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  1. Moot/Peace Summit: Imperial Victory(Epilogue)

    While the Dragonborn is semi-all-powerful-hero character who can become Thane of every hold, the Dragonborn is not a Jarl, hence making his candidacy as potential King of Skyrim very inappropriate. We could spin it that Elisif was in fact a lesser noble, and her marriage to Torygg therefor makes it a continuation of trend. However- it should also be noted that Elisif is a woman, and while it will trigger people to hear it: Medieval societies were very patriarchal and woman were considered to be of less value then a man. In courtly manners the Queen's role was to assist her husband in rule, but never to override him, and to grant him children. Skyrim is a fantasy land that has thrown gender-roles and sexist-remarks to the winds, at least on the surface. I'd still wager that in courtly manners it would still draw inspiration from real world history, this also makes things more interesting. For players who are offended by this, it allows a narrative for them to struggle against these power-structures, and for everyone else it simply becomes interesting trivia and lore to be immersed in. Elisif marrying the Dragonborn could in a political sense invalidate her claims to the throne, at least that is how political opposition will spin it. Elisif's claim is through her husband, and while I still want her to be able to ascend the throne without a husband, it would be very beneficial for her to take a husband who holds real tangible power. The marriage idea is also something I wanted to add as a way for the player to secure Elisif's throne. These Jarl's rule land, the Dragonborn does not. Now I think Skyrim players would go nuts over the chance to rule Skyrim, either as a female character marrying Ulfric Stormcloak, or as a male character marrying Elisif, the ego-boost to surpass any other ego-boost. However I still think this is a bad idea. For one: The King or queen of Skyrim would be absent from court out exploring caves and being widely accosted by guards who have no idea who he is... Imagine.. The King of Skyrim arrested for picking a flower in the wrong house.
  2. These concepts are only available if the Dragonborn sided with the Imperial's in the Civil War. The choices the player makes through out the story-line will heavily affect the outcome. In this political capital is key, which is simply the story paying attention to how often you have to ask for favors and support during the war itself. These favors will be asked to be repaid in the Moot, which can make the player powerless to steer the moot's outcome. There is also the influence the player has had on many of the key-characters who attend the moot, such as General Tullius, Jarl Elisif and Jarl Balgruuf, among others. What the player may have said to these characters to influence their decisions may either help or hinder their political maneuvering in the Moot and peace summit. The Peace Summit can only be called if the war ends with a stand-still. For the Imperial's this means that the Empire views the war as too costly and decides to end it diplomatically. This could also be seen as the Empire evaluating the option of giving up on the province all together. This should be seen as failing the Civil war, just as the moot is a victory. However, it is still possible to cause a clear victory in the peace summit. The decisions formed through out the civil war will be critical for these ending chapters. These ending chapters will form up the basis for the epilogue of the province, and will heavily affect in what state the Civil War leaves Skyrim in. Concept: The Civil War is over with an Imperial victory, thanks in large part to the Dragonborn. However, depending upon the Dragonborn's choices through out the Civil War, the Civil War's ending can vary, and its not set in stone it leads to a Moot, despite a victory in the end. A moot scenario requires a clear victory which ends with Ulfric's death during or after a short captivity in the Windhelm siege. With Ulfric's death the moot can begin. If Ulfric however is killed during a peace-talk, slain unjustly through assassination or in any way that makes his death look dishonorable for the Imperial side, then a moot will not convene due to an unstable province which breaks into Civil conflict due to the masses once again rising up. If he the Civil War ends with a stand-still and there is a peace-summit called in Dragonsreach, then the Moot can only be called if Ulfric is slain in single-combat under justful terms. If he is assassinated/poisoned or arrested by the Empire then this will cause the same scenario as above. Multiple Endings / Consequences: Peace Summit: The peace summit can only be called if the Civil War ends with a stand-still. This means that the Empire has decided that the conflict is too costly and thus offers a temporary truce to attempt to end the conflict diplomatically. This is in many ways one of the ways to fail the civil war. Whatever Holds you have captured or lost up until this point will remain under their respective rule, and their Jarl candidate, accompanied with a selective entourage count of Thane's will attend