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  1. Application Level Designer

    That's fantastic work, Gabe. Great use of bits from alternate tile sets like those windhelm fire pits. Some partially subjective critiques here but, you've got some barren ceilings in the cave sections. Players don't often stop to look up, but the tiling of textures on the cave ceiling pieces is pretty jarring if you do notice it. Also you seem to slightly over-use light beams as center pieces for your rooms. I learned from personal experience that it's best to be a little more conservative with them. And consolidate it into a single lighting set-piece.
  2. Modders and lore-buffs: survey!

    Well I'm sorry that you feel you've been ignored, I certainly hope you receive enough examples to serve your purposes.
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    It's a devilishly close shave.
  4. Mangrove swamp asset list.

    3-5 large Mangrove trees: 2-4 small-medium shrubs: 2-4 hanging mosses: 2-3 ground textures: 1-2 stumps: 1 fallen log: 1-2 island skirt pieces: 1-2 Mangrove root spires: 1 unique large Mangrove tree: 1-2 unique harvestable flora:
  5. Wanting to join the Beyond Skyrim Team.

    Yep I believe it's Morrowind, Blackmarsh and Thras that need Landscapers the most right now. But you can apply where-ever you please. And I'm sure we'd all love to see some examples of your work.
  6. Polzynn concept art

    That would be fantastic, thanks so much Meliodas!
  7. Polzynn concept art

    Speaking of that, would you guys be alright if we use Hammerfell's caustic effects? We'll likely end up having to make some for our purposes anyway.
  8. Show us what you're working on!

    So I made my first venture into 3D modeling with my Left-handed Elven Waraxe that I originally drew for Thras, I'm pleasantly surprised how well it turned out considering the normal map is just generated in gimp.
  9. Project Logo

    @Winter Damn how did I not realize the similarity? I was mostly thinking of bronze age artifacts recovered from the ocean floor, but that to I guess. Anyway what do you think about that? I guess we don't even have to have a metallic material, but like I said it seems fitting with most other BS logos and Skyrim itself all being Steel, that we do something similar but apart.
  10. Project Logo

    I'd suggest using a Tarnished 'barnacled' bronze like this, both because it serves to clearly distinguish our logo from the clean steel that most of the other provinces use in their logos, and is a fine fit for Thras' aesthetic. What's everyone opinion?
  11. Types of Undead Creatures

    It a wonderful idea on it's own, but especially since we have a good headstart with vanilla anims, and the vanilla deer skulls.
  12. Am I optimizing or breaking?

    So I've been doing some work inside the vanilla cities, and I've been wondering a lot about the occlusion planes. I see a lot of them that simply appear unoptimized, they don't fit the full profile of the building they are applied to, and while my first assumption was that Bethesda intentionally left slack around the edges to prevent the player from whipping around a corner fast enough to see something pop into existence, in my testing that's not been the case. Additionally there appear to redundant planes which are enveloped by other larger occlusion planes which render them irrelevant, such as in Windhelm on the Candlehearth hall. Is there something I am missing here? Are there some issues that would crop up from resizing some of these Occlusion plans where I believe they would make a worthwhile difference?
  13. Imperial City Banners

    I think that's an actual Oblivion Screenshot, though it must be modded, there's no way those are the vanilla shadows.
  14. NPCs require Navmesh to move, here's a tutorial from Darkfox127: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JGpfOLiLic. He's a great source of how-to info for beginning and advanced Modders alike.
  15. if I'm not mistaken it's intentional, so you have room to manually blend the two into each other using opacity blending.