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  1. Student Thread: Poker Face

    ok i will try to make my own dungeon and i will show u
  2. Guys i want to join you

    ok i will find my teacher
  3. Guys i want to join you

    i have wait 1 days . but when i be one of beyond skyrim ??
  4. Guys i want to join you

    I am Already reply on student application thread now i just have to wait ,right ??
  5. Student Application Thread (level design.)

    1. I am only Novice. I am already Making a Custom House for me in Skyrim 2. I am Interested about dungeon and interiors 3. Anything but i only have account in this forum so i get skype later 4. Cyrodiil and Elsweyr 5. I Really Support this Project and I love Elder Scroll Lore. I have a dream to making a RPG Games one day Sorry For Bad English
  6. Guys i want to join you

    ok, i will learn the skill after i learned it what do i do ??
  7. Guys i want to join you

    thank you i will start to work what can i do ??
  8. Guys i want to join you

    really ?? ok what can i do ?? where can i join ??
  9. Guys i want to join you

    Hi Guys, I really hoping to join you, i can write but at creation kit i only newbie . so guys if i can join you i can write a book, dialogue, script or anything about writing. I hope you allow me to join you. Thats for all now thank you .