the Peace Summit. From here the Civil War can end in multiple ways, most of them un-favorable to the Empire, however an Imperial Victory is still possible(Though very costly). Ulfric Stormcloak Holmgang: This victory can only be achieved if the Dragonborn has the political capital available(Has not spent it all in the war which is nearly impossible), and also the respect of Ulfric Stormcloak. To achieve respect with Ulfric is very easy, you are the Dragonborn. The only way to dwindle his respect is by committing war-crimes, or allowing them during the Civil War. Challenging Ulfric to a duel can be done early during the negotiations, in which Ulfric will be honor bound to accept. Perhaps this is the more poetic ending, as the Civil War didn't truly begin before Ulfric challenged and defeated High King Torygg in a similar duel. It should be noted though that Ulfric can legally refuse this, but he will only do so if the Empire only holds less then 3 Holds in Skyrim, and the duels victor does not win the civil war, in fact he will demand this as a prize, hence why political capital is required. Otherwise he will accept. The Dragonborn may choose a champion to fight in his stead, it should be noted though that anyone he chooses is very likely to die. If the champion dies, then Ulfric has legally won the Civil War. If Ulfric dies, then it is required that the player was the one who fought for the duel to be considered honorable enough to prompt a moot later. If it was done by a champion, then his death will cause outrage and a moot will not be called. The province will simply be too unstable and descend into further conflict. Ulfric Stormcloak Arrested: During the peace summit it will be made clear to the Dragonborn if he has befriended several of the Imperial delegation present that there is a plot to ambush and capture Ulfric Stormcloak should the peace summit not go in the Empire's favor. This will only actually happen if the peace summit does not end in an agreement. It is actually possible for the player to side with the Stormcloaks at this point, if he or she still has the respect of Ulfric Stormcloak and warns him ahead of time. If the arrest fails, either with the players helping the Stormcloaks or simply by having the player not intervene when it happens which will cause it to fail, the action will be seen as very dishonorable which will even prompt the Imperial Jarl's to want to secede from the Empire. If the arrest succeeds then there is a standard Imperial Victory without a moot. The populace will be outraged by this and some of the Jarl's will question remaining with the Empire as it was seen as dishonorable. Still for the time being the province remains in Imperial control, without a clear future, and rebbelious elements festering making the province unstable. A moot will not be called if this is the case. Ulfric Stormcloak Assassination: Ulfric Stormcloak runs the risk of being taken down by a sinister plot, either by an assassins dagger, poison or the Dragonborn randomly killing him in anger. Either of these will cause the Jarl's of Skyrim to declare independence from the Empire, civil strife, and disunity among the Jarl's. A moot will not be called. Truce/Peace(Province Split): Due to the costs of the Civil War, if no plots are undertaken and the player does not challenge Ulfric to a Holmgang. The negotiations go naturally, then the chances of it ending with a truce/peace is very likely. The Empire will have to give up on holding Ulfric accountable, allow all the Stormcloak controlled Holds to have self-rule but promise military support to the Empire, though with independent command, an alliance. This ending does not lead to a moot, but Ulfric Stormcloak will become the un-easy ruler of half the province, with the Imperials being forced to increase their presence in the Imperial controlled Holds. This will severally weaken the Empire. Truce/Peace(Empire abandons Skyrim): Like in the province split Truce/peace option, this is likely to happen if the player doesn't directly intervene. The plots never unfold. If the Empire lost too much land during the Civil war and called the peace summit with less then 3 holds under their control, very little in resources and after committing many bad acts during the war and thus are seen as dishonorable, then the Empire could abandon Skyrim to its own devices. Thus giving a full Stormcloak victory. Moot: A moot will only be called if a Stormcloak or Imperial victory is assured in the honorable manner. This means either defeating the Stormcloaks or Imperials entirely and killing their faction leader, or by settling the Civil War honorably in other matters. These are clearly defined as not assassinating faction leader, not ending with a stand-still peace-summit ending either with a loss, or a unstable province. The Dragonborn can play a part in this process, or simply observe. It is also possible for Tullius to override the Moot entirely, forcing an elective result. This is only possible if the Empire stands at a near perfect victory, as well as its not discouraged by the Dragonborn. Siddgeir Victory(Thalmor Vassalization): This option becomes the result if the Dragonborn either supports this during