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  1. Status Quo Models

    @TARS well, a few statics can always be added. Environmental add-ons. And every Skyrim-Modding team is happy about rigged creatures. Whats your portfolio? ;-) Are you modeler or concept artist?
  2. Application - Papyrus Scripter

    hello Tommy, this seems like very good application. Especially that Atmora is one of your preferences ;-) Atmora is now implementing quests and working towards release. We would be very happy to have you on board and see where we can go together. Of course, its free for you to also to work in another team or in Atronach Forge for several teams; and after Atmoras release, I would highly appreciate if you would proceed with other teams anyway if you want ;-) New applicants run as recruits until they have handed in something for evaluation. We have an open and cooperative and communicative team and we are looking forward to seeing you around! greetings
  3. How to Apply

    UPDATE June 2018 We are no longer recruiting Writers, Marketing, Sound Engineers, Composers and Concept Artists. We have very little tasks left to do for level designers (Creation Kit). We have still space for 3d recruits (Nif-Formate) and Implementers (Creation Kit Quest Building). We do not yet cast Voice Actors. Please stay patient. This job is last.
  4. Recruitment: Spanish translator

    we will see ;-) at the moment, the focus is on development, translation later. you can help us translating the new BS website if you want. If so, write me a pm. では、またね amigo
  5. Application - Web Developer

    welcome ;-)
  6. Housing & Human Structures Concept Ideas

    please read up the lore about Atmora. the weather and the thousands of years in-between.
  7. Application - PR

    Thanks for your strong interest for bs. Rob is a great team manager, and we are welcoming you . We are open-minded and working towards improvement, see you there.
  8. Recruitment: Applying for Music/Sound

    Atmora is a bit special. so not everything fits here. and we have a full sound team. But you go in a certain direction that could give some inspiration, some aspects might fit. I would like to invite you as recruit and then the Audio department head Yaranik will see how you can cooperate. thanks for your interest.
  9. Status Quo Models

    this is a bit offtopic in the context of meshes. and ofc we have our ways... ;-)
  10. you can post examples; by that, the sound dep lead can judge if you can enrich the team. cheers
  11. Connor

    @Connor.g it helps if you have played Skyrim before, to understand quest design, dialogues, and level design basic concepts. Also, writing examples are essential. No matter how good the writing is, it has to fit in the frame of the project. Thanks for your application, we would love to hear more (contentwise) from you. cheers
  12. Possiblity of snow elf presence?

    lore says, after the great war in dawn era, elves left atmora and settled in Tamriel.
  13. What happened? This place feels kinda empty...

    you need to apply to join the dev servers, else you can join the public community servers.
  14. Atmoran Monoliths

    we do have something with Hermaeus Mora. Make sure you let me know when you have a concept for a story, maybe we can get some new inspiration ;-)
  15. Recruitment: Spanish translator

    welcome! yes, we can talk about it. ;-)