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  1. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Black Marsh Concept Art   

    Hello RMichelich! I'm Enheduanna, the Creative Director of Beyond Skyrim: Black Marsh. This is gorgeous! Would you mind if we discussed this further in a PM?
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  2. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Hi DarkProducts! I'm Enheduanna, the Creative Director for Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind. This is some good stuff! However, we aren't really looking for people exclusively dedicated to top-down lore study. Rather, at the moment we're more interested with writers who can flesh out our quests and dialogue. If you're willing to give that a shot, give us an example of some creative writing and we'll see what we can do!
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  3. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Concept artist/lore buff looking to help out   

    Hello HidesHisEyes! I'm Enheduanna, the lead writer for Beyond Skyrim: Black Marsh! Your art is beautiful, and we'd love to have you on board. However, Black Marsh is in a major lull at the moment, as most of our team is shared with Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind (myself included), and we're currently making a hard push up north before we start to move southward. I say this just as a precaution, I don't want you feeling abandoned if we take you on. Alternatively, you could join us in Morrowind, or work with another province that peaks your interest, and I could reach out to you once we're ready to get our hands dirty.

    It's also worthy of note that we actually used that list you comprised pretty heavily as we were originally designing our Jel conlang. Our version has some major differences from your list, made necessary by the way we structured the conlang, but that tool was a great help, no lie.

    If you're interested, PM me and we'll hash out the details!
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  4. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Writer/Quester/Lore Nerd   

    Hi Kevaar! We'd be thrilled to have you as a member of the Morrowind team. I'm the Lead Writer for the project and you'd be working with me extensively. However, if you join us as an official member we need to know that you'll be will and able to dedicate time to us when we need it. We totally understand that your own project comes first, but we do need some assurance that you'll be willing to steadily with us as well. Is that alright?
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  5. Enheduanna added a post in a topic [Wip] The republic of Maslea   

    Oh wow, I hadn't expected to see much more of this project, given the fact it'd been a year since it's last post here. Good to know ya'll are still alive and chugging!
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  6. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Bosmer Weapon Concept Art   

    Personally, I'd request that Amber be avoided as Hist Amber is supposed to be the high level armor available in Black Marsh, and we want it to feel unique and special.
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  7. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Writer/ Scripter looking to help with Beyond Skyrim   

    That's excellent V! I'll add you now. Welcome aboard!
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  8. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Mihail, as always you manage to make some truly incredible kitbashes with only vanilla assets. I can't wait to see what you can do once you have access to BSAssets.
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  9. Enheduanna added a post in a topic General Signup Thread   

    Hey Josh! You seem to have a lot of skills that could come in handy, but could we get some examples of your work? That could help us make better judgement.
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  10. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Small question   

    Nope! You're looking for TESRenewal!
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  11. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Height Map Problems   

    Thank you so much everyone, none of this would be possible without your advice and support!
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  12. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Hi Thenks! I'm the one who messaged you. I'll send you a PM and we'll get you all set up!
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  13. Enheduanna added a post in a topic 3D Character Artist   

    Hello Adam! I noticed that one of the pieces in your portfolio (All of which are absolutely stunning I might add) is a Kothringi armor set! Over in Black Marsh, we're perpetually hunting for new members who are passionate and up for the challenges posed by such an alien province. If you want to help us out, shoot me a message! We'd love to have you. (Although, it does seem everyone else would love to have you too!)

    Best Wishes!
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  14. Enheduanna added a post in a topic 3D Artist looking to Contribute   

    Hello Rowan! Both Morrowind and Black Marsh are very interested in taking on new 3D artists. If you don't feel too swamped with Elsweyr, we absolutely have a place for you. Please let us know if you're interested!
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  15. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Black Marsh Inspirations   

    You know, we'd love to have you back any time Kettlewitch! Your work is always, always stunning.
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