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  1. Application 3d modeler

    Hi Richard, Somehow your post didn't get seen for a while. We'd love to have your help and welcome you into our community of artists and modders. I'm PMing you a link to our Discord channel.
  2. Jason Yao (Concept Artist 2D)

    Hi Jason, Love your style, we'd be lucky to have your help. Saw a little high quality zbrush sculpting in your instagram feed in addition to your 2d work, and wanted to mention that that's also the sort of thing that these projects really need. Anyway, welcome and looking forward to seeing your contributions! ~Escha
  3. Application for Concept Artist

    Hey, great stuff! 3d director for Iliac Bay (Hammerfell + High Rock in one worldspace) here, I think your piece 'valley of the gods' is exactly the kind of thing we need for both current tileset and landscaping work in Hammerfell. We'll send a PM with discord invite and get you added to the team on the site here.
  4. Appplication: 3D/Texture Artist

    Very cool character work! Since you don't have a particular province in mind, you'll probably be best off working as a free agent in the AU for now. edit: incase you're looking for something to do right away, here are some links to the Trello pages for the Iliac Bay (Hammerfell + High Rock) project, where we organize claims: feel free to pick something up if it catches your eye. Other province projects should also be able to give you links to their claim lists. IB equipment IB creatures
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    No posts here in almost 3 weeks! get to work people.. Here's what I've been up to; the Yoku Leather armor. The male set is rigged and ready to go but the female version still needs rigging.
  6. Sandstone Caves

    A lot of progress here, despite the lack of posts - the tileset is nearly complete. Dropping some screenshots taken by Ub3r of a test cave he's made.
  7. Sandstone Caves

    Haven't been posting here much, Discord has really taken over hasn't it? Anyway, thought I'd leave a few shots of the first few pieces I've made for a HF sandstone cave set: First is a pre-built room that I was using to test out a displacement workflow. The rest of the tileset will be more modular. A wide column: A wall piece: Also using some re-textured meshes (with stalagtites removed) from the NV meshes left in the Skyrim BSA:
  8. Application: Matthew Coulton

    Hi Matthew, Thanks for the offer! While we aren't recording dialogue at this moment, we think your work would fit in well with our project and we'd like to have your help with it when we do. This shouldn't be too far off, and we will keep your contact information on hand and get in touch when the time for VA is nigh.
  9. General Signup Thread

    What Hammerfell really needs at the moment is quest writers. It's a skill that is more like writing a script than a novel, do you have any sample writing like that?
  10. General Signup Thread

    We need everything, so just choose what you'd most like to work on. Show us some examples of that.
  11. General Signup Thread

    Can you post some examples of your work?
  12. Application: Computer Scientist/ Scripter

    Hi Etaoni, We actually do have a use for programmers, and scripting in papyrus is of course very useful as well. I'll send you a link to our Discord where we can set you up with some things to do.
  13. Modeler in training ,project and offering

    Hi Indrid, I would suggest joining the Arcane University section here, and working on your skills: https://discord.gg/gCkyJE
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    Contact me in discord or PM, I can help you with that.
  15. Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins

    Some updates: