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  1. Escha added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    Finally got the palace pieces in working order, here are some screens of a quick test mockup out in the alik'r:

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  2. Escha added a post in a topic Student Thread - Ravenz   

    I think the problem is that your layer stack view is on diffuse but your fill is set to color. Which preset is that? I always use the PBR-HQ preset since it works the best with generic PBR materials. Doing it that way, the 'base color' channel is your diffuse, after you add lighting.
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  3. Escha added a post in a topic Student Thread - Ravenz   

    Your fill layer thumbnails look 100% transparent, see how mine are showing the filled image? Are you definitely selecting the baked image as the input?
    The bake settings look OK. I would generally recommend using a cage to get the best bake possible but it's not 100% necessary.
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  4. Escha added a post in a topic Student Thread - Ravenz   

    Here is a screengrab from my standard AO/Curvature setup:

    1. add a new fill layer (paint bucket), select the color channel
    2. select the map you want to fill with from the 'base color' button, under the material rollout
    3. set 'UV Scale' to 1, otherwise it won't match your UVs
    4. change the blending mode, opacity . 
    A related trick with getting a good AO shadow from your bake is to increase the number of rays to ~300. Otherwise I find the shadows quite weak. 
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  5. Escha added a post in a topic Student Thread - Ravenz   

    A big improvement! Now you see it's all about using the baked maps to get more visual information, generators are an efficient way to make masks based on the baked maps.
    Another way to add some information that's mostly useful for non-PBR assets (like skyrim) is to add some lighting information from the AO and curvature maps. Try making a fill layer with the AO set to multiply and make sure the tiling is 1 (default is 3). Play with the opacity a little until it looks natural. Do the same with the curvature, but set the blending mode to soft light or overlay, the opacity on this will look best probably around 30% or so.
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  6. Escha added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    You mean the Malian towers with the wooden spikes, right?
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  7. Escha added a post in a topic Student Thread - Ravenz   

    Try to mess up the edges a little more. The crack alphas are good, but the edges are too smooth and uniform. You will get a lot of mileage out of interesting edges when you bake out a curvature map.
    edit: I'm not sure of the right brush to use in Mudbox; in Zbrush you could start with the TrimDynamic brush. 
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  8. Escha added a post in a topic LOTR PROJECT ( RECRUITING )   

    The last LOTR mod project was shut down after a cease and desist letter from Bethesda:
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  9. Escha added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    Hey, thanks for the input Sea Swallow. Means a lot to me that this early version of the Yoku architecture interested anyone enough to create new ideas and drawings 
    Generally our plans are along the lines you describe for the Raga and Yoku cultures being more ME and African respectively. The Yoku set clearly still includes some features that would normally be considered Middle Eastern, as it is the cultural antecedent of the Raga. I do want to add more Africa-inspired features to the set (although overall less than in your drawings - they would be too overtly like a real word place, and we want it to seem more unfamiliar), but it's going to take some dedicated texture work to figure out the patterns. For now you'll have to trust me that I do intend to, hopefully these existing textures that include some geometric patterns will help to convince you.
    I'm a little hesitant to go all-in with the hay roofs, that seems to be more Elsweyr's thing; I can see it fitting in well in some of your drawings though, I'll definitely consider it for some pieces.
    Tile trim (colors have been changed):
    These decorative hemispheres, which I haven't shown on any of the architectural shots:

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  10. Escha added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    Hi, Iliac Bay modelling director here. 
    If I understand correctly what you intend to do, you are planning to make armor types like fur, iron and steel for the different races and hope that they can be integrated into Beyond Skyrim. 
    We'd be glad to have the help, overall we've been mostly focused on things like tilesets and have only completed a few armor sets so far. For the current release we are working on, one similar in scope to Bruma, there are a few needed armor sets that would fit in with both our goals and yours. Since our project involves both the Hammerfell and High Rock provinces, we are planning to include in this first release at a minimum three armor sets for each. These will be Iron (which will also serve as guard armor), steel, and an extra unique armor for the province; porcelain for Hammerfell and Adamantium for High Rock. We've finished the iron and Adamantium for High Rock, but not the others. You can see the concepts here:
    The Orsinium area is not currently planned to be in our first release, but I'm sure we could still find a way to include Orcish armors in the mod overall, possibly in the first release even if the area itself is not.
    It would be helpful if you could come by our discord to discuss how we can work together, I'll PM you a link
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  11. Escha added a post in a topic Arcane Univeristy overhaul   

    The biggest problem is that the vast majority of new joiners at the AU tend to vanish after some period of time, before joining a province and beginning to contribute. I don't know what is the best way to improve the retention rate, but one idea would be to bring them into the community as some kind of 'provisional' member, where they can hang out on discord servers and get a feel for the project overall until the point where their skills reach the level where they can effectively contribute. They might gain a small sense of belonging that encourages them to stick around. 
    I would be against, at least for the 3D portion of the AU, giving trainees an actual claim. I think the fraction of output that would meet the expectation level of a province team would be low - let's be real here, if it's the first 3D asset someone makes, it's not going to be amazing -  and this would be discouraging not only to the learner but to the teams hoping to benefit from the AU. A system like that could work better for other disciplines.
    Not throwing my hat in the ring for AU lead here, while I'd like to see it become a better engine of talent for BS I don't think I have the spare time to do the job well.
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  12. Escha added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    what the fuuuck how you do these so quickly. blows me away.
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  13. Escha added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    Added a couple pieces for a semi-modular minaret set. The first piece is the base piece, seen on the small house in the later pictures, and there is a spikey add-on piece with a shiny brass orb. I was just admiring the outline of the tower in image 2 when I noticed that it's ruined by the outline of the garbage floating in the sky at 0,0 =| we really need to remove that stuff.

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  14. Escha added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    Fancied up the entryway, made a edge damaged version of the plaster texture and added a 2nd floor.

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  15. Escha added a post in a topic Reorganizing [Forum and Sub-Forums]   

    I'm in favor of linking (if not combining) the AU with the AF for the main reason that the trainees will be more likely to join a province team and put their skills to use at BS, if they feel more of a connection with the project after working on an asset. Of course, it may be optimistic that someone's first asset will be high enough quality for our use, but it's worth a shot.
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