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  1. I don't think so. Not all applications for the beta were accepted, so it wouldn't make sense for the developers to give you the key. Besides, the beta testing is probably in progress now, maybe is better to wait for the proper release
  2. Ayleid coins?

    It would be perfect for the silver version IMHO there should be three kind of coins (copper,silver,gold) but maybe instead of the copper bronze maybe used for the cheaper coin, it depends on what metal was more abundant under the Ayleid rule.
  3. Ayleid coins?

    If you think that the drawing is ok, I'll begin working on the front with the tree. Besides, anyone knows why Ayled put that tree on the doors of their cities?
  4. Ayleid coins?

    So, I was thinking about which name should have the Ayleid coin. My proposition is "Mallari", gold in Ayleidoon. However, I noticed that "Sancre" means golden, so we have two completely different words that suggest two different meanings. Since "Mallari" in the Ayleid reference text comes as "the gold of truth" it is possible that it's a metaphor. So, maybe the right word is "Sancr". The final "e" should refer to the ownership of the..thing, so "Sancre" would literally mean "Of gold". Edit: first drawning of the back-side of the coin withUmaril the Unfeathered. (courtesy of D3niurgo)
  5. Ayleid coins?

    Ok then Now, I'd like to know what symbols colud be right for the coins. Actually, I was thinking about the ayleid tree (the one in Oblivion) on the front and maybe the figure of Umaril on the reverse, but I'm not a loremaster, so maybe it's not the best. I'll make one anyway (it's a short work) then you will decide if it's ok or not!
  6. Ayleid coins?

    Hey guys, been lurking the forum for a solid year and now I'd want to suggest/contribute to the modders effort. As the title say, what if the players could find Ayleid coins in Ayleid ruins? I always found odd to find gold septims in centuries old tombs and dwemer ruins. While the excellent mod "Coins of Tamriel" fix the issue in Skyrim, it would be nice to have it also in Cyrodiil I think So, if this interest you, I would be glad to help you at least with the concept art.