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  1. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Hey, I apologize for not being around lately school and working on my own game has really gotten to me. Thanks for making a updated guide and ill think on how I can improve it.
  2. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Of course and its fine I want you to take your time with it!!!! also I would rather have you focusing on your own stuff than helping out with a hobbie of mine also for the thousandth time thank you!!
  3. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    I have it ready but am since it wasn't that many changes I am waiting for you to make the tutorial which would be awesome!!
  4. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Awesome thank you!! I will get right on it:). I'll send you a new one after. Also it would be awesome to learn advanced cluttering haha even though it wounds weird haha. As I stated before thank you so much!!
  5. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Okay will do!! and its fine take your time also what do you think I should work on now?
  6. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Yes I did navmesh I have them on a patrol as well as a cycle from going to cooking and other things. In those screen shot I turned off detection so I can test their paths. And as you requested here is the fixed file with better lighting as well every thing else. Also the cell is called "BlankHand". TestDungeon.rar
  7. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Hey I did some more work on it today. I added bandit npcs which move around and do stuff like cook or sit down. Also I added more stuff to the cave as well as lights. Also more clutter all around the place.So far I am enjoying this very much!! it is not only interesting but creative as well.
  8. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Okay hi again as well as thanks a second time . So I attempted to do what you mentioned but I have no clue if I did. Here are the results. I also added some rubble and clutter to the rooms to make them seem more interesting. However, I did not add in lighting because you mentioned that it would be dealt with later. Also I did try to add in the hall way with the skylight but, I could only find a corner one with a skylight. I do not know if that is a dlc thing (which I don't have) or what it could be. So here is what I have made so far. I would do CK screen shots but its kinda a cluster because of the cave and the rocks. I also added a entrance and an exit to the dungeon to allow you to enter it from outside.
  9. Student Thread: WiseDeath - Spectral Dragon

    Hey first off I would like to thank you for doing this!! Secondly, I did not see this tutorial until this morning. I started to watch this basic tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IW9067yfZw . I have a few questions as well I did not know what you meant when you mentioned to add a mesh to the dungeon so you could see the sky. So this is the dungeon that I made based on that tutorial.
  10. Student Application Thread (level design.)

    1. Not very much at all. However I am eager to learn. 2. I am interested in anything you want to throw at me. I find all aspects of game design awesome and interesting. 3. I can use anyway of communication that would be beneficial. 4. I very interested in Cyrodill because of the brightness and the seemingly upbeat nature of it but, I can be placed anywhere that is need. 5. To begin with I have participated in multiple Microsoft competitions for games. What this means is that in high school we are given a project that we have to make with a group of 5 other people. Within this project I worked on level design as well as the art for the whole thing. We ended up take third within the competition of 20+ teams. Also, I passion for the elder scroll series like no other, I have played Morrowind and up for at least 200 hours+. I enjoy many games with rich environments such as WoW, Fallout, Mass Effect and many others. As I have mentioned before I am eager to learn and very flexible with what project I am assigned.