towers of Tamriel which the Thalmor want to shut down. If the Amulet of Kings was the key in disabling it, and it somehow allowed Akatosh to appear and banish Merhunes Dagon, could this have any significant impact on the story of the Dragonborn? Perhaps it becomes too much speculation?
    While Holds is already at work with adding staged dialogue, which means it should already address you as Dragonborn if your recognized as the Dragonborn (I'd assume the people of Whiterun would know), and we could always add a stage to whoever observes you killing a dragon which also adds this dialogue check to NPC's in other places. I also think characters ought to react a bit more to things. The Greybeards shouting for the Dragonborn on top of the Throat of the World ought to make people turn to face the mountain and stand in awe. The people within Dragonsreach ought to observe the conversation you have with Jarl Balgruuf the Greater in that aftermath instead of (like now) wander about not giving a damn.
    Over all I want the story to be centered on your hunt for Alduin, you are a Dragonslayer. I want there to be other elements introduced, as stated above but I also want the story to incorporate various significant appearances of time manipulation that isn't just that one time above the Throat of the World. You carry the blood of a Dragon, you carry the blessing of a god of time, you ought to be able to therefor have some sort of interaction with time itself. 
    Another plot point I want to address in this story is how. You are the Dragonborn. Skyrim is very much a power-fantasy where you excel simply based off of the fact that you are special. The Elder Scrolls fan favorite approach this as well. You don't become the Nerevarine, you 'Are' Nerevarine. But you need to prove yourself. The Dragonborn grows in power very differently, for one nobody gives a crap or knows who you are, it seems. You learn shouts, you devour dragon souls, you are technically a legitimate candidate as Emperor of Tamriel... You ought to be treated as someone special, but you ought to also be treated as a threat to certain people in power. Whether you want to or not, your mere existence is a threat to the legitimacy of the Mede Dynasty. You are someone people respect simply based off of the stories of previous Dragonborns, and as such people should try hard to get your attention, win your loyalty, but considering the Nordic Culture (Which is greatly muddled in Skyrim), there should be challengers, people who wish to be part of your story.

    Is the Dragonborn a Shezzarine? 
    Something that ought to be explored. A ghost at Hroldan Inn will identify you as Hjalti Early-Beard, a Shezzarine. Many have previously taken this to mean that you literally are "Talos" but considering that previous Shezzarine's have all been individual people who've just been mindful of how they are unique I'd say they could add some nice explanation for 'How' you are Dragonborn and what this means in conjunction to your concluding travel to Sovngarde. I am all up for debating this but: People have often interpreted the Dragonborns story as you being Akatosh's champion who punishes Alduin for bothering all the mortals and not staying dedicated to his role as world-eater. I don't think this really is the case as there was no real Dragonborn for the centuries that Alduin harassed the people of Skyrim except maybe Miraak (Though I believe he wasn't really Dragonborn in the same way that you the Player is), and that was at the end of his reign. I'd like to push the theory that this is really Lorkhan's champion who defeats a fragment of Akatosh who harasses what is Lorkhan's chosen people, Men. Shor found a fondness for men, (Nords) and while other races may also reach Sovngarde it was primarily designed to encompass what a "Nord Paradise" would look like. Essentially a life free of hard toil and endless caskets of mead and partying. Its a Nordic Afterlife and it takes a hard life prevailed through an honorable lifetime to reach it, though other cultures have their own afterlives which also requires an honorable life. Such as the Redguards Far-Shores. (Though honestly.. considering Redguards are just men from a different Kalpa, it is possible that Far Shores is a reference to Sovngarde in a previous Kalpa). Also considering how Alduin dies in Sovngarde and his spirit is consumed by.. something. Not much unlike how Miraak steals your dragonsouls, Alduin's spirit is pulled away from you towards the sky. Is it Shor acquiring power to return? Is it Akatosh taking back Alduin's power? Is it Alduin escaping his physical shell back to Nirn? Honestly its not something I want to speculate about in the quest itself but it adds an interesting dynamic to the story. 
    Quest plot:
    We should also address some of the odd choices perpetrated by the main villain in Skyrim. For one, Alduin attacks Helgen. It is highly ironic that Alduin swoops down and rescues you a fracture of a second before your head would be lying in a basket. (I'd imagine the look on his face when he realizes he just saved the one destined to destroy him. Whoops). We can see that Alduin stares at you as he initiates his attack which allows you to escape. Alduin is not an ordinary dragon, he cannot be slain by anyone but the Dragonborn, one could also speculate that the excess jagged scales on his body makes him nearly impenetrable by normal weapons. Dragonrend should play a pivotal role in defeating Alduin, which forces him to accept the concept of mortality for some time - and not just a shout meant to make Dragons land so you can attack them. Taking all of this into perspective it is difficult to believe that Alduin wouldn't instantly fly off and attack whatever settlement he comes across as he revives his dragon brethren. Think about it, he can't be killed, and his goal appears to be to continue his tyrannical reign over the Nords / Or eat the world. He doesn't need an army of dragons to do this, and his arrogance should technically make attacking a village too much of a temptation for him to ignore... Unless there is a reason which we'll get into.
    Alduin correctly identifies you as Dragonborn when you later meet him with Delphine near Kynesgrove, in other words he knows who you are. It could be argued that he attacked Helgen to get at 'You', your a threat to this plans, but he doesn't seem as inclined to get at you later on. Considering he didn't kill you at Helgen, he kept throwing his brethren at you and didn't seem too interested in even validating your existence before much later- when obtaining Dragonrend which tells me that your ability to consume his kin's souls doesn't really bother him too much. Its first after you obtain an ability that can directly threaten him that he decides to confront you.
    So why...

