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  1. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Here's the file, thanks for uploading it for me I also post a new video at BS facebook page. Using Hammerfell music this time! Lert Krushy.zip
  2. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Tried upload on Git yesterday but somehow it didn't show up I think I gonna upload it here if it's still don't work.
  3. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Well guys, its done I recommend this one to be showed on the facebook page. I re recorded every scene in 1080p now so it should look better than two of the previous video. Also using This music. It's a Beyond Skyrim music so I guess it's ok to include it in this video. *Just posted at BS facebook forum about this preview video.
  4. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    I think I'm gonna rerecord another video in a hi res and using a Beyond Skyrim music. The first video is using another video game music so I don't think that's gonna fit. Is it alright to take this music directly from Soundcloud? This: https://soundcloud.com/danielran/beyond-skyrim-cyrodiil-shapeless *Well and is this place have a name yet? Gonna include it in the video.
  5. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Go ahead, I'd like to see that video too!
  6. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Thanks everyone, I'm sure this dungeon is going to be a unique experience for every Skyrim player. Just got myself blown after seeing my own result of this new underwater lightning effect! Is this still Skyrim??
  7. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    I think there're not many Kelp growing around the sandy area underwater. Not really sure about this tho.
  8. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    30 minute + Few minutes of rendering time = this video.(It's just a quick mash of random things) Video somehow went a bit low res after I render it. I hope you all don't mind This is mainly to describe the "theme" of this dungeon since a video is more effective in this than a screenshot.
  9. Yeah, I think we'll have to keep in touch for awhile until I finished checking the claim. From what I've heard the process of merging files is very time consuming so I really don't want this claim to be a problem.
  10. Last time I deleted like half of the original objects in the claim then replaced those with my things like rocks, trees etc. but its still there after the merge. Just worrying that it may happen again in the next merge.
  11. Emm... anyone know what cause every deleted reference in this claim to reappear after the previous merge? If the deleted reference reappear this time it would be very hard to delete them again because off all the clutter and landscape. Also I'm using a "stripped down" version of Skyrim.esm(All cell and worldspace removed) to load it in CK since using a full version of it will crash the program. I'm not really sure this is a problem or not.
  12. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Doing some more deep sea stuff, The area still need more clutter and details **To anyone using the bshDweWindowMirrorFX and bshDweWindowMirrorFXBright. Please stop using it for now otherwise it's gonna flicker with particles. Wait for my new mesh after this merge guys.
  13. Possibly overlooked assets

    Well, I think this is the most fitting category to create this topic. Sorry if there's anything wrong I just thinking that some assets were overlooked or underused which have the potential to become a quality assets with a bit of work or creativity. However this only served as an information about the existence of the asset itself in case someone didn't know about it. Let's begin with this animated bird I found in the vanilla Skyrim. These birds can be a new critter with the use of texture set and a bit of scripting. What do you think about it?
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    Way cooler than a boring Skyrim guard set
  15. Cespar - Herne Dwemer Ruin

    Thanks It's just my experience of designing level that I often did when I was kid and some creativity, that's all