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  1. Let Me Help

    Alright, thanks! I would love to learn some new skills, even though I'm SWAMPED in school right now (highschool senior, enlisting next year etc). I'll do my best to get started as soon as possible (I have a big test coming up in a little more than a week and I John Snow'ed that subject). I could, however.... Try to help you! I really like Wood Elves and their home, and I think I could help you some! Contact me in private to get started
  2. Let Me Help

    Hey! I've been interested in this project for a while now, and seeing as I don't have the first clue as to how to mod (well, I have the CK but it just crashes), I figured I could help doing what I do best: Write! I am a poet and writer (amongst the rest), I love ES and ES Lore, and I am annoyingly pedant when it comes to writing. (I once almost failed to send in a school project on time because I spent an hour correcting myself) I would like to know where writers are needed, and with what I could help! Looking forward to joining up Of course, an example of my capabilities - this is a summary of a quest mod I wrote (the mod is called Death Mountain): Chapter I: Death Mountain In a tower shrouded by mystery and crumbling with evildoers, surrounded by a vast castle filled with foes and creatures of dark, on an inconceivably enormous mountain floating above the land of Skyrim, one soul of a dragon may be able to defeat the worst of enemies. To get there, the Dragonborn must defeat foes of all shapes and sizes, from skeletons and draugrs, through Falmer and creatures from Oblivion and all the way to full fledged dragons, who all have three things in common: They are strong, they are mad, and they are willing, able and eager to kill. In order to overcome the challenge ahead, the Dragonborn may acquire new weapons, learn new spells, study the history of Skyrim and Death Mountain, earn the trust of the few good people on Death Mountain, gaining new followers, and leading them to safety. On Death Mountain, the Last Dragonborn may reach their most dangerous, difficult challenge yet. The quest to the Underworld will be unfolded as the Dragonborn advances through Death Mountain. Whether or not the Dragonborn will succeed? That story, my friend, will have to be written by you.