the war, or has no political capital at the end to move against it. The Imperial Jarl's on the Western side of the Province have been knitting ties with the Thalmor ambassador Elenwen. If she is not killed in the main quest or the player has not reached this point yet, then she will be attending the moot. If she is dead, then an Ambassador from the Aldmeri Dominion will be attending. If Elenwen is the one who attends then the chances of the Thalmor subduing the Moot process and placing their candidate as High King is less likely then if the Ambassador attends, who will have a more threatening approach which will make it harder to convince the Jarl's to vote against it. This scenario only becomes clear if Siddgeir puts forth claims to the Throne, this is only possible if Elisif remains a weak ruler in the eyes of the other Jarl's, and the Imperial governor hasn't overwritten the Moot's process. Siddgeir will only make this decision public after he wins though, so up until then he seems like any other candidate. This decision will end with General Tullius getting executed, promise of Imperial retribution, Thalmor presence in Skyrim drastically increasing as well as the public rising up with small scale rebellions. An unstable province. The Imperial Jarl's however will be oddly open to this vassalization, at least from the starting Imperial Jarl's side, which make up half the delegation. This is because they have long been knitting ties, and while some see personal profit, others see this as whats best for their people. The Moot will then end with Siddgeir as High King, with Falkreath as its Capital. This is also only possible of Siddgeir is still alive at this point, Falkreath has not declared itself independent from both Skyrim and the Empire. The Dragonborn could kill Siddgeir upon learning of this which will cause the Imperial Martial Law ending. Balgruuf Victory: It is actually possible for Jarl Balgruuf to win the Moot, but only if you've made all the right decisions in the Civil War, and in influence. You have to leave Elisif weak and timid, you have to make sure Siddgeir is dead, and you have to have made Balgruuf actually want the throne. Do all of this and Balgruuf will be a candidate for the throne. Balgruuf will under these circumstances refuse to marry, which means you cannot sweeten-the-deal in your favor by marrying another candidate, thus doubling your chances for success. The only way for this to be possible is if a Weak Elisif offers her hand to Balgruuf if she is more likely to win, but at that point Balgruuf must not be influenced to desire the throne, thus making him as an independent candidate a mistake. If Balgruuf has grown resentful towards the Empire then he will declare independence upon being crowned. This will cause the Empire to promise retribution, but will leave Skyrim very unified and strong. If Balgruuf however still supports the Empire, then the Stormcloak discontent will continue along with strife, but Skyrim will be a stronger province with this choice. Strong Elisif Victory: If Elisif has been encouraged to be more independent and confident, and she wins the moot then she will be crowned High Queen. She will not take a husband, which will cause some instability in the province, as its a promise of future conflicts and power-grabs. Elisif will instead opt for selecting her successor personally, but lacking any direct heir's this will not be taken well by the other Jarl's. The Imperial presence in Skyrim will therefor have to increase. This victory is only possible of Tullius does not declare Martial Law. Weak Elisif Marriage Victory: If Elisif has not been encouraged to be more independent and confident, then she could offer her hand to seal the Moot with another powerful candidate to the throne. That is if she still is likely to win. If she chooses Siddgeir then this will once again prompt the possibility of an Aldmeri Vassalization. If she chooses Jarl Balgruuf which will prompt the possibility of the best ending for the province, depending on the players choices through out the Civil War, Balgruuf could lean towards independence from the Empire. This only happens if the Empire won a very costly victory, the empire won but committed clear war-crimes or fought dirty in the war, or the Empire failed in some way(Either by forcing peace summit or failed critical battles and events). If none of these happen then Balgruuf will still support the Imperials. The last possible worthy candidate is Jarl Igmund, this option will cause much unrest. Its the safest for Imperial control, but distaste for Igmund in the province, due to how he betrayed Ulfric marrs him as dishonorable among the populace, and yet very respectable and powerful among the nobility, largely due to his silver mines. Weak Elisif Victory: Weak Elisif victory will be the best option for an Imperial controlled Skyrim. Elisif will remain a political puppet and the Imperial's presence in Skyrim will dwindle. This victory will lead to civil unrest and strife. Igmund Victory: Igmund like Elisif is an Imperial puppet, but his victory will spark quite the outrage with the populace. Causing great civil strife. This will force a larger Imperial presence, a