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  1. oh right ok, sounds interesting!
  2. Sorry if this is me being dumb here (I read through some of the other pages but I may have missed the answer already) but is there a reason why everything but the castle is on even ground? I know it's in a valley and stuff but still it's quite a drop off? Obviously just my opinion, I'm not trying to overhaul your design (which looks great btw) just wondered.
  3. Hi, I finished at the atronach forge over summer and was pointed in this direction for applying for a level design role. I'll be available to start work from next week so I thought I should probably apply now http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/9710-student-thread-ben42/?page=3 this is my thread from the atronach forge, it has some images of the stuff that I did
  4. Student Thread: Ben42

    Hi, I'm actually back at uni at the moment but I would love to get involved! I'll be back at home for november-january so I could take on something then?
  5. General Signup Thread

    Hi, just finished at the atronach forge for level design http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/9710-student-thread-ben42/ would love to do some level design, not too fussed where (not great with dungeons but other than that I'm easy)
  6. Student Thread: Ben42

    I think I know where they are, thanks for everything you've done Thanks I'll remember that for future reference!
  7. Student Thread: Ben42

    umm.. I can't think of anything else, what would the next stage be then?
  8. The leniency of guards could also vary depending on where you are, for example areas with heavy redoran influence could be a lot stricter (being the leading house and so presumably a key author of the proclamation)
  9. Student Thread: Ben42

    ok I adjusted the sunlight fade data for the two light sources https://imgur.com/mX8ZyFL,4vkrUiH#0 I think the first one looks a bit more natural
  10. Student Thread: Ben42

    Got the new computer today, haven't yet been able to recover any files but I quickly made a new interior so I could try out the lighting with the fog fx https://imgur.com/znbKKNY,9lhxtpA,v0X7Zk7 I didn't realise how badly they could end up looking like the headlights of a car if you don't get them right
  11. Student Thread: Ben42

    Ok, my computer has actually crashed so I won't be able to do much for a few days (luckily the crash was sort of predicted so another computer is on its way) but I'll add the fx objects when that one arrives
  12. Beyond Skyrim Landmass

    Thanks for all the responses, I can definitely see why you'd want to delete the rest of the height map
  13. Sorry if this has already been suggested, but this could be a perfect way of adding a lore aspect to the artificial borders (assuming morrowind is planned on being released in regions as cyrodiil is). This is like with Elizabethan times, pirating was strictly outlawed but privateering wasn't (essentially being a pirate endorsed by a monarch). at the jntroduction of each new region you could incorporate a quest that grants the player a "writ of adventuring" or something like that, granted by the local governing body/great house or forged by smugglers
  14. Beyond Skyrim Landmass

    oh ok, so how will the rest of cyrodiil be blocked off?
  15. Student Thread: Ben42

    Oh ok, yeah I think I might have forgotten to set it back to default http://imgur.com/eLU34BA,WJ2MO8m,oSbnXSy,RseCQac#0 this is what I've got so far with the individual light sources, is this along the right tracks? http://imgur.com/oeAkmTf,oPuHGLy,Oc3arRH,2oPTIDG,PKhMFHw this is after I turned down ambient and directional