    Well the idea I want to go on is that Alduin wishes to utilize you for his own gains. Before his banishment by the Nord heroes, Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old, and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, he was fighting a civil war against the Nords. It should be pointed out that various of his Dragon-priests had shirked their loyalty and devotion to Alduin and did not come to his aid during this final confrontation on the top of the Throat of the World. Despite how powerful Alduin is compared to his brethren there could have been many dragons who questioned his right to reign over them. Remember Dragons by their very nature is meant to dominate, not be subjugated. This is only possible when the Dragon has to realize that it has no other choice. One example of a Dragon who did turn on Alduin was Parthunax, and as much as I want to believe that he did it for the sake of humanity, I have strong doubts. Kyne coerced Parthunax into changing sides and this was 'Wayyyy' before the days of Jurgen Windcaller who taught the way of the Voice which Parthunax keeps attributing as a source for good which could help his brethren in overcoming their ways. If Parthunax turned on Alduin then it is likely there were others, other dragons which Alduin wants punished. Mirmulnir, the first dragon you kill in the main story was not a dragon revived by Alduin but someone who had survived since the Dragon Wars, and so there could be others. And so simply 'Not reviving them' should not be enough to Alduin. A being capable of erasing them from existence, now that is proper, and permanent punishment that I'd think Alduin in his arrogance would want to apply to the traitor dragons. 
    You are therefor tolerated, for now, by Alduin who will occasionally turn his brethren on you simply to keep his brethren loyal. It would be catastrophic for his reign if his revived dragons turned on him as they learn that he is keeping someone capable of consuming their immortal souls alive and kicking. It could also be made a point of argument that Odahviing tells the Dragonborn that there have been Dragons doubting the legitimacy for Alduin to rule, though this came about first after the Dragonborn defeated him on top of the Throat of the World, it could also be argued that these doubts have been lingering since the Dragon Wars where he was also defeated.

    Alduin through out the Main Quest appears as this enemy you can see here and there, hear about, but rarely ever interact with. He should play a more personal role in the story, he should have in stages of the story open dialogue with the Dragonborn, as well as other battles which only play its part in proving how important it is to learn of a way to defeat him. 'Dragonrend'.
    The story should have you working a lot more closely with the Blades, who exist as your personal army. Sky-Haven should act as your personal stronghold where you gather your allies to occasionally hunt dragons. Bethesda handled this rather poorly in my opinion. You obtain this stronghold, you can gather companions to serve the blades and even go dragon-hunting, but this all serves as an optional activity. The only purpose it served in the main story was to discover Alduin's Wall and learn that you need a shout to defeat Alduin. By working more closely with the Blades this makes the threat Delphine makes of not working with you anymore unless you kill Parthunax a lot more credible. You've built a private army to kill dragons and keep Skyrim safe. You've also attracted the attention of the Thalmor which I will get into later. While its unknown to you, you go hunt dragons with your blades and discover the locations/prisons of dragons who turned on Alduin and kill them. Here I want to utilize new area's you can discover. You also fight against the dragon-cult which is quickly gaining momentum in Skyrim with the return of the Dragons. 
    This being just a short synopsis of the story which is not meant to handle the micro-details: 
    You confront and fight the cult at various instances through out the story and the cult isn't really erased before after you've obtained Dragonrend which leads to a fight with its leader before you head to Skuldafn. 

