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  1. Order Priest Armour

    Currently we don't plan adding this armor in game.
  2. General Signup Thread

    Send you PM
  3. General Signup Thread

    I have send you pm
  4. General Signup Thread

    Hi! We are always Could you show us some examples of your 3d works?
  5. General Signup Thread

    Hallo, Vortec. Could you show us some examples of your works?
  6. Yeah that's Skyrim this time. Well, I see a normal map assigned as diffuse and no diffuse map at all. Just tap on your normal map address (textures/***/yournormalmap.dds), copy the file path and paste it 1 string below (on a second string, where normal map should be placed) Then change file path on the first string so it would point to your diffuse map (textures/***/yourdiffusemap.dds small flower icon and choose he way to your diffuse map
  7. But your nif structure clearly says it's Oblivion nif file. Maybe you didn't choose Game:Skyrim in export settings? And maybe that's the source of your problem. Anyway I would advice you to reexport your object then just delete bsshaderlightproperty from your nif file and copy\paste bsshaderlightproperty from vanilla nif
  8. Excuse me, but are you making this model for Oblivion or Skyrim?
  9. Thanks, but we already have lots of food and more to come Check our food\ingredient trello board for more up to date info https://trello.com/b/aMm7dTgk/cyrodiil-equipment-clutter-and-creatures
  10. Morcroft's Herbarium

    Of course we are. I'll check your mesh later today
  11. Hello. I'm one of Cyrodiil art team and not a native speaker too. BS is international project. We are impressed with your portfolio, especially your demo video, that shows you poses some animation skill. We are in big need of animators, so if you feel yourself capable to handle skyrim animation, we would want you in our team. Also, if you have other works like simple objects/texture examples/sculpted models, that would show your skills much better then rendered and photoshoped pieces of art XD 'cause Skyrim rendering is pretty bad.
  12. Application - Asset Creator (Models, Textures)

    Hi! We 'd love to see you in our team. I'll ask our leads to give you set up
  13. Application : 3D Modeller

    Awesome works! Cyrodiil team would also be happy if you join us =D
  14. Hello! Your models looks great I'd be very happy to see you in our team. I'll send your post to our art lead.
  15. 3D Modelling and Texturing looking to help

    Great! New modellers are always welcome. I'll ask our art lead to contact you. Please just don't disappear