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  1. Application Synonym Toast Crunch

    I can see you already joined the Cyrodiil Discord server, so welcome to the Beyond Skyrim family
  2. Application Synonym Toast Crunch

    Hi Your work looks very good! Do you have any specific provinces you are interested in joining?
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    Your work looks amazing! I have passed your application to our 3D Lead who will be in touch soon...
  4. Application: 3D mesh and texture artist

    That is disappointing, but being on Morrowind does not preclude you from joining other provinces. If you are interested in helping out with Elsweyr let me know, you can also join Hammerfell if you wish to
  5. Application: 3D mesh and texture artist

    Hi! We would love to have you on Elsweyr
  6. Application: Writing-Related Role

    Thanks for your application, I have passed it to the writing lead for Elsweyr
  7. Do you have any particular province in mind that you are interested in writing for?
  8. Application: Level Design

    Hi Max! I am the landscaping lead for Elsweyr and we would be very interested in having you make some dungeons for us
  9. Kvatch

    Beautiful work as always!
  10. Application: Character/Quest Writer

    Fair enough, good luck with your application to Cyrodiil
  11. Application: Character/Quest Writer

    Hi Eldritch, are you interested in joining Elsweyr?
  12. NPC Voice Actor

    Thanks for your application Voice acting is very competitive, I wish you luck!
  13. Application: Level Design and Landscaping

    Hi Wyatt, Thanks for your application, I thought your dungeon in particular looked excellent. I am sure a province will be in touch soon!
  14. Important Announcement

    This makes me incredibly sad
  15. Bruma bug report

    Thanks for the detailed bug list, very impressive! I have passed it onto the Cyrodiil Devs