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  1. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Lore Background   

    it has been argued, that a high king does not fit the early ages, and the names are just made up.
    Its a draft to sketch a closer view on social status there as a background for the quests stories
    (which have a connection back to the past, obviously, there are no humans alive in Atmora ;-) )

    so this is just an idea, not something we already decided to use.

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  2. Hannes821 added a topic in Introduction & Plan   

    Status Quo
    since most work & work related communication is done in SLACK and Google Docs, it is not visible to you here,
    but i would like to let you know, the next merge is scheduled for the next 3-5 weeks, so there is constant progress inside the files.
    We will then merge quest- exterior- and magic-related esps and some encounters.
    If you have any questions, please ask, and feel free to join the Slack and get active ! ;-)

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  3. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Open Lore Questions - Whats your opinion   

    exactly. so, our translation in modern language would be "jarl", however, ofc, in Atmoran language it is not "Jarl" (but a different name with a slightly different meaning,
    lost in translation, as it is always the case; but the unique-ness and difference to "modern" Jarls will definitely be pointed out by story, name and design) .
    EDIT: so at a deeper look, it will be very clear that they are not exactly the same "Jarls" as you meet them in Skyrim. 

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  4. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage   

    as we talked, soon we have it done ;-) just some minor tweaks! 
    Good work, Thane! ;-)
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  5. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Open Lore Questions - Whats your opinion   

    i saw, nice!
    now, we cannot copy 100% real world names in game content, both because they are somewhat ambivalent regarding their historical context as Tasheni pointed out (thank you!),
    and because also game content should not be a simple copy of real world thinks.

    However, like Bethesda, i like the idea of having Synonyms with "about" the same basic meaning (Walhalla=Sovengarde)
    because its easily and intuitively to be understood by the players, what the role of an element in general in the game´s lore concept is.
    This "pseudo-historical-vehicles" can transport a dense feeling, that is easier to grasp then structures completely made up,
    and also easier to justify and fitting to vanilla.

    Yes, Nick, thanks for pointing out the naming conventions regarding Roscrea, it completely makes sense if you follow the chain of events there,
    and also makes Roscrea more unique and outstanding, i like that new twist of chieftains becoming Jarls, and Clans becoming cults.

    However, we will try to portray the bronze and iron age nordic culture as we imagine it both more close to boring real history and Bethesda:
    pagan pantheism that is a traditional cultural element embedded in usual clan life, not yet such an abstract concept of ideas that would define the shape
    of their primal societies and justify them to call themselfes after singular totems.

    I also like the idea very much that you mentioned Nick, to portray a linguistic development from Atmora to Skyrim,
    here by giving the "Jarl" an older naming convention. We have been discussing this before in the old forum.
    There are 4 reasons against this:
    - in Bethesda Lore the term "Jarl" (and "king") is used also in reference to the oldest nord sources.
    - We already will have an ancient Atmoran Language, and translations also are never 1:1 in meaning,
    so we kind of already have an ancient word of Jarl, without really stating it in English, however we still could do that in ingame literature
    - new concepts and naming conventions have to be accepted by the majority of fans, and that needs a few good reasons
    - The more new things we introduce, the less "intuitively immersive" the mod gets for the casual player (we do not want to frustrate "usual average" players with the lore,
    eventhough, i admit, we would love to add tons of text and theory behind, but i think it should only be added where it supports the main quest. else it is swelling the mod, making it top-heavy for casual players, but i admit that also depends on what kind of people you have in mind when creating content)

    thank you for input! its appreciated! 
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  6. Hannes821 added a topic in Atmoran Lore   

    Open Lore Questions - Whats your opinion
    This place is for talking about some lore ideas that are not official Bethesda lore but seem fitting well.
    ) what do you think about the nordic name of a Thrall (Slaves), and what about the Godi (jarls /kins druid)
    both are real world names, and like the term "Shieldbrother" and "Jarl" could be used in the same analogy inside the plot of Skyrim Mods.
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  7. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Scripting, quest, events, etc explanation & clarification   

    i guess you are not interested in co-operation then. ok, then its clear.
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  8. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Main Quest (RE)Writing -Status Quo   

    it is a private expedition of a character that is the offspring of a rich patrician family from Cyrodiil.
    He is kind of a young, inconsiderate adventurer, who seeks for fortune and fame,
    and while he was in service for his father (he had to obbey the strict rule of the patriarch)
    he was sent to his uncle, who was less strict on him, and secretly (like many) admired his passion and eager for new horizons.
    So, instead of having him locked in the local trade department for doing the accountings,
    he was sent to the more remote outposts to trade and watch for new opportunities in wares and goods.
    And when he sometimes got lost, his uncle turned a blind eye on it.
    By chance, he found an expelled scholar with interest in ancient civilisations,
    an old captain who has seen better days and now seeks for purpose and a few other people,
    who are now bold enough to risk it.