weakened Empire, and a weakened Skyrim. The only ones who will be happy with this victory will be the short-sighted nobility who will line their coffers as a result, and wait for the possibility of a power-grab. This arguably leaves Skyrim and the Empire in the worst possible position. Maven Blackbriar Victory: Maven Blackbriar is unsurprisingly a strong candidate in these negotiations, and it is very possible for her to win in the end. This is only possible if she is not dead or arrested, she must be Jarl of the Rift, and the choices the player has made must have in large part benefited her negotiations, such as speaking in her favor during the war, not letting her son die, etc... Her victory, if she favors the Empire will cause Imperial presence to increase a great deal, thus weakening the Empire. If she however favors the Thalmor, then the victory will have the same effect as Siddgeir's Thalmor vassalization. Either victory will cause a great deal of civil strife, however it will actually strengthen Skyrim's position in both economy and political stability. The populace however will be outraged which creates a promise of future conflicts. Maven however will be the kind of ruler who rules through might and threats, which shows some promise of stable control. Maven's victory will also prompt the Imperial Delegation victory, if she supports the Empire. Imperial Delegation Victory: Regardless of who wins the Moot, if the province does not get wrested from the Empire, and the Imperials won a costly victory then the Empire's supporters from outside the province will demand quite a lot from Skyrim's Jarls. This only becomes plainly obvious after the Moot is all but finished and the final votes are being cast. The last chapter in the process. The Empire had to call upon support from nobles outside of Skyrim which will demand land, property and wealth annually from the Province. This will cause anger and resentment among the Jarl's and could lead to a Moot's failure, in which case the Martial Law victory will be prompted. If this falls through then the possibilities are this ending with independence from the Empire, or civil unrest and strife, with Skyrim falling heavily in debt and under near-direct control and influence of the Empire(A very weakened Skyrim). This will dwindle Imperial presence in the province but introduce new characters who take over property. This will heavily affect the Thane's chain-quest line's. Imperial Martial Law: This ending is only possible of the Empire does not like the outcome of the Moot, or the Moot fails to reach a decision. The Empire supports Jarl Elisif, but if the Dragonborn has encouraged her to be more confident and independent, the Empire's victory was very costly, the player has very little political capital and the Dragonborn has encouraged a firmer stance to Tullius, then the General will demand Martial Law, and offset the Moot. This will cause the Jarl's to threaten Civil War to which the General will threaten replacing them with Imperial governors. This will leave the province without a local high-ruler, and instead with Tullius in command. The Imperial presence in Skyrim will drastically increase and depending on the player's actions some of the Jarl's could be replaced with governors. This is a bad outcome as it will spark more conflicts, and an unstable province, as well as a weakened Empire. Trivia: The candidates who do not want the throne themselves(or has zero chance of obtaining them are): Brina Merilis, Idgrod Ravencrone, Brunwulf Free-Winter and Kraldar. Brina Merilis will heavily support Imperial supporting candidates. If Elisif becomes too independent then Brina may choose to support someone else. Idgrod Ravencrone will surprisingly be more open towards supporting a candidate who will call for Skyrim's independence in the end. She will however never support Igmund, Siddgeir or Maven Blackbriar. Brunwulf Free-Winter will be supportive of Imperial candidates, however if Elisif becomes too independent then he will still support her, unlike Brina Merilis. He will not support her however if she is weak. He will however lean also heavily towards supporting Balgruuf if he desires the throne. Kraldar will be open to supporting any character. He will lean towards Igmund or Maven Blackbriar though which shows signs of possible political maneuvering from either of these two behind the scenes.
  3. Hey again KingMugli I've listened to your voices and can think of a few characters to use you for. As of right now the project is not ready to start applying voices, just yet. We have a great deal of dialogue implemented for the first dialogue and quest release, but it is not polished just yet. The roadmap right now is to wrap up version 0.0.9 which is the last leveldesign version of the project and to release it to the public. Once its released I'll start working on the quest and dialogue plugin. 0.0.9 will be the biggest update released, I want everything to be perfect, and Holds still has a few problems that people want fixed. You can check out the screenshots and progress here: As soon as there's work, I'll let you know. Feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/XnFvwzw
  4. Thanes of Skyrim

