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  1. Khajiit forms developement

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Here's more. Since Senches will be rideable, they will need saddles. Here, the Senche has a neutral-styled one; the middle Senche-Raht has Anequinan and the rightmost one has Pelletinean-styled armor. Full view
  2. Hello everyone, and merry Christmas. I have designed the 16 different Khajiit forms for the project. Here is my concept art for them: Full view here Hopefully we will see all of these modelled and implemented!
  3. Hello Caesar, we'd be happy to have you in Iliac Bay Expect a PM from us soon!
  4. There is no burden? The islands are fine just where they are. Changing our planned worldspaces at this point would be tremendous amounts of work for no benefit. Please refer to Morcroft's quote above - we're indeed not modifying something we're decided on years ago at this point, because there is no reason to. And we're also not touching the havok engine because that is way, way out of anyone's skill in here. Having to go through a couple of transitions here and there is a very little issue with a much bigger trade-off of this project actually being possible to make. It would be nice to get this thread back on topic about the Elinhir area, though... Oh, and we might have a demo area planned already. It's not Elinhir, though - I'm not sure I'm allowed to say what it is, but it's there, and we're working on it.
  5. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    Right, some areas of our forums are locked to be members-only. These links that go to dA should work instead: HR and HF Orsinium is it's own province (albeit unrecognised), so I don't count it towards the 8. Neither do I count Kambria, which is a duchy instead of a kingdom like the big 8 are. It's completely impossible to determine how ready the project is - we could give some arbitrary numbers on individual things like landscaping, modelling etc. but it really wouldn't give a good estimate either way C:
  6. [Claim 17] Daggerfall City

    There are 16 main cities/kingdoms (8 in each province) in IB, you can take a look at some maps in here for example: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/10745-ib-mapping-effort/ We are indeed focusing on the two, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to say yet to what extent
  7. High Rock Armor

    Quoting myself on another topic here: This is the decision we have made regarding the armors, and that's how we're going to go through with it. For guards, the most important variation is on the textures of their tabards/shields, which shows the kingdom they are serving. The helmets look neutral enough to fit well into the 3 different styles. We have our assets categorized by priority, which might not be visible to outsiders, but the list is there, and we are following it. It's really strange to suggest otherwise? This guard armor set IS high priority, because our focus is on the kingdoms of Farrun and Jehanna. Of all the other sets - armors, clothing, anything - we have also prioritised eastern variants, because these two kingdoms are on the eastern territory. I hope this exhausts the topic of different helmets. I'm honestly very surprised that it's such a source of worry to people from other teams? This is the decision our team has agreed on, and we are fine with it. Hope the topic will shift back to Kelretu's wonderful work instead
  8. High Rock Armor

    Luckily there are no helmet variations in guard armor Only the ordinary/civilian armors.
  9. Various emblems - complete

    Finalized crests to be used on the Wiki as illustrations for the city articles, and as textures. Plus logos.
  10. Novac's Concept Art

    No, Argor, sadly one per armor won't work just as well. This is just the way High Rock works - class hierarchy is extremely important, just as is the breakdown into 3 different regional styles. It's like Yoku/Raga distinction in Hammerfell. Novac was specifically instructed to make 3 helmets for each set, because this is a much better option than making completely different sets for each regional variant. If you look at other High Rock concepts, you'll notice that everything is broken either into classes, regions or both.
  11. High Rock Banners

    Back to this again. Wanted to get all the remaining Western banners out of the way. So no more swirlies for you after this batch, all that's left are the northern ones. The Kambria variant is the banner of the Gwytherion family. The rest are Shalgora, Tulune, Orbas, Whitehaven and Urvaius. They aren't the most impressive places in the world, so their flags are also relatively simple.
  12. Waffles' Concept art

  13. A new concept for a Redguard horse. Since it's of the Arabian breed, I thought doing a mostly Raga saddle for it would fit fairly well.
  14. I've updated the guard concept with some new stuff. There are now 3 new medallions, a different chain for guard captains, and a headdress specifically for Yoku guard leaders. Also drew in the Raga iron armor, just so people could see both variants at the same time. The Stros symbol is a Yoku "R", for Resistance that had historical significance; Herne is a Yoku-styled crown, and for Cespar I didn't have anything pre-planned, so I decided to go with herbs, since it's fairly known for them.