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  1. Interested in joining

    The Seranga Plains is very much like a savannah, so far as I know. There doesn't seem to be a claim thread on it yet. If you'd like to take a look at this map (in addition to the one ub3r provided), it is location 6A. To give you an idea of what the Seranga Plains should roughly look like, see these images: I've also added you to the Iliac Bay team so you can take a look through our forums. One of the leads will need to add you to the Beyond Skyrim team and the git to allow you to work on the area in the CK. Thanks
  2. Iliac Bay Clutter

    A very good idea I think. Can anyone contribute to the document ekul?
  3. Interested in joining

    Hi Wrath and welcome From my point of view, your work is quite good. If you enjoy Hammerfell, we have quite a lot of different terrain you could work on. Totambu forest hasn't been started yet, or if you prefer, I think parts of southern Hammerfell still need work (and are much drier climates). Also, would you be able to tell us what your availability is over the next quarter? Thanks
  4. Iliac Bay RPG Mechanics

    Apologies for not replying to this sooner. I'll take a look at the $ symbol if you have not found a fix for it yet. I agree with keeping the faction quest as dynamic (or enabled once the faction is encountered). Would you just use a trigger on the actors once they come into x distance of the PC? As for the warnings, this is fine. I would guess the faction images used in NV was hard coded but maybe we could find a fix. On hostility, I completely agree. Once a player reaches sufficient infamy, their actions should have consequences and their quests should be immediately failed. I would also like to add some additional ramifications (good and bad), depending on your standing within the faction. Within NV, for example, being idolised by a faction can allow the PC to complete quests in alternate ways or allow them purchase items at heavy discounts whereas bad standings might prevent a follower from joining you. I think small details like that, although requiring extra work, are what can make Iliac Bay seem like a world that is more alive for the PC.
  5. High Rock OST

    The most recent revision sounds very good to me! Nice work I've thought about it. There is a common instrumental base for all the tracks ( strings, brass, percussion, ect... ). They will also be some similarities in the writing, and the mixing. And some instruments from one region will also sometimes "bleed" into other regions. I think it will be enough to ensure continuity between the regions. If you wanted, you could split the music tracks into constituent parts (i.e. a few parts used exclusively for transitions) to make that process easier; that could be handled by some scripting and the CK's music form allows you to specify a finale too, if needed.
  6. 2D/3D artist wanting to join the team

    Are there any provinces in particular that you're interested in?
  7. Apologies. I can only suggest then that you try to create the script as a property (of type LinkedRef) and call functions upon the cast that way. You might want to look at Cipscis's page on this for more detail (under the Calling Functions on External Objects heading).
  8. Apologies for intruding; I thought I could offer some suggestions while Mattie is away. Your property (script) AUAddRemoveInventoryItemType seems fine (in terms of syntax) but as it extends ObjectReference, it should use the member functions of the ObjectReference script. As I'm sure you know, when you use the . symbol, you are calling a member function of that property type (in your case, ObjectReference). The errors thrown seem to correspond to the functions you've used; Adding and MoveItemType are not member functions of the ObjectReference script. I've not read through this thread in detail so I don't know exactly what you are trying to achieve but try substituting Adding with something like Delete() (just as an example as it requires no arguments) and see if you get as many errors when you try to compile. If you'd like to look at all of the ObjectReference script's member functions, there is a wiki page which is a good start.
  9. Your not supposed to be here....