    Well he is a redguard. He probably understands the title as noble. Either way, in a nordic kingdom you would have to hold a position at court to own land, so be a Thane. He owns lands, has people working for him and as he says he earned his position by himself which is commendable I suppose. He does advice the Jarl, which means it is unlikely he is a minor noble. Nazeem is essentially a bit of a littlefinger who's trying to fit in boots too big for him, but somehow manages to walk the walk. That the guy perhaps blows himself up a bit to look down his nose at others... No one can deny that, but that his wife sleeps with a priest at the temple and talks crap behind his back, doesn't really negate his accomplishments.
  5. Thanes of Skyrim

    Nazeem is most likely a Thane Alfred. To be a landowner I assume he has to be noble, and while he lives in a bar in vanilla, in Holds we're adding the Whitesand manor which overlooks his farmland. The guy is wealthy and advices the Jarl. Seeing as Skyrim's political structure is very simplistic: High King > Jarl > Steward > Hersir/Thane > Priest > Housecarl > Weaponman > Peasant It wouldn't surprise me if he actually carries the title.
  6. 06/11/2017

    Speaking of new bridges: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91892
  7. 06/11/2017

    Sorry for the late response, I started a new job this week and have been very busy! @Tasheni: Hey Tasheni! I think perhaps a remodeling of the hay roofs to look more like proper Reed roofs would make them look perhaps a bit too refined. Dawnstar is supposed to feel very shabby and simple. The people thrive and seem to shrug off the cold, open windows, broken floors and very likely- not entirely air-tight ceilings. However.. The people are also masters of boat-building so I'd assume they'd find a way to make the roofs durable, at least to a degree. Honestly though: I'm kinda liking the plank-design and while adding hay would solve a lot of potential design-problems... It would also make the city look eerily similar to Morthal, and Falkreath. @Cailan: I've seen! Finally they are releasing a new Elder scrolls... In 2-3 years. Really happy to see they are going for a tropical setting, though a part of me hopes this isn't going to be another human province. While Hammerfell could be fun, Elsweyr would be completely alien, and it'd be nice to see the Aldmeri Dominion's perspective.
  8. 06/11/2017

    @Cailan Modding Skyrim has become a part of my daily routine, I have no intention of breaking from it. However there are times when I get stuck and I can't budge, a-kin to a writers-block. When that happens the best thing to do is to either work on something else or take a short break. I have every intention of finishing the project I liked the old Dawnstar too, but I agree with the criticism, it didn't feel like Skyrim. Now I was expecting Beyond Skyrim Illiac Bay to add snow-clad Breton cities in Northpoint, which I expected to look more or less like what I had... However upon looking at their map it does not appear to be the case, which is a bummer but I'm sure their project will be great either way. The problem with the flat-dark stone was that it was far too refined and made players feel like the edges were flat. I looked at many options to remedying this, even released an update to the meshes in the summer of 2017 to see if it improved the meshes with rounder corners and more detail- it did not really do much for the design. Dawnstar in the lore was a Nord port-city that rebelled against the Akaviri Potentate which caused the guild act, it later became a legionnaire retirement port, essentially you could argue that it would carry some Imperial influences, but there is also lore that points to Dawnstar forming itself as its own kingdom, ruling most of Northern Skyrim and trying to assert itself. I want to keep the Holds-lore-input for Dawnstar intact, however the design would also feel very similar to what we're doing in Winterhold. Essentially I decided that a very norse-looking port-town was appropriate considering all the other port towns had very refined designs. Hay roofs is a very convenient excuse to rid the buildings of flat-planked roofs. After discovering that the normal map was in fact upside down which made the snow shader overwrite the normal map, I managed to fix the issue. We have also discussed grass roofs, but a place in perma-frost wouldn't really have that...... Either way I agree that the plank roofs make it look unique and separates its design from places like Falkreath and Morthal. The walls have changed drastically. We've cut the number of towers in half and instead of clumsy fences balancing itself against the cliff-face I've made the surrounding cliffs more of a natural defense which means I could make the walls cut as they reach the mountain cliffs, rather then surround the town. Its hard to make a case for a fortification bridge that doesn't lead anywhere. I have added a gate there to fortify the area, but Wrenik argued there should be a door behind the Jarl's throne leading to a defensive level above the gate like in the old design. This design always bothered me in the old design, no Jarl would sit comfortably on his throne knowing at any moment someone could come at him from behind with a knife, or there isn't anything really there meaning its just a platform. A platform would then require some design changes as I wouldn't want the player to be able to jump down into the city, and invisible walls that make no sense, no objects that could seemingly be blamed for being in the way, will annoy people. The dock area looks the same as it did in the old version. there is a new sail-texture for one of the ships, and one of the buildings that used to be a boxy windowless eye-sore has been replaced by a log-house, but that's really it. Entrance with the Khajiit's is the same. You still have the stable, khajiit camp. However the Macalla gate has had a design change. I have added more detail since the screenshots were taken. We now have a lawstone near the slope-farmhouse and more rocks. Interiors will be changed slightly, buildings that now use log-houses will need to be changed, and the dark stone walls have to be changed for the stacked rocks. Otherwise I want to keep it as intact as I can. The White Hall will undergo some changes but I want to keep the drinking hall intact as much as possible. Been thinking of changing the plank texture to something unique with a sharp normal map, however I do like the plank design and will keep it. Cheers
  9. Vampires in skyrim

