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  1. Argor's Implementing Cyrodilic Armors thread

    Hello, I just note a little problem of compatibility about hair and helmet for the "Leather Helmet". Beautiful work for the guards armors.
  2. Imperial City Banners

    The red white and black is verry nice. Compared with the Nazi flag, we can not do anything ! Let the comparisons of this kind. The potentate is end for a long time. The japanese banners are not a good idea but it can be found in the ruins of the potentate period.
  3. Skyrim Unbound and Beyond SKyrim ?

    Ok thank you.
  4. Hello, I am currently about to start a new game with Skyrim Unbound. This mod is compatible with Beyond Skyrim ? I will create a character non dragonborn. Thank you
  5. Before saying my arguments : "Look at it. That's real Nord craftsmanship, that is!" - Noster This means that the armor of Skyrim is regional. "This armor is damn heavy." The leather is a heavy armor. The leather of my concept and the leather of legion armor in Skyrim are different. My arguments : The heavy armor is used for heavy infantry. Their role is to do maximum damage in the first front line before the intervention of infantry (light / studded armor). I don't see the point in making the armour heavier in the centre of the empire where there's no war. This original concept is a set of armours in heavy and thick leather with a style which is close from the one of the legion of the 4th era of skyrim and at the same time highlight the cyrodiilian style. This local armour is of an average weight. The thickness of the armour can protect from melee attack. Maybe there's also an economic fact: the legion must save money by creating less heavy ( and less solid) armour but they still have to protect well the legionary. For the leather type, i'd say it would be a mix between the skyrim leather armour and the one from Smalish ( Leather Colovian Armor). Argor, Is that better? PS : I do not have adequate equipment for my concepts.
  6. Hello everybody. Since a few days, I work a new concept : the imperial (legion) light armor (leather) of Cyrodiil. Why ? The legion is at home in Cyrodiil, I did not see why the soldiers will be equipped with a imperial armor of heavy infantry. I await your opinions. PS : I am not a modder. picture edit : 6/10/2016 My arguments for this armor are : https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/10940-imperial-legion-armor-leather-of-cyrodiil/?do=findComment&comment=285147
  7. Alessian imperial armor

    Hello, I love this work. Is it adopted for development ? I got a little inspired of your model (may be too much) but your model is best. PS : I am not good in english, sorry.
  8. Ancient legion armor

    Hello everybody. I took some photos of zori during my trip this summer. You can look this : http://terebess.hu/zen/szoto/zori1.jpg For the model, I think use naked foot with the zori (it must hurt especially in the rain). If this model is adopted for akaviri light armor of second era, the red tunic will become a kimono of same type and same color (i think the kimono of orange soldiers in Mononoke hime). Currently none modder volunteer for this project.
  9. Ancient legion armor

    Thanks for your advices Argor nash35. I find it nice to ancient zori (with barefoot) on this ancient armor : http://terebess.hu/zen/szoto/zori1.jpg
  10. Ancient legion armor

    Male version : Recall : This armor is the concept of Smalish "Ancient legion armor" with some elements absent. Is there modders interest?
  11. Ancient legion armor

    This is for the men and women. Actually, I have not yet designed for men because my test is poorly drawn. When I have time I redesign (for men) and publish. I am going to draw the version for men tonight.^^ (secondly test) PS : I am french, my english is bad (sorry), I use Google Translate but there are errors.
  12. Ancient legion armor

    I am not a modder, just a simply designer. My initial idea is just for women, but it is feasible for men. PS : I have no competence in modding.
  13. Based/inspired this design of Cyrodiil - Ancient Cyrodiilic Armor concept art of Smalish. This is a variant of the model of Smalish. * The drawing is a variant for women. It also concerns men. * I think Smalish which is the original designer knows better than I how is the back and the top of the leather breastplate.
  14. Imperial legion armors

    * the concept art in this topic are obsolete. Please refer to my Cyrodiil Imperial Leather Armor concept. Sorry for suppression of original post.
  15. Imperial legion armors

    * the concept art in this topic are obsolete. Please refer to my Cyrodiil Imperial Leather Armor concept.Sorry for suppression of original post.