    If the project in Thras is still being worked on, could some kind of diplomatic quest work from there? That, or a Sload representative ventures on to Tamriel and asks for your help in repairing relations between themselves and the Altmer, stating they believe it is time for them to change their ways and move forward. Either the Sload really are trying to fix things between the High Elves or this is some kind of ploy to weaken their forces and expose Altmer vulnerabilities. As both nations aren't exactly on good terms with the rest of the Tamrielic races, it might be an interesting dilemma for the PC to be involved with; side with the Altmer or the Sload, and to what end?
  10. Are there "themes" to each province? For example, does one area contain lots of forests? Or certain types of creatures live there? This would help my decision a lot. I can only speak confidently for the Iliac Bay. Hammerfell broadly uses North African and Arabic influences while High Rock uses more medieval (especially French) influences. It should be said though that we are trying to stay away from real life likenesses as much as possible. For geography, Hammerfell is mostly desert and coastal cities while High Rock is mostly forested land and stretches of mountains. Orsinium (in Hammerfell) is a harsh, cold place nestled in the mountains and quite different from the rest of the province. Thanks
  11. Hi Eric and welcome! Your work looks great, so far as my (untrained) eye can tell and we'd be happy for you to join Iliac Bay if you wanted to. There are also other provinces within the Beyond Skyrim project too so, as oliver says, if you have any particular preference, let us know and someone will come along soon to help
  12. Hi JC and welcome Do you have a preferred province you'd like to work in?
  13. Heatstroke

    A type of staff without charges that casts a spell with either the clairvoyance or detect type effects would do the trick bar complications with how the spell decides on direction/what to light up? Yes. I was thinking of having some radius with the player as the anchor for this maybe? Absolutely, finding water should only be the start of your problems! Glad you think so. I'll devise some random encounters based on this once the system is complete Depends on implementation time/budget but anything from a static plant to custom bugs or bigger could be used to mark out the general area water may be found if the player knows how to read the signs. Sure. I think Waffles mentioned somewhere about the colour being important too; having colour variants of the same plant or bug means the player has to be more careful that they're not being led into a troll's den The first time the player “dies” because of any new mechanics this could trigger a one off rescue/cut scene that introduces an NPC who teaches the player the basics of how to survive. I hadn't thought of that but it's a great idea. I think most probably they would be a follower as opposed to a quest giver but maybe their presence could ruffle some feathers in another quest? Going with the "death" mechanic the player could end up with one of several situations I quite like this idea too. Maybe there is a way of combining a follower with environmentally specific events, like a forcegreet from the follower after your rescue.
  14. Heatstroke

    I believe the weather type in the cell can be used to hook all the detrimental effects to and create a zone where these hardships happen. Thank you for the information, that is useful Yes, we will need to make sure those checks are within the script, else it will cause quite a few problems. The dune dwellers (or like natives) teaching the player how to harvest water from local plants was discussed before. I really like the idea of a water divining branch, maybe taught by the Dunedwellers. Perhaps like a 'detect water' spell, or, as you say, clairvoyance. Adding a level of danger like the giant scorpions means that the system still isn't made any easier which I think is good I wonder if it may be interesting for other NPCs to be competing for water too. A level designer could space out plants/hidden wells as “waypoints” through very harsh environments. Do you mean some sort of critter that hangs around areas of water (within some kind of raidus)? I think that is a good idea too
  15. Heatstroke

    That's why I suggested implementing a series of anti-heatstroke spells of increasing effectiveness as well. Yes. I will speak to Oliver about this and see if he has any ideas of where we can go with that. Otherwise, I am happy to devise some spells of my own. This is a brilliant idea! Thanks, glad you think so I'll see how we can get the cold in but it may not be necessary; although deserts do get cold, it wouldn't be to the same level as in Skyrim. Still, it's worth thinking about. I will definitely want this mechanic to apply in Elsweyr. I agree. As for the southern jungles, I'm not sure if humidity could or should be considered differently but I'm thinking maybe not; perhaps just increase the intensity of Heatstroke in those regions? I agree that the Redguard and Khajiit should have racial modifiers but I would like to keep them relatively slight so that they have bonuses in mildly dry or humid areas but are, as with all races, equally affected by harsher climates say in Dak'fron or the Alik'r. Do we consider magic fire as cold (like Chesko does to explain why fire spells don't reduce exposure) ? I am sceptical of providing more than two racial bonuses to heat simply because it unevens the playing field but, as Blackfyre states, volcanic activity is different to the heat of the desert or arid plains.