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  1. Possibility to edit thread titles

    I think that this would be a useful thing to include, so yeah it gets my vote
  2. General Signup Thread

    Welcome to the team both of you, we're currently focusing on developing bruma and it'll be great to have more hands on deck!
  3. General Signup Thread

    As every one has said welcome to the team, Bruma is the big push at the moment, but just poke around and get familiar with the project and decided where you can help.
  4. Dragons

    looks cool but mildly confused as to the link....
  5. Dragons

    we have to be aware of the event in skyrim, co dragons should be included in some form but it really shouldn't be overpowering. so a couple of quests where the feature, I would suspect mainly around Bruma/the north.
  6. turns out I blew up another power suppy....

    1. Transbot9


      Then stop buying cheap crappy power supplies. Or geet two and a "Y" connector.

    2. Deamonata


      the first one was silly I'm in the UK and I had it set to the USA setting, big blue flash ensued and the lights went out in the house, second one I have no idea I think it was too much dust but really I don't have any idea, but it wasn't cheap

  7. one dead computer

    1. Ysne58


      aww, that is too bad. I just had to replace my laptop, and desktop is about to die too

  8. back from cruising around the world

    1. Vorians


      Were any parts missing?

    2. Ysne58


      You missed you birthday.

    3. Deamonata


      no parts missing... unless you count my bank card :( and funny story about my birthday up until 23:30 on tuesday everyone in my family was convinced the 25th was on the wednesday

  9. General Signup Thread

    welcome to the team Chain, currently we are focusing purely on cyrodiil, as technically shivering isles is a separate landmass entirely, however I wouldn't rule out the possibility in the future. However is you still want to help us out then WELCOME TO THE TEAM!
  10. finally made my mind up I am now looiking forward the ES:O

    1. Markus Liberty

      Markus Liberty

      Fascinating, the mind is.

  11. so looking at my profile on DC, turns out I'm a woman..... Why am I always the last to find out these sort of things!!

  12. moved into my new grown-up flat, no internet, but "borrowing" internet from nextdoor

    1. Transbot9


      Ah...unsecured wireless routers are so much fun...

  13. I'M FREE FROM EXAMS FOREVER!!!!! (probably)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deamonata


      I have a job I only get 2 weeks holiday before I start :(

    3. shaundobson
    4. Transbot9


      Well, at least that's a step up from a LOT of grads.

  14. less than 2 weeks till I get to move out of this stinking rat infested hovel of a house and finally get away from the world worst two house-mates imaginable! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. still can't decide what I think about ESO