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  1. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Exclusive Music, Sound Effects, Ambience: Summary and Status   

    Default Explore remote can have a touch of freedom and hope, a bit less melancholic than central areas,
    because the sea is also open and connecting Atmora to the future, the areas where time is running;
    where change is possible, as a bridge when entering, and also to allow some dramatic gain when you travel inlands.
    a grain of "open" salt ;-) as you can breathe there...
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  2. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Atmoran Monoliths   

    could be done; yes.
    you can choose these human forms, but we have some mural / totem references.
    yes, Thewovlesden, you are right, this is what we did, and still want to do ;-)

    but, feel free to use all of your creative inspiration, karou akiyama, even if its not an animal ;-)
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  3. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Scrolls Retexture Concept   

  4. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Atmoran Monoliths   

    very good! Exactly what is needed.
    The first one, with that Ysgramor-like face is truly outstanding.
    I think, its very nice to have not only hoddimir-style-runestones but also mayan and sumerian elements ;-)
    i love it. If possible, could you try another variant for more diversity? I can imagine telling ancient stories with them...
    for example enpicturing a dragon, a bear, an owl, a wolf, a moth, a hawk, a swan, a stag, a hare, a whale, a fox,
    a boar; or daily situations, or priests or jarls or ships.... something that catches your interest ;-)

    If you need, feel free to join the writers docs in the writer channels, 
    and you can talk with me or anathem7x or tascani about options for scripts if you have suggestions for us;
    (what this monolith could do with magical abilities)
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  5. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Writer looking to contribute!   

    We welcome you! ;-)
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  6. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Bear Cult Idea Thread   

    development over time. I mean, the tests on sea would be very much different than those in the mountains, 
    still the purpose would serve a similar function... but in general, i follow your ideas, because i didnt mean to make them equal.
    Just, comparable (as 2 unequal brothers with different vitae are).
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  7. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Bear Cult Idea Thread   

    maybe we could create anaolgies when working on the whale side quest, so they are sharing the same purpose with the bear monks, just at the southern bay (local differences)...and ofc in a different natural environment, the sea. so you could have similar apprentance and trials for young atmorans in the seafaring tribes, while the clans in the inland had stronger ties to the bear rites....
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  8. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Andoran:Prologue development roadmap, need a competent opinion   

    your project looks very fresh in a way, and ambitious. Also an interesting approach to work "open access" with the community.
    I hope, you still have some sort of management, I see that, if "everybody just adds what they like";
    it might get hard to improve/edit / delete things and then somebody else asks you
    "Ey, who allowed you to change my place here?"

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  9. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Status Quo of Music, Sound, VA Records   

    so far, it has been a pleasant experience to work with you, you are really professional.
    You are now head of our music department ;-) 
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  10. Hannes821 added a topic in Writing   

    Side Quest Concept 22: "The first thief amongst the Nords"
    I was writing a very short and barren concept for a new side quest, that can easily be implemented and feels immersive to me;
    and also covers various places of our diverse landscape. Please give us some comments ;-)
    (it is a very simple treasure hunt idea as an Addition to what we have, not complicated)
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  11. Hannes821 added a topic in General   

    Atmora Recruitment Thread
    Heja traveler!

    From May 2017:

    We currently have over one hundred "formal" members and about 15 "active members".
    We have a few cycles still on schedule, including adding new quests, points of interest; story and
    new textures and meshes and music. There will be no release before the end of this year.
    So, we still have a chance to add content with high standards in our nearly finished,
    Skyrim-sized exterior landscape and the over 50 Interiors.

    So far, for recruiting new members we have been using our:
    - discordchannel (https://discord.gg/TjwXfzE)
    - Slack (https://expeditiontoatmora.slack.com/messages/C3N21PXKK/files/F58AJNZ99/) (requires invite via email)
    - and our old forum (http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net/thread/18/new-members-state-expertise-team?page=6)
    Additionally, we want to give you forum visitors a place to apply directly inside Dark Creations.
    If you like Atmora,; you are welcome to post here!
    Please tell us a bit about your experience / fields of interest.
    Questions will be answered by me or Anathem7x if you contact us directly, or in the channels linked above.

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  12. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Concept Artist looking to help.   

    Welcome to BS! We would be happy to work with you.

    Atmora´s teams main direction is arctic landscape, bronze age culture, and tribal culture,
    undead, ghosts and survival. A bit dark, a bit mystic, archeological and a bit cold. 
    If these general topics catch your interest, you are welcome to join and work with us!
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  13. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    i think i love you ;-)  

    I hope it would be okay for you if we "rip the meshes a bit apart" (edit: means add destruction)
    and alter the textures to make them much more aged later ?

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  14. Hannes821 added a topic in Textures   

    Atmoran Rock Retexture
    We are currently brainstorming options (in our other communication channels) how we want to retexture the rocks;
    in specific  MountainSlab02.dds. The basic purpose is making Atmora more unique, (i also suggested this to other teams with other previously, with various style directions) in terms that support the basic "lonely survival feel", lost, haunted civ dramatic feel and sadness, but also natural, rough beauty (some dark-bright contrast and sea). (and not the blue-ish skyrim mountains)

    Anathem gave me some concepts (thank you ;-) nice quality)
    but i would like to mention, that unique stone texture locations will be recognizable when you look on
    the mesh ingame, thus it will be pointed out to players, that similar textures are re-used quite often...

    my first approach will be (once other more important matters and the scrolls are done)
    to scale up the size and use the vanilla file as "frame" and then desaturate and overlay a certain type of stone surface structure.

    If there is any advice or graphical suggestion, feel free to post it here.
    Thank you!

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  15. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Scrolls Retexture Concept   

    we would use the book attribute (like a note), but instead of a text add a texture with our custom font; which i previously made.
    I can do this, its just not high priority at the moment. i need to UV-map these ships, then merge and other important things.
    But, yes that was the plan ;-) 
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