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  1. Sorry for being rude or overbearing guys. I'm sensitve. :l

    1. ServusDei


      I forgive you tetsuwrath

    2. Dark_Ansem
  2. A Good Example

    It was nice to see so much written out on Valenwood for once. Thanks for posting the link.
  3. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    I would like this if I hadn't already used all my likes today on Markus Liberty's pics.
  4. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    So I am on topic, which you admitted half-way. An agenda is simply a list of things to present to a group, which isn't REALLY what I'm doing. I'm discussing how much like the original Solstheim the DB Solstheim is. Which is on topic, since I'm discussing the DLC. You're accusing me of attacking people, when I'm merely pointing out my opinions supported by facts to other members in a non-threatening way. How did I attack anyone? Was I not "attacked" in a similar way? You don't see me getting "pissed off" at you and other members not even reading a whole post or being able to make ANY points in your arguments. So I don't know why you're so upset over what I've said so far. Then you say I'm attacking people but not the problem specifically. What does that mean to you when you read it? Cause that sounds like double-talk to me. Like when someone says they're just kidding at the end of an insult to make it seem okay. I don't mean to be rude, but you're being rather pretentious about this situation. Don't accuse me of things I'm obviously not doing.
  5. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    So I was attacked for making valid points, then retaliated with even more points, and then mocked for doing so?
  6. Imperial City Development

    ? That, is crazy. You had one option for keeping it the same and like 10 for changes. Of course there would end up being more votes for the change since there are more options for it. Do the two options, then after that you do the multiple options. How would that have wasted time as compared to what you guys already did? I didn't vote in it BECAUSE it is biased. You're accusing me of some serious stuff with nothing to back it up. I'm not saying all this because I didn't get my way, and to suggest that is kind of immature and divisive. It is biased if you only had one option about keeping the IC the same, but all the other options are about changes. You should have asked first if everyone wanted the IC to change at all, which you never did. Don't act like you gave a fair chance to a recreation. You clearly didn't. And now you're mad that I keep pointing that out. Your group(reinterpretation) pushed for the changed version from the start without even attempting to see if there was enough support to want a recreation. And now your argument is that it would waste time(IC has had 2-3 polls already) and that I'm whining that I didn't get my way. You guys seem to not be able to handle anyone going against the group's(reinterpretation/inner circle) views on what the IC should look like. Also, you ASSUME too much. I'm not shouting. I'm as cool as a cucumber typing this. I used caps to make it more visible, since you guys aren't fond of reading thoroughly.
  7. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    Excusing the changes? What? I'm backing up BGS's lore, not making excuses for retcons. It's actually not that much work listening and reading things from in game and then pointing them out to someone who ignores what they don't like just to make it their way. I'm also using points from in game(TES3-5). The quest Lost Legacy is another great example of things changing instead of being reinterpreted. Vahlok's Tomb was recently uncovered from an earthquake(Red Mountain). And Kolbjorn Barrow is another good example. That's a perfectly reasonable explanation of why there are Dwemer Ruins in DB but not in BM. I'm supporting BGS, not excusing them. And besides, they didn't do anything that needed excusing in the first place. You guys should get over whatever it is you didn't like about the last 3 TES games. I actually like BGS and their games. If they want to make changes that's up to them. We're supposed to follow the lore and make these provinces lore-friendly right?
  8. Imperial City Development

    Why? Vvardenfell WOULD look almost completely different than it did in TES3. RM erupting changed a lot, I'm sure. As long as it's an aged version and not something that has nothing familiar about it, why would I care? IC and Cyrodiil are a different story. Yeah they've had wars, but the changes aren't as drastic. They would mainly be from rebuilding and battle damage. Changing the IC to your concept version is TOO much change. I don't think that city could sink as much as you're wanting, but there is a cave on that island called Sinkhole Cavern which you could use to EXPLAIN the change, instead of just saying BGS doesn't know what they're doing and say your version is somehow better.
  9. Imperial City Development

