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  1. Student thread, robcbwilson (Spectral Dragon)

    Still haven't looked at mine, it's cool.
  2. Dungeon Advice

    Much better list. Thanks for taking the time to actually help me. I'll have some work up later today following this structure. Happy bday btw (saw the thread below)
  3. Dungeon Advice

  4. Dungeon Advice

    Thank you for the complete review, clearly it's finished... I asked for a general idea of the steps involved in level design for Skyrim specifically. I'll give an example below of what I mean. build structures and populate with cluttermake rooms / portalsadd monsters / npcs(what else should I take into account when building from where I'm at)I don't intend to change the layout at this point. This is quite accurate to the original so far and I'd rather keep it that way given the nostalgia people likely feel for it. As for clutter I agree there will have to be significantly more closer to Skyrim's standard clutter but again, it's a wip. btw there's only two nordic tables and they're at the start of the map. Few tables in the game will be able to match what the original looked like, again nostalgia. I'll admit it's a bit unorthodox but it really bothered you? hmm. During 4E they're tons of witches in high rock if I'm not mistaken, altars seem necessary. The holes in the stairs are because they aren't done silly. The 50 degree angle is actually in daggerfall. there were inclines you could walk up (slowly) if you had certain climbing skill. of course in skyrim's case all you should have to do is jump. Given that I stated it was unfinished, spare me the obvious details. This is the ONLY dungeon in daggerfall I feel would be unfair to redesign
  5. Dungeon Advice

    Hey everyone. I'm still interested in becoming part of the team here but I still need something to show my work so I wanted to share what I've completed of Privateer's Hold from Daggerfall. The esp is attached in a .zip. I wanted to get some advice from other level designers preferably who know what they're doing just to make sure I'm headed in the right direction and not doing anything obviously wrong. I could really use a general idea of what I have left to do after the structure / clutter is 100% finished. Thanks in advance for your help. In game use coc privateershold01 (Though I haven't finished the rooms / portals as I sort of need help with those too) Daggerfall.zip
  6. Level Designer Looking To Help Where Needed

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back. It's taking me longer to learn the kit than I anticipated. Here's the esp for the dungeon I've been ma- sorrry, RE-making. MediaFire
  7. Level Designer Looking To Help Where Needed

    Scripters script. I'm a scripter. We script it for yah. You will need to set up location ref types and such for your dungeon, a location and associated keywords with that. However, it's not hard and info is contained within the Bethesda Level Design tutorials. Is a good reference for now? If not do you have any recommendations? I've used the geck from fallout 3 quite a bit and made some really complex caves but never really did anything with them afterwards. I still have a lot to learn about creation kit though it seems quite similar I should hopefully have something nice to look at before too long. Not a problem.
  8. Level Designer Looking To Help Where Needed

    I have no problem working on more than one province, in fact that seems ideal. Unfortunately I don't have any screens at the moment but I'm currently working on a dungeon that should work well for a resume. I should be honest though I don't know a whole lot about scripting so my work will probably be more aesthetic than complex.
  9. Hello everyone. My name's Eliott and I'm New to the forums here but not new to Skyrim. I've been messing around with the creation kit on and off quite a bit lately and it's been a lot of fun creating interesting levels but I want to actually contribute to a much bigger cause. I just recently re-installed Skyrim and I've been itching to make some sick content. I don't have any preference, I adapt quite well to new challenges, I'm very easy to work with, I'm a fast learner, and I'm QUITE dedicated when I set my heart to something. Anyway, I can't wait to help out, nice to meet everyone! btw, if mods need a portfolio, I'm a bit short in that department. I can make a short dungeon with a theme of choice though for submission.