    You explore new area's which often has significant history linked to the Dragon Wars or Alduin's ancient tyrannical rule. These area's include mountainous valleys within the Velothi, Jerall and Dragontail Mountains, observing events back in time such as the beginning of the Dragon Wars. Which lends itself into making these heroes, Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old, and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt a bit more recognizable when you enter Sovngarde. If we could have you interact with them outside of Sovngarde and Time-travel then that'd be great too. And finally more mainland locations such as caves, sewers, etc...
    You gather more allies which join the Dragonborn, likely the Blades. I also want characters which you interact with in the main quest to have more to do with your story, such as Lydia which otherwise only acts as a daft backpack, instead of your loyal Housecarl who accompanies you on your journey. 
    While I'm not 100% sure if I want to go through with this, I think Parthunax and the Greybeards should die. You are ordered by Delphine to kill Parthunax or the Blades wont serve you, and (duh) you usually can't bring yourself to do this, and find the decision unfair. Why I'm such a fan of the Parthunax Dilemma mod . But considering how you've now had a chance to have your feelings on the subject hardened, nothing could then be worse then having your sworn enemy, Alduin killing Parthunax upon the time of you learning of how Alduin has been using you, it gets even worse considering how you consume the souls of dead dragons, which would then include Parthunax. The Greybeards are themselves seen as loyal followers of Parthunax and it stands to reason that Alduin would want them destroyed as well considering he wants the denizens of Skyrim to serve him, and not anyone else. Destroying the High Hrothgar would also further push the concept that Alduin stands as a very real threat and he has now killed off people who have helped you through out the story. The "I killed your Master" trope. Not to go all Star Wars on this, but this shouldn't necessarily take these characters out of the story. Perhaps you could find a way to commune with the spirits of the Greybeards who will continue to instruct you as you begin to conclude the story. Naturally for this to happen the peace summit at High Hrothgar would have to be fast forwarded to somewhere before the Dragonrend shout is learned, and Parthunax would have to teach you about this shout somehow without or before he is killed off. I highly doubt he could as a dragon soul you have just consumed interact with you. (although you are technically carrying all the souls of the dead dragons within you.. Food for thought).
    The Peace Summit itself is held because Jarl Balgruuf refuses to let you cage a dragon in his city with a civil war raging in the land. Obviously this would need to be changed. The Peace Summit could instead be held as the Jarls of Skyrim begin to notice the growing influence and power of the Dragoncult. Fearing this challenge to their power and occasional battles being fought in the streets they all have legitimate reasons to want a truce while they consolidate their power over their own regions- pulling more men back to their cities to keep order- etc...
    It could also be a worthwhile suggestion that they learn that Alduin grows stronger by devouring the dead and that the Civil War thereby fuels his power... Personally I prefer the former suggestion more.

    Once the High Hrothgar Peace Summit is over, the Thalmor should be taking steps against the Blades. Having a battle at Skyhaven where those you have recruited help you defend the stronghold and can potentially die adds a nice dynamic to the story. A return to the Thalmor Embassy and taking out Elenwen who otherwise vanish from the story after this peace summit would also be a nice way of concluding a characters part in the story. This should not mean the end of the Thalmors presence in Skyrim but it should be significantly weakened by this action.
    Now Alduin has fled to Sovngarde where he devours the spirits of slain Warriors. I always kind of liked this aspect of the story as it shows that while Alduin is a fragment of Akatosh, Akatosh being a god who led the other Divines against Lorkhan and killed him, has no problem going into his realm and in a mocking fashion devouring his followers.
    Sovngarde should be an expansive area to overcome before reaching the Halls of Valor. Instead of a fork in the road leading to the same destination it should encompass other area's which are hidden in the mist. Forests, caves, even fortresses. We can see in the concept art by Adam Adamowicz that Sovngarde was originally not just this tiny valley but also other area's the Dragonborn would have to overcome to reach his destination. Sovngarde should contain many characters you've interacted with in your playthrough and not just the choice-few that Bethesda assigned to the area. If Delphine dies she should be found there, as should Rogvir who said he'd go there but... was nowhere to be found... Odd. As far as its impact on the story it should really impact you as the end of a long road. This is the final grind and where everything concludes. As you traverse Sovngarde you should find aspects of Alduin now and then, as well as other enemy obstacles that seek to test your merit as you cross the land of the dead. Reaching the Halls of Valor you have your ordinary battle with Tsun, which arguably could be lengthened a bit, and your dialogue with the three heroes, who at this point you've met before. Perhaps up for debate but: There should be other spirits following you to face Alduin, you ought to fight alongside Ysgramor, Olaf One-Eye etc... You've clawed your way to be in a position to fight alongside heroes you've heard about while traveling the land. Perhaps some could be questlocked. Like: If you haven't defeated Olaf One-Eye during the Bards College Quest he wont fight with you, or... If your not Harbringer of the Companions then Ysgramor/Kodlak wont fight with you, etc... I felt the charge to the outside was a bit rushed, you ought to be able to tell the warriors when to head out, and not have them awkwardly run out while your trying to sit in Shor's Throne oblivious of what they are doing. 

