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  1. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    As per request, I posted a project related piece of writing in my previous post on Sunday as an edit, but I'm not sure if anyone saw it. This post is just here make sure it isn't missed. Feel free to delete this post when it has served its purpose and let me know what you think and how I could start contributing to the project.
  2. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Melodias, That's great! That more or less match up with my sensibilities regarding lore exactly. Good to know I don't have to worry about various camps who adhere to a particular view on the Underking, Dwemers, CHIM etc. But Reddit? I'm not sure if I've been on Reddit at all recently, so I don't think it was me you were talking to. It might be someone else with the same username. Sage of Ice, I had a vague suspicion that there would be a lot of original material, but thanks clarification. That High Rock has so little in terms of historical and cultural lore is more or less a running joke in the fandom, even though available literature, what little there are, consistently portray it as a province/region that would never run out of stories to tell or histories to write. I guess it's not enough that the world started there and almost ended there as well. It does my heart good to see how much lore is generated for High Rock for this project. As for ESO, I was just visiting the thread about the project's policy on ESO lore and what I saw seemed pretty sensible. The bit about retconning incosistency with Dragon Break or C0DA was pretty funny. I'm glad to see that the project's approach to lore is a relatively conservative one. Edit -Sorry for the delay. I didn't want to create another post right after this one so I'll just submit my piece of project related writing here. The entirety of the writing is in the spoiler field. After reading through the primers for Jehanna and the other two Eltheric League kingdoms, it occurred to me that Jehanna could stand to gain quite a bit if they took advantage of their being a part of a fairly solid alliance and posession of a product that's sought after by so many powerful patrons in the region. Of the three nations, Jehanna seemed like the only one with the economic base and geographical location to leverage regional influence through trade with Northpoint being too inaccessible and Farrun being too weak to secure their trade routes. Since they're still technically recovering and growing after the apocalyptic double whammy that was the Oblivion Invasion and transition into the fourth Era, I thought it would be reasonable that a witty enterprising type like Fenrald II would look into this possibility since he seems too cautious to take direct expansionist action as a matter of course. That said, I deliberately left the actual degree of interaction between Fenrald and Pansyval the merchant vague, so it's up to the reader to decide whether the merchant is a visionary or a common peddler. Finally, this text is meant to be pamphlets that Pansyval carry around with him or posters he nail to notice boards, so it's more of a flavour text that may help with world building.
  3. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Sage of Ice, glad to know my writing is up to par. As for High Rock related material, I have a few ideas in my head so I'll get right on that and see what I can come up with as I go through the Primers. Is any type of work okay so as long as it integrates and references lore? On a related note, there was a couple of things I was wondering about. First, how exactly was the information in Lore Primers assembled? It's definitely really impressive, but that's just it! The amount of information in there is staggering and when I see facts like how Evermor was the first kingdom to pledge allegiance to Tiber Septim, it's a little bewildering how you were able to find out about things like that. Second, as a general rule of thumb, what is the lore hierarchy for this project? Is it something like in-game lore > game related materials (instruction manuals/guides) > official imperial library lore > unofficial Imperial Library lore?
  4. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Hello everyone, I am kynareth. I have wanted to help with this project for quite a while and have known about it for even longer but was always stopped either by circumstance or my lack of confidence. I hope I'm not too late to the party because I would really like to help with such an ambitious project with so much talent working in every department. I would like to contribute to the project as a writer and am primarilly interested in the province of High Rock, but am open to working with other regions. My lore game is a little rusty at the moment, but I could answer all the question in the Deeza's lore quiz quite readily so I should be able to catch up fairly quickly. I am equally comfortable with narrative and expository writing. For now, I will focus on understanding currently established lore and go on from there. I have not written any material directly related to the Elder Scrolls universe, but I will try writing a few things as I make my way through the recommended reading list and establsihed Beyond Skyrim lore for High Rock. In the mean time, here are a couple of original short stories [Story 1 and 2] of mine that I hope will suffice as a demonstration of my writing abilities. I am also very interested in working with other teams to give life to gameplay features, backgrounds, weapons and spells, so I will also keep an eye on the other subforums as well. On the inter-team note, I look forward to writing for quests and NPCs when we start working on those as well. As a side note, I haven't made my way through all the materials in the Literature - Draft section, but are there any particular kind of material that we need more of at the moment? Narrative fictions, essays, propaganda, biography, a particular subject or topic etc? Lastly and in general, please feel free to tell me if and how my writing suck, as I'm always looking to improve.