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  1. Application : 3D Modeller

    Huh. Bumping this for visibility, not sure why more people haven't responded, and it's about to end up on the second page.
  2. Application : 3D Modeller

    Wow, that's pretty cool. I'm not a dev, so I'm not sure why a project lead hasn't replied yet (they will though, I'm sure), but those are some neat samples. The shape of the tower sort of reminds me of the ones in the Deadlands from Oblivion, albeit the color scheme is different obviously.
  3. HF - South Hew's Bane [6B]

    I think your work is incredible, Ub3r. You and the other landscapers/level designers have been making amazing progress.
  4. One thing that has got me thinking a bit is how, even with just the base game and DLC, by the time you've finished a large portion of the available content, your character is, of course, pretty high level. With that in mind, with the addition of entire new provinces, how does one keep the game challenging? Not that vanilla Skyrim is particularly difficult, mind you, but if someone decides to for example, fully finish Skyrim (or another province) and then move on to say, Cyrodiil, they're going to be starting out there with a pretty formidable character. Not just in stats, but also in equipment. Obviously, level scaling helps with that, assuming of course you'll be using level scaling, but I'd assume it can only do so much once you're a level 50 with full daedric gear or something along those lines. One way to help would be to have special dungeons specifically geared for higher level characters, as well as more optional 'super' bosses like the Ebony Warrior. Some people may decide to use mods that reduce EXP gain alongside Beyond Skyrim. And maybe someone will try to make some sort of patch to balance out the accumulation of powerful equipment, who knows. A Morrowloot 4E patch for Beyond Skyrim provinces seems almost inevitable, for example. But, without considering third party patches like that, what can be done to make the base Beyond Skyrim experience more balanced, considering the sheer amount of content players will pass through and what that implies for player character progression? Anyone else have thoughts on this matter? Do you think it's an issue, or do you think mechanics like level scaling will be enough to keep things reasonable?
  5. Direnni Ruins WIP

    Out of curiosity, and if you don't mind me asking, how close would you say this tileset is to completion? It certainly looks nice and unique, has a very different feel from the other dungeon tilesets. I like it. What sort of enemies would you expect to encounter in a place like that?
  6. Black Marsh Ideas

    I'm not sure if it's technically feasible, and I imagine it would have been done by someone at this point if it was, but what about throwing potions that can cause negative (or positive) effects in a splash radius? If you're talking about expanding alchemy in interesting ways, that could outright provide some direct offensive options without having to rely on simply poisoning weapons. Again though, that sounds difficult to implement, so perhaps it would be something better left to a third party mod or something, perhaps with compatibility patches for Beyond Skyrim ingredients. Either way would be interesting. An alchemy guild has a lot of potential, but something more lightweight like an alchemist master would also be nice. I think the rewards would likely need to be a bit better. Perhaps instead of providing a limited number of special potions like you seem to be implying, it would be more rewarding to get recipes for unique and interesting potions as you progress through the quest lines? As others said above, potions with strong benefits but potentially dangerous side effects would be an interesting addition, and some of those could be included as quest rewards there. The recipes would of course have to be somehow only usable after completing said quests though, otherwise someone with the ingredients could just figure them out without doing said quests first. Maybe access to the ingredients could be the reward? Hm.
  7. My apologies if it's unfeasible/undesirable or has been tried already, but have you tried more directly reaching out to the community for recruitment? Given the nature of this project, I wouldn't at all be surprised if /r/skyrimmods would be willing to put up a sticky post for you if you contacted them, at least for a while. Or maybe even the Nexus would make a post for you, I don't know what their policy on that would be. Naturally, the release of Bruma will also help with drawing in lots of new people, but after reading the discussion in the Anvil Guard concept thread here, and especially what Matth95 said, I feel it could be beneficial to try this too. Perhaps waiting until after Bruma is released would be for the best, if you would be willing to do something like what I'm suggesting, that is. Bruma is the perfect proof of concept and is a substantial early release, and helps prove that the project is of high quality and will be finished, thus inspiring other modders who would otherwise be skeptical to join the effort. Skyrim's modding community is massive and active, and I feel like there are plenty more modders out there who would be quite willing to lend their assistance if you were to ask.