    After you've dispelled the mist you fight Alduin, up for debate: But perhaps Tsun could join the battle? 
    You fight him for a bit before he takes flight and you and the spirits fighting with you need to find him in the area's you had to traverse to get to the Halls of Valor. You split up; bad idea, and some spirits get eaten, you have to keep finding and fighting him until its only you and Alduin left. When you've defeated him he ought to take flight and land at a secluded area that you need to reach through a separate dungeon. While I personally just want there to be a long stairway, some strange glowing lights and some sort of epic music in the background, I am open for puzzles, or.. enemies or what have you. When you finally reach Alduin he is too wounded to fight back and after a short exchange of words you get the option on how to end this. You can join his side, I want at this point just this to be a narration ending with a quicksave on before-hand. You don't actually get to play afterwords but you get to say "Atleast I got an optional ending?". Or you can kill him, thereby slaying one-fourth of Akatosh. While it is implied that Alduin might return at the end of time I highly doubt this. You don't consume his soul, but if you look closely-- something does. Is it the original Akatosh.. is it Shor? You don't really know but we know that Divines can't really leave Nirn, they are stuck. Alduin could and when you slay him his spirit doesn't really have the rest of Akatosh to unite with. I would wager that Alduin's spirit was either now lost or consumed by something else, either way this means the end of the end and the progression of linear time will now go on indefinitely. Either-way this should be known to you at this point and this should make some impact on your decision. You are effectively ending the possibility of future kalpa's. I also want there to be some sort of explosion upon his death which knocks you out and allows you to in perhaps a white lit environment re-unite with the Greybeards and Parthunax and have some exchange of words. It could be implied that the explosion killed you and that this released all the souls you had devoured but that you might return to life, and it should be heavily implied that Alduin's death also released whatever souls he had devoured. You could therefor have the chance of an extra choice of ending and choose to remain dead and thereby have another narrated ending with a quicksave before the decision. Or you can choose to return to life. This also means we can utilize Parthunax's end dialogue where he doesn't rejoice with Alduin's death as well as speaks of how he will make sure the other Dragons hears of the way of the Voice. This doesn't mean he is alive again but that he has found a way to interact with other dragons from beyond death. (This sounds far fetched but I recall that a girl in Rorikstead speaks of a White Old Dragon who communes with her in her dreams, Parthunax might therefor be special among dragons.... or the girl might just have a convenient imagination).
    Upon awaking I think you should awake within the Halls of Valor and when the people cheer in your honor, it... shouldn't just be your rag-tag-group outside the hall. ... That was probably the biggest let down of the entire game, just the failure to act upon the moment and make it more memorable. By being cheered on by all of the spirits in the hall and allowing you to walk about the hall and speak to the dead who celebrate before asking Tsun to send you back ought to be a nice conclusion to the story.

    As you return you still get the dragons mourning Alduins defeat and Odahviing swearing his loyalty to you. 

    Multiple Endings and Their Consequences:

    Dragoncult in the Jerall's:

    The Dragonborn fails to convince the villagers of turning away from the Dragoncult thereby acquiring a base of operation.
    The Dragonborn succeeds in convincing the villagers that the Dragoncult is wicked and needs to be fought.

    Ritual of the Dragon:

    The Dragonborn fails to convince a fraction of the Dragoncult to switch sides and is forced to slay them.
    The Dragonborn succeeds to convince a fraction of the Dragoncult to switch sides and drinks dragon blood as a signing of this pact.

    The Dragoncult attacks the village:

    The Dragonborn does not slay the Imperial forces.
    The Dragonborn slays the Imperial forces prompting Conditional B.

    Conditional B(Dragonborn killed the Imperial forces at the village):

    The Dragonborn fights his way past the Dragoncult and confronts their leaders alone or alongside Delphine.
    The Dragonborn retreats prompting Delphine to stay behind and get killed. This prompts Conditional C.

