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  1. Application 2D

    I'll add you to our developer Discord then, since you seem so interested! We also have a variety of lore primers that you can refer too when in need, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you're ever confused about something lore-related, just ask.
  2. Application 2D

    Hello, I am the art lead for Iliac Bay (our team for the provinces of Hammerfell and High Rock) and I think your design work would be stellar for expanding our creature concepts. If you're interested in the offer, I'd be happy to add you to our Discord server and get you started.
  3. Jason Yao (Concept Artist 2D)

    There's no need to worry about what provinces to "pick" per se, there might be some minor competitiveness between provinces but we share many members between locations, feel free to join whatever you want to make content for.
  4. Jason Yao (Concept Artist 2D)

    Hello Jason, I am the lead of the 2D art department for Iliac Bay (A combined project featuring High Rock and Hammerfell) and I think your design sensibility could go a great ways into making High Rock's environments that much more visually unique. Currently we're working on a boatload of new creature designs for the two provinces with themes varying wildly between the arid deserts of Hammerfell and the lush countryside environments of High Rock, on a more technical side we're also working on a variety of tilesets to complete some of our major cities so if you're interested in something with more of an architectural bend to it we've certainly got you covered. If the offer sounds interesting we would certainly be proud to have you on board.
  5. 2D/concept art

    I'm the Iliac Bay 2D Art Lead (Hammerfell and High Rock) and I would love to see you join our province as creature designer. We've also got plenty of tileset design that needs doing if you're interested in trying out something a little different, but either way I hope you consider our offer.
  6. Application: Nix for Arts, Writing or Voice

    Hey there, Art Lead and general representative of the Iliac Bay team here (High Rock to Hammerfell), just wanted to pop in and say that me and the rest of the team have taken note of your work and would be happy to have you on our team. Currently we're looking to develop more artistically in terms of city design and architecture if you're interested in that, but aside from that we've got plenty of work in the 3D modelling and writing fields for the provinces. You're unlikely to get a lot of work currently when it comes to voice acting for most provinces (Voice acting is generally a very final stages part of development for us and given the more mid-development nature of a lot of the current provinces, immediate work is unlikely) though rest assured voice actors are kept a close eye on in terms of potential talent for the future. Asides from all that though, just PM me if you're interested and i'll add you onto our team discord to work more closely and casually on the project, hope to see you working with any of our development teams soon.
  7. Application: Concept Artist

    Hi, I'm the lead developer in concept art and 2D illustration for Iliac Bay (the province project stretching from High Rock to Hammerfell) and we're currently ramping up to work on designs for multiple major cities, tilesets, and creature designs. If you're interested in getting involved with our team just notify me and i can add you to our group discord. Thanks for your application. (P.S. Impressive work, glad to see you interested in the project wherever you end up working.)
  8. Show us what you're working on!

    Woah-w- who the hell's this guy and why haven't i ever heard of him?! That axe looks great, is this for any particular province or something?
  9. Senchal Development

    looking at sketches like yours makes me wish there were more positions for environmental concept art, wish i could just relax and sketch a landscape.
  10. Concept Artist willing to help with any project.

    Hey Guerralves, i'm a concept artist over in Highrock and can i say that your skills are certainly impressive, you appear to have a good work-ethic and your design sense is pretty good too. Some quick suggestions to improve your work for presentation. Firstly, get yourself a nice scanner - nothing too fancy if you can't afford it, and you can always clean up the scans in photoshop. And secondly, get some good paper; your sketches are pretty great, but splurge a little on some good paper (like Bristol Board.)
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    It might sound ridiculous, but you have no idea how long i've been waiting for those doors. Didn't Jehanna development on the forum just abruptly stop at these doors? These pinnacles of security, blocking even development progress... ... Oh, also they look neat. 10 outta 10 would open again.
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    It helps to know that the wings are transparent! They look a little odd in an environment like Skyrim right now, though it might simply be the fact that it isn't currently in Thras. I look forward to more of Thras' environment being completed so that i can see your creatures in their natural habitats.
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    I agree with that in a lot of ways (i am an avid fan of things like silent hill, so i enjoy the odder design aspects of your creations) but the clutter of the design is more distracting than anything to me - no offence, the overall design is great and more than creepy, but i think i'd find it a little too immersion breaking to see such a giant shift in art-style, y'know? Otherwise, the design is fantastic, and for a first draft there's a lot to like. Just needs a little cleanup and focus.
  14. Iliac Bay Progress Maps

    Maaan, It may sound soppy, but seeing posts like this really helps improves the legitimacy of this project. A lot of people have come out to bash this project as a pipe dream, and whilst it is far from finished, the progress we've made - with locations like Hammerfell - in just a year are quite astounding. I know i'm merely a lowly Concept Artist, but i look forward to the next post here; hope it's two times bigger.
  15. Novac's Concept Art

    Next in the latest and greatest of Concept arts; the Nedic Weapon Set! Working under the theme of an ancient civilisation was a neat change of pace - even more interesting was the switch to weapon design - but i think the weapons turned out fairly well. A lot of interesting designs and shapes to differentiate the pieces from most weapon sets (my favourite is the teeny war-axe.) Thanks once again to Waffles and Sage for your help and advice, and i hope to be posting here again very soon.