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  1. Application

    Hi Without examples of your work, it will be difficult to join a province. We do however have the Arcane University which will help you polish your skills so you can join a team. The link is https://discord.gg/hjAhVt
  2. Application: 2D Concept artist

    Hi We would love to have you join Elsweyr if you are interested! My Discord is Robcbwilson#0240 and our Concept Art Lead is Sotha Sil#9628, feel free to DM either of us
  3. Writing Application - Lore, Books, Quest, Dialog

    Thanks! Your work is of a high quality, do you have any examples of dialogue?
  4. Application as a 2D Artist (for now)

    Nice, my Discord name is Robcbwilson#0240 We have plenty of people that work on more than one province, so being on more than one is no problem at all.
  5. Application- Concept artist

    Anything that takes your fancy! If you play ESO, you could remake any Khajiit item in the game to take into consideration its age in Skyrim Otherwise, some tools, utensils, crockery etc would be perfect.
  6. Application- Concept artist

    Thanks for your application. Are you able to draw clutter or other similar objects?
  7. Application as a 2D Artist (for now)

    Hi Curry, Anything related to the Khajiit would be prefect
  8. Application wiki writer

    Hi, We would love to invite you to BS to help with our wikis. Feel free to DM me on Discord (Robcbwilson#0240) and we will get you started
  9. Application for Wiki Contributor

    Hi :), We would love to have you join as a wiki contributor. Feel free to DM me on Discord and we can get you started (Robcbwilson#0240).
  10. Application - Wiki Contributor

    Hi Grynn, We would love to have you join BS and help out with our wiki. Feel free to DM me on Discord and we can get you started (Robcbwilson#0240).
  11. Application as a 2D Artist (for now)

    Hi Curry, Would you be interested in Elsweyr? If you could produce some Khajiit Concept Art I can show my Concept Art Lead. Thanks, Rob.
  12. Application - Level Designer (Interior/Exterior)

    Hi, Do you have a specific province in mind that you would be interested in joining?
  13. Application - PR

    Hi Nick, Thanks for your application. We are always looking for people to help out with PR as it frees up our Devs for creating the mod. I am Head of PR, feel free to DM me on Discord. My name is Robcbwilson#0240
  14. Level Design (Interior/Exterior)

    Hi, Your work looks promising, have you any preference as to which team you would prefer to join?
  15. Valerie Erzählerin - Concept Art

    Hi Valerie, I passed your artwork to the Concept Art Lead of Elsweyr and they are very impressed. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to DM Sotha (Sotha Sil#9628) and we can get you started on a claim