    Imperial Captain Arrival(Conditional: The Dragonborn has the villagers on his side and a fraction of the dragoncult switched sides):

    The Dragonborn does turn away the arrivals thereby prompting them to freeze to death (only possible if the villagers are on your side).
    The Dragonborn allows the Imperials inside which prompts a massacre.

    Imperial Captain Arrival(Conditional: The Dragonborn has the villagers on his side, slayed the fraction of the Dragoncult):

    The Dragonborn does turn away the arrivals thereby prompting them to freeze to death (Only possible if the villagers are on your side).
    The Dragonborn allows the Imperials inside which makes the village a garrison town.

    The Battle with the Cult(Conditional: The Imperial Forces aren't dead):

    The Dragonborn fights alongside the Imperials against the Dragoncult.
    The Dragonborn flee's prompting Delphine to stay behind and die with the Imperials. This prompts Conditional C.

    Conditional C(Delphine died at the village):

    The Dragonborn convinces Esbern to help him locate Skyhaven Temple, and infiltrates the Thalmor Embassy without Delphine's Help. No Blades.
    The Dragonborn kills Esbern and discovers the location of Skyhaven Temple through a book, and infiltrates the Thalmor Embassy without Delphine's Help. No Blades.

    Confrontation with the Cult Leader(Conditional: The Dragonborn didn't retreat):

    The Dragonborn kills the Cult Leader.
    The Dragonborn sends the Cult Leader with the Imperial Captain for a trial(She is really just executed outright).
    The Dragonborn allows the Cult Leader to leave prompting Conditional D.

    Imperial Captain(Conditional: The Dragonborn didn't kill the Imperials or retreat and killed the Cult Leader):

    The Imperial Captain joins the Dragonborn and Delphine.
    The Dragonborn declines the captain's offer and either kills him or allows him to leave.

    The Orc Scavanger(Conditional: The Dragonborn didn't retreat):

    The Dragonborn kills the Orc Scavanger and his band.
    The Dragonborn doesn't fight the Orc Scavanger and doesn't kill him.
    The Dragonborn fights and spares the Orc Scavanger.
    The Dragonborn allows the Orc Scavanger to join him/her and Delphine.

    The Blades(Conditional: Delphine is still alive):

    The Dragonborn helps rebuild the Blades by adding companions and others into its ranks.
    The Dragonborn refuses to help rebuild the Blades and the Blades struggle to rebuild it themselves.

    High Hrothgar Peace Summit:

    The Dragonborn helps establish a truce between the Stormcloaks and Imperials at the cost of a few select Jarls loosing their thrones.
    The Civil War is over and the Peace Summit is skipped.
    The Dragonborn fails establish a truce between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials and must overcome extra quest sections against the Dragoncult.

    The Redguard BladeDancer and Bosmer Archer(Conditional: Delphine is alive, Imperial Captain is alive):

    The Dragonborn recruits the enthusiasts to the Blades.
    The Dragonborn turns them away.
    The Dragonborn kills them.

    The Nord Challenger. 

    The Dragonborn kills the Nord Challenger in the Velothi Mountains.
    The Dragonborn recruits the Nord Challenger and his band of warriors into the Blades. (Provided Delphine is alive)
    The Dragonborn spares the Nord Challenger and sends him away.
    The Dragonborn refuses the challenge and earns a reputation of shame and dishonor.

    The Altmer insider(Conditional: Recruited the Redguard Bladedancer and Bosmer Archer):

    The Dragonborn utilizes the insider to gain access to the dragoncult. (Helps you find your way inside and bypass obstacles)
    The Dragonborn kills the insider. (Makes the dragoncult that much harder to bypass and the risk of Frothar dying is that much higher)
    The Dragonborn doesn't want to utilize the insider. 
    The Dragonborn utilizes the insider to gain access to the Dragoncult and then kills him. 
    The Dragonborn utilizes the insider to gain access to the Dragoncult and then recruits him to the blades. (Provided Delphine is alive)

    The Rescue:

    The Dragonborn fails to rescue Frothar from being sacreficed to the Dragoncult. (Battle with the dragon boss is a lot harder, Balgruuf will be upset)
    The Dragonborn manages to rescue and spirit away Frothar from the Dragoncult. (Additional reward from Balgruuf)

    The Argonian  Assassin(Conditional: Dragonborn recruited the Imperial Captain):

    The Dragonborn slays the Argonian Assassin.
    The Dragonborn interrogates the Argonian Assassin and then kills her.
    The Dragonborn interrogates the Argonian Assassin and then lets her go.
    The Dragonborn interrogates the Argonian Assassin and then recruits her.
    The Dragonborn interrogates the Argonian Assassin and then imprisons her.

    The Imperial Captain Unveiled as Desertor(Conditional: The Dragonborn interrogated the Argonian Assassin and recruited the Imperial Captain):

    The Dragonborn executes the Imperial Captain.
    The Dragonborn forgives and keeps the Imperial Captain in the Blades.
    The Dragonborn exiles the Imperial Captain.
    The Dragonborn imprisons the Imperial Captain.
    The Dragonborn allows the Argonian Assassin to kill the Imperial Captain.
    The Dragonborn sends the Imperial Captain to an Imperial Camp and forces him to confess his crimes which leads to summary execution.

    Infiltrating the Dragoncult of the Dragontail Mountains:

    The Dragonborn kills the Khajiit thief and Dunmer wizard who offered up information regarding the cult location.
    The Dragonborn accepts the information but sends the Khajiit and Dunmer away afterwords.
    The Dragonborn recruits the Khajiit thief and Dunmer wizard to the Blades.

    Parthunax Dilemma:
    The Dragonborn slays Parthunax (Thus do not get a re-union with Parthunax and the Greybeards at the ending. Prompting Conditional E)
    The Dragonborn does not kill Parthunax. (Does not win back the Blades. Parthunax and the Greybeards greet the Dragonborn at the ending)
    The Dragonborn does not kill Parthunax. (Does win back the Blades. Parthunax and the Greybeards greet the Dragonborn at the ending)

    The Redguard Bladedancer's love for the Bosmer Archer(Conditional: You recruited them and both have made friends with both):

    The Dragonborn helps the Redguard win the heart of the Bosmer.
    The Dragonborn destroys any chance the man has at winning the heart of the Bosmer.
    The Dragonborn steals the Bosmer for himself/herself.

    The Breton Synod(Conditional: The Dragonborn either killed Parthunax or won back the Blades loyalty):

    The Dragonborn recruits the Breton Synod to the Blades.
    The Dragonborn slays the Breton Synod.
    The Dragonborn sends the Breton Synod away.

    Alduin reveals his plan and reasons that the Dragonborn has to die:

    The Dragonborn escapes Alduin's wrath at the cost of Parthunax sacreficing himself. (Provided you didn't kill Parthunax)
    The Dragonborn escapes Alduin's wrath at the cost of Delphine's life. (Provided you killed Parthunax)

    Conditional E(The Dragonborn killed Parthunax):

    The Dragonborn does not seek out the spirits of the Greybeards and learns of Dragonrend through a vision in a dream sent forth by Parthunax.
    The Dragonborn seeks out the spirits of the Greybeards and is turned away, still learns of Dragonrend through a vision in a dream by Parthunax.

    The Visions of Fissurs(The Dragonborn did not kill Parthunax):

    The Dragonborn does not seek out the spirits of the Greybeards and learns of Dragonrend through a vision in a dream sent forth by Parthunax.
    The Dragonborn seeks out the spirits of the Greybeards and is turned away, still learns of Dragonrend through a vision in a dream by Parthunax.
    The Blades Multiple Endings:
    The Blades are all killed by the Thalmor. You can find the Blades in Sovngarde.
    The Blades defeat the Thalmor invasion.
    The Blades defeat the Thalmor invasion and sack the Thalmor Embassy effectively killing off Elenwen.
    The Dragonborn helps the Thalmor kill off the Blades- The Thalmor then betrays the Dragonborn forcing you to kill them and Elenwen.

    Return to the Thalmor Embeassy(Conditional: The Blades have survived):

    The Dragonborn spares Elenwen allowing her to leave Skyrim for Alinor.
    The Dragonborn kills Elenwen.
    The Dragonborn imprisons Elenwen.

    Sovngarde Multiple Endings:
    The Dragonborn spares Alduin for the sake of a new Kalpa which encourages Alduin to achieve its purpose and eat the world. (narrated conclusion)
    The Dragonborn decides to remain dead upon defeating Alduin and as such ends the story. (narrated conclusion)
    The Dragonborn returns to life and to the lands of living and so the Dragonborns adventures continues. (The story continues)

    Includes facing off with cults worshiping the Dragons, both loyal and opposed to Alduin.

    Includes a confrontation between the Thalmor and the Blades.