    they have a longer story, but i guess that is for the players to find out and not the aim of your question ;-)

    For the legendary Dragonborn, he will randomly cross the path with these people.
    At that moment, he tries to understand something that just happened to him.
    Later he will find out, that "it" is connected with that very place the expedition is heading for.
    Arriving there (spoiler) the plot will be about events prior to Skyrim's Dragonwars.
    They will mention ties to Alduin and Paarthurnax back then.
    It is about the results of those events, and what happened to the player,
    that will force him to fulfill a prophecy there. 

    and just by the way: he will permanently have to make sure, that he and the crew will survive and return...
    *"at the moment": there is a very detailed story, i do not think that there will be big changes.
    we are implementing the Main quest for the second time now, and we know exactly what we want to achieve, and what not ;-)
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  9. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Status Quo of Music, Sound, VA Records   

    not bad, but we would need to talk about a few details and the general background.
    I will give you feedback next week and then we can talk about if we want to work on something special together.
    thank you for your offer!
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  10. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Scripting, quest, events, etc explanation & clarification   

    well, i was just talking with anathem about your offer.
    It is true, we do not use the previous quest fragments and trigger boxes and scripts.
    They had been removed with TS5EDIT, and we have a new director for implementation,
    and a fresh concept, hoping to imrpove a few things we realised when testing.
    And we found ways for the cloud thing and other previous issues.
    So, the status is, we might not need information about those.
    Anyhow, we talked, and considered to give it a new chance, 
    offering you regular membership and invite you to our slack.
    send me an email adress of yours that i am supposed to invite if you like.

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  11. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage   

    i will ask ye old bard if he could tell me which filter /script effect he used for the font
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  12. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Scripting, quest, events, etc explanation & clarification   

    we will use new quests and scripts but thank you for the kind offer.
    i will contact you if a detailed question occurs.
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  13. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage   

    my suggestion ;-) comments please ^^

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  14. Hannes821 added a topic in Atmoran Lore   

    3rd party inspirational art concepts


    [img alt="" src="http://s2.glbimg.com/zXRb99xJ7y6kB3J8fsMqpfOTj18=/695x0/s.glbimg.com/po/tt2/f/original/2015/10/08/far-cry-primal2.png" style="max-width:100%;"]
    [img src="https://www.kunstnet.de/werk/180606-cave-art-jagd-vi" alt=" "]
    [img src="https://www.kunstnet.de/w4/24138/mammut.jpg" alt=" "]
    a column to be placed over a sarcophagus

    a real sarcophagus 

    early housing in the north

    drying stones, boat-building; "teer"/"Pech" is put on the planks against water
    (get it from Torf in the swamps, its a waterproof stuff that dries)

    a place in englad, built buy vikings, called "Jarlshof"

    [img src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/97/Saraj_in_Gnadenau%2C_Kansas.png" alt="" style="max-width:100%;"]
    Some structures were more like earthen mound huts alongside tents [and yurts]; these are structures found in Eastern Scandinavia, particularly Finland (having had use amongst groups such as Sami tribes):
    [img/] style="max-width:100%;" alt="" src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ea/Sami_family_1870s.jpg"
    [img/] alt="" src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/Saami_Family_1900.jpg" style="max-width:100%;"]
    Ruins of an old fort, now only standing like a facade:
    [img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/Novogrudok_ruin.jpg" alt=""]

    Ruins of old ceremonial buildings; remains of what appears to have been real-world [Eastern] Orthodox chapels:
    [img style="max-width:100%;" alt="" src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/af/Arkhyz_1882.jpg"][img style="max-width:100%;" alt="" src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/Desjatynna_westerfeld.jpg"]

    src="https://www.reliks.com/products/2265/1.jpg" alt=" "]

    src="http://massivelyop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/arkice-1024x576.png" alt=" "]
    atmoran ghost warrior imagined as how could they have looked like...

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  15. Hannes821 added a topic in Atmoran Lore   

    Concept Art

    an older concept for the fisher huts

    Rune Stones & Exterior

    Settlement & Housing

    if you realise, that you see those pics again in the refering sections, you are right;
    i bundle the upload here and then sort them by category / thread Topic



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