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  1. Application: Audio and Media Editor

    Hi there Iris, I'm Nick from BS: Roscrea and I think this is great stuff. Roscrea at the moment is not in a position to be recording VA but we will be further down the line. However we are in the process of planning an upcoming trailer, with the possibility for more after that, and we could use all the help we can get in making them. If you think you could be of some help in that let me me know. Thanks.
  2. Application: Lore And Writing

    Can you provide some examples of you writing?
  3. Writer for Roscrea: Application

    Just wait for a message from our Team Lead Claire. She'll get you set up.
  4. Writer and possible reviewer looking to help

    Hi Sharra, An example or two of your writing would really be helpful. Thanks
  5. Writer for Roscrea: Application

    Hi dialga, I'm the Lead Writer for Roscrea. I read your example and I must say you do have some skill I'd be happy to invite you to join our team of writers.
  6. Can you provide examples of your work? Samples of music, writing extracts, voice acting clips, etc.
  7. Hi Kasia, I'm Nick, the lead writer for Roscrea. I listened to your samples and I think they're excellent. You should have no trouble finding work in Beyond Skyrim. At the moment Roscrea is not recording VA as we are still in the process of writing dialogue and quests, but after some discussion the team thinks you have just the right voice for a particular character who plays a large role in one of our questlines. If you are at all interested in doing VA for Roscrea and you are willing to wait for us to reach that stage of development we'd be more than happy to bring you on board. Until then I'm sure the other provinces who are in the process of recording lines will get back to you in short time. Bear in mind things are pretty crazy in prep for the Bruma release
  8. Crane Shore

    More like Nordic swords - they're from Skyrim originally
  9. How to apply?

    Just record an example (via third party hosting site is easiest) and post the link here.
  10. How to apply?

    Hi there, All we need is an example of your VA work. The team leads will then let you know if you satisfy the standard of quality required.
  11. I've passed this along to our team leader. Just wait for her to get in touch and get you all set up, it shouldn't take too long.
  12. Hi Dankus, Roscrea would be more than happy to accept a new writer into the ranks. If you'd like I can ask our team lead to send you an invite if you're interested in being a part of our project. Also, I loved the story extract and apologies it took so long for someone to get to you.
  13. On behalf of Roscrea feel free to give us a shout if you're interested
  14. Join Roscrea Team

    Hi Margoul, Just letting you know that I’ve passed your application on to Roscrea’s team leader
  15. landscaping WIP

    Valenwood and SI are not currently active projects. Only Cyrodiil, Iliac Bay (HR & Hammerfell), Morrowind, Elsweyr, Black Marsh, Roscrea, Thras, and Atmora are active.