    Includes 9 custom characters who all represent one race. The Dragonborn is free to turn any of them aside but by keeping them they provide background stories, possible additional quests, marriage and stage conditionals.

    Skyhaven Temple should be upgradeble and each upgrade can hold a function when defending the stronghold from the Thalmor.

    Includes multiple endings.

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  14. Galandil added a post in a topic Solitude   

    I apologize for the late response. Mid-exams
    I can't remember if I've actually posted this here yet, since it'll be very late into development but I have done some brainstorming with some of the team members regarding this. I don't want to get too much into the details but the idea is to create continuations for some of the Skyrim vanilla guilds that just didn't really conclude in a satisfying way. In the case of the college of Winterhold the story left more questions unanswered then I had when I started, and the plan is to continue on this quest line once we have a more solid base to work out from. So late development. Part of the plot has to do with the great collapse and spoiler: There was magic protecting the college of Winterhold. I like the idea of having this being discussed, anyone who looks at the bridge to the college for instance would instantly feel un-easy walking across it, something keeps it standing and as for Solitude, which has no such protection it should be a known concern to anyone in the architects guild that the city might collapse under its own weight one day unless measures are taken. (it would honestly not surprise me if we in a future elder scrolls game hear about how solitude collapsed into the "Fjord").
    We talked about this privately and I still disagree with this. I can agree that it can feel cramped but I also think that it was otherwise a rather wasted space. Its empty. I feel the bakery makes for a good fit, as for the jewelry, it might stick a little from the wall but I feel it makes the area feel less empty. While the stands themselves do form a strange road up to the bakery and stand a little close to one another, as well as the people selling their wares might feel a little close to the well, I happen to prefer it this way. It makes for a cozy marketplace. If I were to move the jewelry store I wouldn't know where I could place it, and I am definitely not going to remove it.

    I also feel that it is out of the question to move the market stalls as an optional solution. I've seen a few other city overhauls take this rout, even in other places such as Whiterun and it doesn't just feel too convinient to have them tossed around the main road but it also feels like a mess.
    I haven't posted the idea's I have for overhauling the Civil War quest-line just yet. (make it more story-driven and less charge the fortress'ish). When it comes to creating more visual representation of the horrors of war- well... an example of a game that does this would obviously be the Witcher 3 where everywhere you turn you either see a man who's been hanged or a corpse lying in a ditch. This may either add or detract to the over-all gaming experience. Because of this I believe the best solution to this, because lets face it: There is a war going on and you'd likely stumble upon the odd battlefield, hanged deserters or other indications of a war being fought in the land; Is to keep it radiant and to significantly increase its rate when the Dragonborn joins either the Imperials or the Stormcloaks. My reasons for wanting to do it this way is two-fold: The land of Skyrim is experienced as this vast and beautiful world, because of this it would be marred if there were corpses everywhere at all times. It also goes without saying that while soldiers are camped and/or mostly stick to cities that whoever they hang or whoever gets killed out in the wilderness or on the road would eventually be removed- either by starved animals, scavengers or simply people who pass by who want to give the guy a proper burial. The last reason is that I think it would make a whole lot of sense considering that the Civil War doesn't really heat up before after the Jagged Crown is recovered for either side and up to that point the Imperials and the Stormcloaks have been fighting skirmishes and not really the full fledged battles that they would fight later on. So finding bodies of dead combatants say out in a field shouldn't be as common as something you constantly keep bumping into, and as for battles being fought: Well... there are mods that already does that, and come to think of it.. I think the vanilla game does this as well. We could always try to add some more of these kind of skirmishes into the radiant events but I wouldn't want it to be a thing that happens too often. 
    Refugee's is something I'd thought to come across a lot more in Skyrim yeah, but there are two problems I can see with your idea.
    1: The Solitude area over all is already too crowded. The docking area stretch quite far and then there's the Emperor's ship from the Dark Brotherhood quest-line which also hosts a lot of soldiers. I hope that this camp would be far enough away for it not to impact the area.
    2: Zaric Zhakaron in his "What if Skyrim was good" touched upon how Skyrim is technically a horribly freezing wasteland with very little food to go around. The only really productive farmland would be in the reach (lol), and Jarl's would often play minor wars and skirmishes against one another to get at each-others grain supply. Now the Skyrim we got is in my opinion a much better representation of a Nordic fantasy land, it has nice variation in the environment between each hold and the majority of Skyrim's population that you would come across would be farmers, and not hardy Nord warrior barbarians, which means the Nords have found a way to grow crops just about everywhere. Still, I want to keep the dilemma's of war visible, while its easy to add a few dialogues here and then which touch upon, it doesn't really mean anything if you have a bunch of tents set up outside and wet nurses handing out soup. Now when you take in refugee's you need to provide for them, if there's not enough food or coin to be thrown around then you end up with a difficult problem. Normally how you'd solve this is that you expect people who come to you for protection would be willing to work extra hard to benefit the hosts. In a war situation I'd imagine that would involve being added to the standing army - Or you turn them away... I cannot really fathom why/how people from all over Skyrim would claw their way all the way to Haafingar just to set up a camp near the lighthouse, its to me far more probable that they'd either head towards their distant cousins/distant families homes somewhere else, or they'd be conscripted to fight for one side or the other. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to having a camp set up, but I must be honest... I kind of feel this should be radiant too, as the Civil War hasn't really heated up yet with city sieges and the likes before the Dragonborn decides to get involved- and while I imagine Imperials/Stormcloaks burning down farms who are suspected of aiding the "Wrong" side. I hightly doubt that farmer would then head all the way to Solitude to live by the lighthouse. He'd/she'd either not survive the journey, head to distant family, or join the war to get revenge. 