    That first poll IS biased. How can you not understand that the first vote should have been on whether or not it was a recreation or reinterpretation? That's two options. Simple and straightforward. After that, you can bog the poll down with all those other options(preferably unbiased). You reinterpretation guys had already decided that that's what you were going to do, and you wanted to make sure you got that by only having one option in the first question for the recreation crowd. THAT'S BIASED TOWARDS A REINTERPRETATION.
  10. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    It's like you guys just skim over what I post and pick one small part of it to use in your argument. The mountains CAN be explained away through magic or Daedric involvement. The Red Mountain is proof of that. Silvenar is another geographical location affected by non-natural means. It's a fantasy RPG, not a simulation of Earth. The Dwemer ruins are recently unearthed, not built in the 4E. Which I already pointed out. I didn't mean to say that Solstheim is EXACTLY the same, and I thought that was evident in my post's wording and context, but apparently it's not being read all the way through. I said that the island is a recreation with appropriate aging due to the Red Mountain disaster and any battles fought there. I have both my old xbox and my 360 hooked up to my tv with one on composite and one on HDMI so I can have both Morrowind and Skyrim going at the same time and switch between the two to compare Solstehim. They're the same, in a generalized way. It's an obvious continuation of the Solstheim from Bloodmoon. That's my point. You guys seem to think it's a reinterpretation of the old DLC, and you're wrong. Play them side by side and you will see what I've seen. Something I've been wondering, but never seem to look for in game: In Morrowind, was there any standing water above sea level? I'm also not complaining. I would say it is the reinterpretation crowd that's complaining, as they have nothing but bad things to say about BGS. I think that BGS put in everything from BM into DB, then added more to that. It's a recreation all the way. A great one at that.
  11. Imperial City Development

    Well about the GTA thing, Vorians reread my post. I was referring to the 2nd gen games of GTA3, SA, VC, VCS, and LCS. So I'm still right about how they kept the LC in those games the same. They were at different time periods as well, so that is why the layout is altered slightly. GTA 4 is like an Ultima sequel, a reboot/reinterpretation=lame . As for DB's Solstheim, I played it, it is just like BM's Solstheim, so again I'm still right. All those changes you guys have mentioned are either explained in game, or left up to the PC's imagination. The Dwemer ruins are obviously recently excavated. There's even a Dunmer digging(not at a ruin) to try and find artifacts. The changes we see in this DLC are due to the passage of time and major events like war and the Red Mountain explosion. That's pretty obvious. All the major landmarks line up really well too. So again, it's a recreation, not an interpretation. About the polls, it was totally biased towards changing the lore IC. The first poll should have only been two questions/options: do a recreation or do a reinterpretation. I like Eric Blanks concept for the city. At least in that overhead view. And after seeing what the IC looks like in Skyrim, I'm even more convinced that I'm right about doing a recreation instead of reinterpretation. If there's more space in between the walls, just add duplicate buildings or the canal idea to fill in the gaps. The IC should have aged and grown. Some city sprawl would look cool. I think an extra wall ring would be cool and some extra satellite structures. and another bridge opposite the first one.
  12. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    I never played it, but I have recently played Dragonborn, and yes, Solstheim is still just like it was, only aged. Everything in DB that is different from BM has an explanation, most given in game, and the point is still valid. It's a recreation, not a reinterpretation. All the major landmarks are lined up fairly accurate. The geographical differences are easily explained away by the Red mountain explosion. Look at how a lot of the trees are snapped, similar to that spot in Russia that was hit by a meteor/asteroid. The city layouts changed, but again, it's explained away by something in game. They've mentioned that the explosion also damaged places in Solstheim and that could explain why the layouts changed a little. In Raven Rock, the center pier's lanterns are probably in the same spot as the ones from BM. It's the same but aged. Which is how it should be.
  13. Architecture from elder scrolls online

    The arches under the bridge are cool. The houses look like they have tails though.
  14. DLC 3 - Dragonborn

    How is it a fake? Couldn't the player be using mods that affect the UI similar to the map you're showing? Either way, it's still the exact same island from Bloodmoon. The only difference is the first Dragonborn's and the Dunmer migrant's additions. Plus ash. So my point is still valid about Cyrodiil and Morrowind needing to be recreations and not reinterpretations.