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  1. Hey guys, I've been working on a personal project of mine for a few months now and I'm finally to the point where I need a team to start producing content for marketing as well as beinging preproduction work. If you like MOBAs, RPGs, sci fi, and 80s nostalgia then this project is perfect for you! Currently I need: 1 Concept Artist 1 3D Generalist 1 Programmer/Scripter If any of you are interested or know someone who might be, feel free to PM me and ask me any questions you have! Thanks!
  2. Archon Rock Formations

    Ran through a couple versions of what rock formations might look like in the beaches of Archon. Im leaning towards number 4. I think having large dark powerful slate like rocks covering a pink beach would have some great visual power. Ill end up doing a few rounds of thumbnails after this to try and really solidify the overall silhouette of the formations. Really just wanted to get something down visually though.
  3. Black Marsh Inspirations

    I agree. While I havent seen the Argonians online, I have seen screenshots and I'm disappointed with Bethesda's "effort" in fleshing out the Argonian aesthetic. The reason I feel people might be so strongly opposed to Mesoamerican influences is because of how poorly it was implemented. Thankfully we at least have a blueprint what not to follow. Keep in mind also, certain things work because theyre grounded in reality. Part of why I love an Argonian Mesoamerican mashup is because of both cultures religious and spiritual influences on their respective aesthetics. We can visually believe it and see its plausibility (even if some dont agree with it) because its real world connection.
  4. Black Marsh Inspirations

    Absolutely @TheSandwichMan. I plan to place more importance on the Argonian side than the Mesoamerican side. Mainly because, well, its ARGONIAN culture not MESOAMERICAN culture that were trying to force to fit. Were creating an entirely different aesthetic that puts Black Marsh's culture ahead of aesthetic. We want players to say "Hey this looks similar to Mesoamerican art" not "Wow they just put Argonians in here with a Mesoamerican style"
  5. Black Marsh Inspirations

    I believe that we can make the Mesoamerican themes that Bethesda introduced to the Argonians work. While I agree that it does seem like they copy and pasted their style onto the Argonians rather uneffectively Im fully commited to integrating it better and take into account the Argonians culture and lifestyle. Im a huge fan of Mesoamerican style and art as well as the Argonians. We wont let you guys down!
  6. Flora For Alchemy

    Well lucky for me im not involved in the technical side of the project just the art so when someone who has a real answer to this ideas feasibility responbles well get a better idea of how far this idea can go. Vanilla alchemy stations will also do just fine. No need for special equipment.
  7. Flora For Alchemy

    Yeah. As of right now its really just an idea but i think one that would really make BM special. Hopefully we can figure out the technical side and decide if it can be done and how hard it would be. One step further of this idea would be to have deadly ingrients as well. Ingridents whos negative effect could be fatal and would require ingesting another ingridient to nutrilize the effect. It was also discussed to have environmental hazards that could cause status effects as well such as walking into a poisonous fog that would make you highly suseptible to certain new diseases and attack types. Id also like to be able to apply that poisons as well.
  8. Flora For Alchemy

    Yes Ive played Frostfall although I admit its been some time since. Im not sure the extent of Frostfalls mechanics but I guess the selling point of this would be that these status effects would be race specific. Im also not sure if this would be able to be applied to the wildlife. As far as harvestable bugs it would definitely add more depth to alchemy.
  9. Project Update

    @Kettlewitch i apologize as well. i have no real reason to have ignored anyone. if ive ignored anyone on this project you have my sincerest apologies. Anyone is more than welcomed to PM me on here and I'll get back as soon as i can. im sure your insanely frustrated with the team and that is a completely our fault. i would absolutely love to keep you on board whenever you feel ready if you'll ever be ready. this project has a lot to prove not just to you but to everyone else we may have disappointed and we will absolutely be proving that we're all serious about Black Marsh here.
  10. Project Update

    Hello all, I just wanted to let you all know that the project is indeed alive and well. We havent had many updates for it recently but the leads have recently met and discussed the future of this project and it is indeed something we'd love to accomplish and are still immensely passionate about so if you will bear with us for a bit longer you wont be disappointed. In the mean time feel free to discuss ANY and I do mean any ideas you may have or wish to accomplish with this project. At the moment thats all we can do is speculate an get excited about the potential of this project. The more we get talking about it the more excited we get! So lets get some discussions going! At the moment we are working out our pipeline and management that way we will be able to efficiently post claims and be able to manage that work that would be assigned. Everyone that is still involved and have stuck through this small speed bump, @saturnus @Asurnasurpal @simsim899 and I (@gr1ndh0use) all really appreciate your patience and we have every intention of getting to work ASAP.
  11. Flora For Alchemy

    Its been discussed outside of DC but I'd formally like to start a discussion on the boards about designing the unique harvestables in BM in terms of alchemy since were somewhat working on the terrain and biomes. Im not a huge user of alchemy to be honest so I'm not exactly sure how well the system works now but in that regard I think there is a unique element we could bring to BM that might make it more appealing to those who dont use it and add a new element to the game. I cant quite remember what our boundaries were for BM or if we shelved the idea all together but I remember someone saying we couldn't create new mechanics for the game which is fine because I believe this one should work with the game as is just fine. So the overall concept is that different flora will affect players differently depending on their race. An example might be that one ingredient might give Orc players a stamina buff while poisoning a Wood Elf for a short period of time. This concept would also apply to poisons made. Like I said before I'm not sure what our technical limits are but the theory is that the player could make poisons that affect races differently. It might not have much use inside BM seeing as the region is mostly Argonian but outside the region it could be really useful for stealth type players and those who use bows. I think adding this element would work really nicely considering BM is filled with natural dangers. Why not be able to create your own? Also I'm not sure how we would apply these properties to all the fauna of the base game so I'm not sure if we could work around that or not. Either way I thought I'd bring this idea over officially to DC to discuss.
  12. TESO Screenshots

    Have a couple ideas for some architectural type buildings that Im going to get to work on. Thanks for the uploads!
  13. Black Marsh Inspirations

    Thank you guys for the kind words. This was merely me just exploring freely what I imagine them in my head. I can definitely make them more androgynous on my second pass. I really want a hammerhead looking preset for the Argonians so I'm going to put a lot of thought into these designs
  14. Black Marsh Inspirations

    Keeping this post in hear because these sketches are more inspirational than they are production designs but I thought I'd start dabbling in the more aquatic type Argonians that would inhabit the land. Realy felt like some hardcore amphibious designs were overlooked in the vanilla so hoping to get something like this in at some point.
  15. Flora Discussion

    Let me know when you need concepting on special flora. A lot of these I'm sure wont need any cause we'd just be mimicking what they actually look like with some minor tweaks.