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  1. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Status Quo   

    Hey, maybe I should leave an update note here ;-)

    we had internally merged to version 0.984 in October and entered another development cycle (0985)
    we had 0982 in April - June, 0983 to July and 0984 until October.
    So, the schedule is 2, 3 months each; next merge will be around Christmas.
    Currently, all exteriors get the first overhaul; and we are implementing MQ03;
    also finishing base writing for all MQ chapters, and working on implementation;
    and getting more textures and meshes ready. the soundtrack is getting expanded as well.
    We would love to get more input for sidequests but it requires some insight into what has been written and
    build so far. We really have a very productive time here, in daily episodes;
    but more concept art, resources and maybe 1 or 2 implementers for sidequests are always welcome to speed things up.

    Its a bit funny, if you compare how much happens in the discord, and our forums, both old and new, hardly see posts ;-)

    well, we are alive and its great to check out the team and see what you can achieve with us!
    see you

    PS: more update news on the first newsletter for BS PR soon! ;-)

    also, check our recent Q&A event for the occasion of skyrims sixth birthday here:
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  2. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Atmora   

    yeah, i should say sorry because all the interesting dev conversation is happening inside the team.
    i can only suggest candidates to message me if they want to experience it themselves.
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  3. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Creatures of Thras Discussion   

    more and more I feel like you create a fantastic horror game scenario. maybe you should really write "horror quests" as well,
    if you already have such a landscape, creatures and lore lol .
    yes you see, my points come from an outsider who has no idea about the big picture, ofc if you say it like this, it follows necessary considerations.
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  4. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Creatures of Thras Discussion   

    like always, you do awesome work on the technical details, dave, the modeling is surely outstanding!

    with this huge belly and this short arms, that poor creature cant do anything but make me feel pity for how his creator made him ...

    if you use size and body components like the tail to make it look threatening in physical terms, then making it cute (arms, belly) or retarded on an another body part, it takes off this scary effect for me. its like adding water to the soup, but thats just my first impression. I have no idea about the creatures lore, but i guess, making it physically more dominant,
    for example strenghtening the legs and shaping the arms differently, and leaving the belly on the back of the body, the rear part, could work.
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  5. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Recruitment: DofD   

    Hello DofD !
    thanks for your application.
    Usually we are very picky with leveldesigners, 
    But your examples show that you are not new to the topic.
    We would like to get to know you.
    A new cycle starts 1st of october,
    maybe we can use the remaining time to talk and 
    look at an application interior, a small cave,
    to cover the basics again together and exchange stylistic ideas.
    I will support you where you think its necessary.
    I will send you a pm.
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  6. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Application: Composer   

    heya, your sounds feel a bit modern for a medieval fantasy world setup ;-)
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  7. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Application: 2D Artist & Writer   

    hey, you can have a look if you would be interested in our concept art department at atmora, but its really up to you.
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  8. Hannes821 added a comment on a gallery image plate4.jpg   

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  9. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Possiblity of snow elf presence?   

    what you say, is very valid, mikiep1031.
    But we have heard the most common ideas about atmora a couple of times the last years.
    I remember at least 4 people with the snow elf idea ;-)
    we are however always very happy to get community input; because its a basic condition for good options later.
    Thank you Rhys.
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  10. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Atmora   

    anyone can, given will, inspiration, endurance, and a bit skill ;-) and most im portantly working well in a team
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  11. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Atmora   

    there will be a reworked map in the near future, the next few weeks.
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  12. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Recruitment: Multidroideka   

    i wrote you a message last night ;-) you are welcome to join
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  13. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Recruitment: Multidroideka   

    Thank you for the offer!

    Sorry, i had been in exams recently, so i wasnt here exactly when you posted ;-)
    we are more active on our discord at the moment.
    Our musical director and main composer is Yaranik, and he is doing outstanding work,
    so i am not sure if there is still place for much music works, and if,
    then only after his guidelines for maximum consistency.

    However, its good if you have experience with graphics,
    and usually once people come into conversation and see what we do,
    they like it and can pick something that fits their skillset or will to learn about.
    i will send you an invitation!
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  14. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Application: Scripting / Programming   

    I am afraid, that the lore masters of the southern provinces would have to contact you, i cant really help.
    also Darkfox127 makes some nice tutorial videos on youtube and there is lots of other sources... better start with BETHESDA ;-)
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  15. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Application: 3D/2D Artist   

    i hink you can either name a province you would be interested or work cross provincial for the atronach forge.
    the condition is that quality and topics match.
    This one is one of the better ones in your portfolio in my opinion; those little manga-girls are a bit misleading, I take it;
     because it would prove that you could model a temple, a house or another mesh for the Elderscrolls in general; still it would help if you show something elderscrolls-ish ;-) :
    good luck

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