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  1. Morrowind Recruitment Thread

    Hi, ToxcStarSlayer the image you sent doesn't show anything, could you send a working link? Thanks!
  2. Morrowind Recruitment Thread

    Awesome! Looks like you've got some useful skills! I'll PM you a link to our Discord, PM me on Discord once you're there, and I'll help get you properly set up.
  3. Writer/Quester/Lore Nerd

    Hey there Kevaar! You seem pretty interested in Morrowind's lore, and we've talked quite a lot before on Discord with Ennie (Enheduanna.) As I'm not the director of the Writing Team, I can't add you to the project or send you a Discord link, but once Asurna has given the thumbs-up (and I'm almost certain she will,) then we'll do all of that. I think it'd be awesome to have you, especially in the fact that a huge part of Morrowind's lore does come from TR.
  4. Morrowind Recruitment Thread

    I do like this a lot! You have a lot of potential. I'll talk to Rob and see if we can add you to MW. If so I'll send ya a discord link! Edit: Added
  5. Morrowind Recruitment Thread

    Nice to see you made it! I'll see if I can add you, if not, I'll get Rob, Asurna or Michael to Nice! I'll get you added as soon as I can.
  6. Discrimination in Black Marsh

    Asurnasurpal has already created a pretty comprehensive Jel language :)
  7. Height Map Problems

    Oooooh actually.... hmm well I do have the 16 bit TIF, but Photoshop doesn't like it when I try to export it as a 16 Bit RAW.
  8. Height Map Problems

    I think we can use Wilbur for the erosion, which will get rid of the 'terrace' effect. Edit: Alright, nevermind, I don't think Wilbur can do proper erosion on that scale. If somebody could generate erosion for us, I wouldn't be complaining...
  9. Ualchipa Rough Sketch

    Here's a rough sketch of Ualchipa, the heart of Tungmaipa; egg in the Center.
  10. Alitsloth and other wonders

    As part of an effort to keep our forums nice and active, here are some of my own creature concepts, they're by no means perfect, but they're good enough for a rough concept. The Alit-Sloth, an Alit relative that hangs upside-down, catching insects in its mouth. The Kagoutoad - a small, bull-frog sized Kagouti relative, with the legs of a frog. Some veeeery rough sketches of Black Marsh's underwater critters.
  11. CHIMtrails' Concepts - Flora

    I haven't seen CHIMtrails' artwork on here, at least not her new stuff, so after talking to Asurna, we decided to put it up on here. Here's her gorgeous flora work.
  12. Biome Map

    Oh! On this, because of Morrowind's Heightmap reform, we'll be fixing up the northeastern bit of the border. The Tear peninsular was way over-sized, so we're killing two birds with one stone and making Black Marsh its proper shape.
  13. Here's a proof of concept for the Onkobra River Valley Region. This is probably pretty close to how it will end up looking, but with some new assets to replace some of these ones. More marshy assets.
  14. Experienced modder would like to contribute

    Wow! Your work is very impressive.
  15. Crab Whale

    Here's a creature that came up during a brainstorming session, for now known as a 'crab-whale.' It's a crustacean with a similar body-shape to that of a whale, and lives in the deep oceans to the east of Black Marsh and Morrowind.