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  1. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    My Skype name is (I think) mons657, and my screen name is Treeaza.
  2. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    Great, thanks for teaching me! I'm in school now too, but I should be able to do stuff this afternoon.
  3. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    I'm happy to do one of them.
  4. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    Done! You're right, that was quite helpful with the whole custom package thing, before I didn't completely understand what AI packages even were.
  5. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    Information has been read.
  6. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    I may have made a mistake. My branch I can get to through the tab at the top middle, but it doesn't show up on the main view with the master branch.
  7. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    Just committed. I'm not completely sure if it worked, but it said it did, so... yay I guess?
  8. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    Okay, git may really hate me. When I created the branch I forgot to click the "orphan" box, and now it's linked in with the origin/master branch. I'm sure there's some way to get rid of it, but I don't know how. I would try messing about with it, but I'm a bit scared of accidentally deleting something.
  9. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    So wait, (sorry, Git and I just don't seem to understand each other very well) do I create a new branch named after the quest and then copy my FolderX into it, then commit?
  10. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    Okay, I finally got in to test it. And it works! I found a few problems with how I had the dialogue linked up but now they're fixed. I also found that in the "I've killed the clannfear" dialogue, it was setting the stage to 10, not 30 which was the completion stage. Anyways, all that is fixed now, and the quest functions.
  11. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    I re-pulled all of BS C, and then re-copied all the files. (And conquered much of Calradia in Mount and Blade Warband while I waited.) And... it still crashes. I've messed around with the load settings a bit, and determined that all the core BS files load fine, as well as my plugin. It appears that one of the bug fix plugins or something along those lines is causing the problem.
  12. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    That seems the most likely now. I'll try that when I get a chance, been busy with homework the last few days.
  13. [Student Thread] Treeaza - Matthiaswagg

    When I expand everything in the plugin, I get this: