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  1. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    it happens to all of us ;-)
  2. Folken - Writing / Oddjobs

    Heya, thanks for your interesting and motivated application! we have many stories done, now it's about implementation time. I contacted my Dep Lead writing. have fun, and see you.
  3. 2D/concept art

    ;-) nice
  4. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    @edget welcome, and nice to see you. This is the forum of the Atmora team. So there are a few teams and they work independently on their regions. Each project has slightly different spirit and story and design, but its always possible to work crossover. Since you already applied directly here and also joined our communication, I would assume you honour us with starting in our team. Welcome!
  5. Recruitment: translation?

    hey! cool! later maybe. at the moment we are very busy with the original content ^^ thanks for your interest
  6. Recruitment: Voice Acting

  7. Recruitment: request

    arcane University ( i have been told its public so i can share it here): https://discord.gg/h4XEk6t forum: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/927-arcane-university/ (go to the Dark creations/forums -> everything)
  8. Recruitment: Writing/ Voice Acting- Skeletal

    Not everything you wrote can be used, and there are a few points to talk about, but we decided to give you the opportunity to try to work with us as a recruit. Welcome!
  9. Recruitment: Voice Acting

    That's very nice, thanks for your interest. We would like to still listen to some demo records of yours first, and keep in mind that we will not cast Voice Actors before this summer.
  10. Recruitment: request

    Hello, and thanks for your interest. Your way is still long, but motivation is the only key element. We should discuss how we can work together. its good that you seem motivated, that's always the most important thing. Now, what could you do in our team, I wonder... It would be great if you could start watching the Bethesda tutorials for CK; check out the CK wiki (with the tutorial given) and check if you want to join the Arcane University as a student of Beyond Skyrim. That is if you see yourself in Level design / Implementation. If you think you want to work as Graphical designer, you will need to train a lot with 3dsMax / Maya, Or blender AND definitely nifskope. Or as writer or concept artist, there are other things to study in each of these fields. We have a few very inspiring and qualified people around and I would like to support you; if you are serious enough to open this door ;-) cheers
  11. Thanks for your interest and the example! we might come back to you in about 6 months! see yaa
  12. Voice actor for atmora

    Hello, thanks for your interest! we will check out your demo and maybe contact you later! see ya
  13. Recruitment: Voice Acting

    thanks for your interest. We are the Atmora team, we don't look for VA´s at the moment (in 6 months!) and we would like each applicant to open a new thread. thank you.
  14. Recruitment: Voice Acting

    Hello NoirX, thanks for your interest!First of all, we are the Atmora-Calling team;and part of Beyond Skyrim community (a group of teams)who also joined Dark Creations as a web community ;-)we might contact you later, but first, its essential that you provide us a demo record, as our writing Department Leader, Craftian says. And: please create your own thread when you apply (for this time, its okay, but next time). This whole thread (conversation) was aimed at the applicant Swordfire 21. and the stuff above is partly copy-pasted because you didn't even read the message above. If you have so little patience, how are we going to work concentrated for several weeks or months together ? ;-) cheers, have fun, maybe later, good luck taking demo records.
  15. Recruitment: Musical Performance and Voice Acting

    Thank you very much for your interesting application, Saadah! I will contact our music department lead and we will soon talk with you! cheers and happy new year