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  1. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    Thanks for the advice i will be more careful from now on
  2. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    Ok i think i am done with the island fixed the things about the ground texture and i did a waterall BUT i left my computer in sleep mode so when i reaturned the ck crashed (can you help me with this) the things that were saved are in the screenshot and can i start doing a mountin town or a little village
  3. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

  4. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    Lol nice i will start doing them now but before that here are some pictures on what i done
  5. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    Allright thanks i will post when i do some changes and can you give me instructions about water and waterfalls
  6. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    Hey sorry for not posting much, i started the forest and here are some screanshots
  7. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    All right i will start with the forest at wednesday because tommorow i have few tests at school so i wont be doing anything in the CK so expect more then
  8. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    Thanks, I started a new island i call it Hell Drop Island and here are some screenshots btw whats next ?
  9. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    I did half of what you told me becasue the Ck crashed and my mod was somehow deleted but i menaged to save one picture
  10. Student Thread: Lightningbeast

    I am done with the first tutorial i created a small island whats next
  11. Student Application Thread (level design.)

    1.I have no experiance in CK. 2.I am interested in doing landscape. 3.Forum thread is fine for me. 4.I am interested in Morrowind and High Rock. 5.I want to learn because i love the TES series and its lore and i really want to help this projcet and i am also learning concept art.