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  1. Yes I'm on Discord too.
  2. Hello there, I've joined BS projects at first as landscaper on Morrowind (where I became also Landscape Lead from january to december 2016), then after a pause I've moved to extensive small bug-fixing in Cyrodiil and a small landscaping work on Iliac Bay. In agreement with 1shoedpunk, I'm helping now expecially for cross-province integrations and BSAssets clean-up stuffs. For this purpose, I'm asking access to Atmora repository: this will help me to integrate into BSAssets some local (overriding) edits, to avoid compatibility issues between all the BS projects (this problem is indeed going to be happen already). Thank you!
  3. Thanks morcroft there are no scripts at all - just vanilla assets and NPCs with very simple packages (only basic trading). Pinewood location can be nice for placing Elinhir, may be extending it a bit in order to include the area near the lone house W of Pinewood. About trees: some are vanilla trees, but many of them have been replaced (using ctrl+T) with the not-snowy equivalent. I didn't implement the object LOD because it takes a lot of CPU resources regenerating all the Skyrim object LOD just for two 8x8 squares. Instead, I've added some distant clouds to help hiding the empty cliffs from distance.
  4. @morcroft the bsa includes mostly the tree LOD and the full LOD of the hidden valley worldspace. Nothing else. @ube3rman123 most of the interiors are just simple ones.
  5. Both the ways are good for me, the most important thing is to avoid losing that valley. If you decide to use my mod, you can do whatever you want with it, and you can also remove my changements in the "border region" and "climate regions", and add a new small border region instead (like Dawnguard does), so no edits to the vanilla regions will be done (and so we don't get related issues).
  6. new to modding

    Hi, if you like, you will be welcome in Morrowind. I'm the landscape director of Morrowind, and yes we are constantly looking for modders who have scripting and modelling skills. Morrowind left its embrional stage last year and so far we have good landscapers and interior makers, as well as many ideas for quests and clutters. Of course "working" in Morrowind won't preclude other regions.
  7. Joop this is exactly what I've done in that valley. As you can see this area is really smaller than yours and I'm sure it is far less substantial. It has no quests, no special places, only a village, some very small caves, some ruins and a small worldspace with an hidden forested valley reachable through one of the caves. It's fully navmeshed, but npcs have only very simple packages.
  8. So, as per Meliodas, the option to create a new small worldspace would be the safest solution ever...
  9. If you give a look to my mod Falkreath Hold Extended, you can see that it doesn't need to disable the border regions, because I've edited the Region Border level to include this valley. Invisible wall was pushed beyond, near my new Skyrim-Hammerfell border. There are no issues in doing that, if you use xEdit to clean the mess of dirty edits that CK does when you edit a region level. My mod has a different approach in landscaping, because I assigned this valley to Skyrim (expecially Falkreath) jurisdiction (any crime commited here will increase the Falkreath bounty). But, basing on the lore, this is the Elinhir valley, so my mod could be a bit "lore-unfriendly", while Folkstead respects the Hammerfell jurisdiction of this valley, even if it doesn't build Elinhir in there.
  10. Hi all, I think it's urgent to have a look on this thread. I didn't post it here because it involves at least 3 provinces. Bye!
  11. I've seen recently your Nyhus because it involves Morrowind, but there are some difficulties to include it in BS Morrowind now because that area is almost alread done. At first, I think the primary need is to point out definitely where to put Elinhir. After that, decide if it's better to have a separate worldspace for this valley or to edit the Skyrim one. I don't want to make too much influences on this choice because I'm not a IB member and I don't know in details your projects. I just think you should dedicate to this valley a great attention because it's a key area and the fastest way to access Hammerfell core directly from Skyrim.
  12. Hi, of course I'll be happy to collaborate with you in any way you want. I didn't know your mod so far. My goal with this thread was to make aware of the limit of Iliac Bay worldspace. This is a critical point, as said above, because from Fakreath border to Hammerfell safe area there is a dramatic landscape change. This said, any solution to avoid this is welcome!
  13. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Hi all, after my thread on Hammerfell exterior, I would like to join Iliac Bay project. I'm the Landscaping Director of BSMorrowind and so normally all my efforts are to help develop that region. I'm asking to join Iliac Bay for the reason explained on my thread: I've a strong experience in terraforming the "forbidden" valley mentioned there and I could be helpful in manage the transition between the temperate Falkreath forests and the Elinhir surroundings. I've already eccess to Iliac Bay git repository.
  14. Should you support the idea to have a separate worldspace, if you like I'll be happy to help giving a help in landscaping the wilderness between the Falkreath border and Elinhir. I know perfectly and in detail this area, having landscaped it for my mod; I could help in softening the transition between Skyrim and Hammerfell. As said above, this valley sould have a strong interconnection with Skyrim both in environment and culture. Elinhir is the very last "stronghold" of Hammerfell before reaching Skyrim. Below follows my thought for this valley, based on Elinhir concepts found all around. If you will decide not to put Elinhir here and/or you support the idea to modify the Skyrim worldspace, I'm giving to BS the permission to use and modify my mod. All this valley is fully terraformed, and it needs only some objects LOD and terrain LOD. Tree LOD is already done.