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  1. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello RuneMaker, Usually people have to submit an example of their work, is there anything you can send us? Create a lore document for something that shows your understanding of TES lore and Khajiit lore and fleshing something out on your own?
  2. Khajiit Khopesh (short "sword") art

    That's fine.
  3. Khajiit Khopesh (short "sword") art

    Sure post it here.
  4. Khajiit Khopesh (short "sword") art

    Hey that's cool. I love your enthusiasm. We have a lot of weapon sketches up already. I like the curves there. Did you have any more finished sketches? Or could you draw some clutter for a Khajiit fishing village?
  5. Ye Fine Folk

    Illiac Bay is doing a ship/player home.
  6. Ye Fine Folk

    I'm quite serious, but I'm not sure what I have liberty to say.
  7. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello GreatBurrito! Do you have any examples of your work to share? If not could you write up something for us? Here are a few ideas: 1. Write a dialogue for a Khajiit Caravansary, including a number of options, including life in the caravan, and might reference things going on in the rest of Tamriel, including dragons and the civil war in Skyrim. 2. The player encounters a random Khajiit master of the dance of claw and tail on the road. The player can ask questions about why they are traveling and where to. Dialogue might mention martial arts in Elsweyr and how the Khajiit approach fighting, and dancing. 3. Make a few dialogue options for bandits talking, that the player can eavesdrop on. I can't wait to hear from you.
  8. Ye Fine Folk

    If you can't go back, maybe the ship could be the player home? However I think another province might be doing that.
  9. Ye Fine Folk

    The expedition might need to resupply?
  10. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    @Graystor Right now we need something more finished. If you'd like some suggestions on getting there, I'd be happy to help you.
  11. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Graystorms maybe you could try drawing a few things for us. Maybe retouch Azura or draw some Khajiit bandits, remember to have some biped and some quadraped.
  12. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello GrimNightStalker Happy to see you. I'll send our art lead your way. We're pretty good for music, and our VA's aren't needed yet, but we can always use some more art.
  13. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello! Thanks for posting. I'll send our Writing Director by to check this out.
  14. Ohme Sweet Ohme

    We've got the concept art up here:
  15. Is this cancelled?

    There are no active teams for these at the moment. Some of these have some significant technical hurdles to overcome (I'm looking at you *moving tree cities*!), but the plan/dream is to eventually do all of Tamriel.