    3: As for Refugee's fleeing the dragons. Well... I'd imagine it would end up the same way. Your a refugee fleeing for sanctuary in the time of war. Either leave the country for greener pastures or expect conscription or be turned aside.
    4: I have no problem with your radiant event suggestion
    I have considered for a very long time now about adding extra garrison area's around Castle Dour. There is an empty alley near the alchemy shop and winking skeever where I am considering adding a gate to this area. It would need to be in its own cell due to the number of NPCs but it could be nice adding a military district with lots of legionnaire's and etc...
    I don't really see why there'd be a bunch of tents in the middle of the castle garrison. Solitude itself is a castle city, and I've added many towers and other military buildings both on the walkway as well as within the main gate which are accessible. Finding room for soldiers to sleep shouldn't be an issue. We could however add tents and such when the civil war heats up just to show that the Imperials have conscripted a lot of new volunteers to help in the war effort. Otherwise I'd wager that troops are stretched a little thin across the land. 
    I kind of figured in my Civil War idea that if you happen to join the Legion you get a cot within one of the towers in the walkway.
    You don't? The bard college? The Amphitheater? The very unique stonework and clearly Imperial/Breton influenced architecture? 
    You bump into bards and other people linked to the college all of the time. Holds does already add a bunch of academics, everything from Scholars, alchemists to bards and other professions. They do occupy bars but also have other routines
    Before more modern writing made it to Scandinavia stories and the likes were mostly passed around through storytelling and songs. And while Skyrim does clearly have writing, I'd say its a cultural traditional thing and that the Bards do hold a very important function in the Nordic society.
    We could definitely do with some banter being thrown around by the scholars and other POI added in Holds.

    While I do want there to be something of the sort, black horse courier to me is a Cyrodiil thing. I'd expect Skyrim to have its own implementation or not at all. I do think it could be cool to work for a writer/scholar or someone from Cyrodiil representing the Black Horse Courier if it even still exists (I'll have to ask someone on the Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil team about that), who utilizes you to go uncover and make observations and report back to him/her so he/she can write about it. Perhaps you could even bring back various false observations and thereby have the book changed significantly. (Me and Alfred have discussed this in the past concerning his author character who'd pose an interview to the Dragonborn.. A little FO4'ish but cool non-the-less). 

    The Adoring Fan's grandson I kind of want to have a characteristic appearance if you fight in the Windhelm Pits.   But I don't see why a guy like that can't have multiple appearances.
    The Solitude Exterior; Docks and the walkway is already too heavy for some people. There is still a crash related issue in the area that I suspect has to do with memory. So adding even more buildings and homes would not only feel like excess at this point (Its 3 times the size of the modded Falkreath), but also very counter-productive for the game stability. Unless we can stabilize to the point where I believe it can be do-able. Another issue is that the land on the western side of the East Empire Warehouse is very un-even and leave very little space near the road for buildings.
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  15. Galandil added a post in a topic Voice Actress - Druundev   

    Hello, Thats quite a resume! I have checked out your Soundcloud and I'd be happy to have you along. The Dialogues and quests for Holds are still very much in development and it will be some time before we'll be ready to have the lines voice acted. We operate mainly out of Skype and share idea's and concepts here on this sub-forum. 

    If you prefer I could contact you here when we are ready to have the lines voiced, or you can join us on Skype its up to you

    Either way I look forward to be working with you.
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