    Nice to hear your enjoying Vampyr, however this is outside of the scope of this project. There are plenty of vampire mods that do this available on the nexus.
  10. 06/11/2017

    Been a while since I've showcased some screenshots of the ongoing work so I thought I'd do it now. These are all very early work in progress leveldesign with some first-touch decorations, no new navmesh or marker placement and a few still enabled old references: Such as floating doors to the old towers. All of this will be fixed as the work continues. For the past 1-2 months I've been working on Dawnstar. The two big criticisms people had of Dawnstar was: 1) Its too Medieval European looking, it doesn't feel like your in Skyrim. (This applies to Falkreath too for some people, but Falkreath has lore reasons for looking the way it does, Dawnstar does not). 2) The buildings mesh are too flat and their positioning makes the city feel very boxy. I've addressed both of these criticisms, I hope successfully. The buildings have once again been reworked to have a much more shapely form, the former dark brick stone foundations have been tossed aside for the generic Riverwood stacked rock foundations. I was hesitant with this as we use this in Falkreath and Morthal as well, but at the same time it really does work well for making less flat corners and to make the city feel less refined. I've scaled down a few of the buildings in terms of size and floors, some have been completely remade to instead be log houses, a design I am hesitant with as it does clash a bit with the otherwise uniformity in the cities we've had in the project. They do still use the white plank walls on the second floor, so it could be written off as just a different foundation choice. Lorewise Dawnstar was a legionnaire retirement garrison and according to the lore Jarl Macalla of Dawnstar married High King Thian of Solitude which according to our project lore did give Dawnstar some expansive building permits to both restore the White Hall as well as restore proper defenses surrounding the town. This could account for some of the architectural differences but at the end of the day I hope people can shrug it off as just a different foundation. I have done away with the amount of towers in Dawnstar. The towers I have kept are the two gate towers at the southern gate, two of the fort surrounding the White Hall's towers, and two towers, one on each side of Dawnstar. The Dark Tower has been completely removed and instead the White Hall has been expanded(By far the biggest single building I've ever created!). I still have a lot of work ahead of me, there's some of the buildings I want to add some variations to so they don't feel re-used, add in a glow shader effect to the open windows to simulate light during night time and of course snow on roof. I am still on the fence about hay on roofs for Dawnstar, so comments about the roofs would be appreciated as I was criticized for having too flat roofs in previous iterations. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think! Cheers!
  11. Cities of war

    We already have that. Loads of them. Adding even more would make the game very unstable. This doesn't mean that we won't have named civil war characters who partake in the civil war and thus moves about, but as far as the generic city garrison we already have additional city guards, as well as plenty of named ones. I think it may become a bit more clear once we add dialogue, as they don't all wear uniforms while off duty. "Whip the Nords into Imperial Soldiers". Its bad enough they have to wear a skirt. We also have plenty of soldiers who drink and feast, both in taverns and elsewhere. Especially in garrison towns like Solitude. Windhelm could use a few more but that's what I'm adding now. This was something I had actually aimed to avoid, at least until the Dragonborn joins a side. Turning the land into the Witcher with soldiers and camps everywhere, people hanged and soldiers rotting in the fields. Ugh. Something I'd love to add- when the Dragonborn joins a side, but til then I would rather say that the Civil War hasn't reached its climax yet. Each side is preparing, waging on what the other will do, we see this in the dialogue as well that everything hinges on Whiterun and who moves first. Once Whiterun falls- each side begins its marathon to destroy the other. Until then its low-key raids and such. We also as Rasilion says, already have camps in the vanilla game. some of these like the Imperial one in Whiterun are disabled at the start of the game, but will enable itself as the war progresses. I'd love to add more of these, but not before the dragonborn joins the civil war itself. I do think these camps could use some work though, I've seen a few really good mods that expands upon them on the nexus, but again- I really want to go for the: "The war is slowly and surely becoming more apparent the further into the quest-line you get, rather then traveling to Whiterun feels like passing multiple military posts and not tripping over dead soldiers". As for patrols, we also already have these in the vanilla game, though they run on the radiant engine rather then being permanently positioned NPC's. An all out male? You mean you want more female soldiers? Sure, I don't see why not. Unsure whether I wrote this in the civil war page, but I had thought to do all of this, just not at the start of the game. This comes gradually over time and then fades out when the wars won. Its to keep the war in a lowkey stalemate up until the dragonborn joins a side.
  12. 06/11/2017

    Hey Cailan! Development did slow down a bit in Feburary and March as I felt a bit stuck on the Winterhold design. In the end of march I decided to move development to Dawnstar and pause Winterhold for a while. I have as of right now finished the building set for Dawnstar and will begin implementing the new assets into the world-space. Once I am happy with the exterior leveldesign I'll start uploading screenshots. If your interested we do host a discord channel where I do upload WIP mesh development quite regularly as well as discuss lore and quest idea's. I do intend to get back to Winterhold very soon as I've had some time to throw idea's back and forth and have come up with a way to make the interiors far more interesting then what we have now. First though I want to wrap up Dawnstar's exterior which shouldn't take more then a few days at most.
  13. Join our Discord!

    Oh, the old outdated Falkreath Don't think there's any more up to date screenshots you could've used?
  14. Sync-up topic with Main Quest Plait project

    This was actually not such a bad idea. I'd love to incorporate some dream sequences, as long as they can fit the greater picture of whats going in there and then in the story and not feel jumbled together and random. Otherwise we could always incorporate side-quests into the main quest itself, I have already a few idea's for main story side-quests such as companion quests and others. Beside that I had also thought that one of the shouts/abilities you learn allow you to manipulate time at certain places where time is fragile. Such as say... The outbreak of the Dragon Wars, Saarthal etc... These need not necessarily tie into the main quest, but could be fun to explore non the less. I had thought to approach this a little differently. Your given the quest in the usual way, the Blades know about Parthurnax and want him dead, you then have the option to go and kill Parthurnax or disregard the blades. Seeing as the Blades will have a more active role against the dragons, something you've built. A private army that actually carries some assemblance of features and power in the land, it will not be an easy choice. Though I suspect most, like myself will want to spare Parthurnax because, whatever he has done he wishes to atone for that and help the Dragonborn. I want there therefor to be a bit of a shock with Parthurnax being killed later in the story by Alduin. This way your feelings have been hardened for the dragon, but its taken by your sworn enemy. A bit of a worn out trope, but good all the same. If you however have taken out Parthurnax yourself, I think the story should change, but to what degree I haven't thought of yet. Still, I like the idea of going in your own direction and having the story shape itself around the players choices, rather then it being linear. Oh? Your the author of that mod? I would appreciate the help But I am also thinking of making my own civil war addition with Holds which will follow a very story-driven narrative. Would love to have our mods compatible with one another. Main quest and civil war. Definitely something we should strive towards! Cheers!
  15. 06/11/2017

    No but I don't think it'd be a problem to ask. In either case mods like Wet and Cold add backpacks to NPC's using the travel AI automaticly