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  1. Is the team aware of this?

    The letter would be far from the only thing that we'd need to change in order to keep Skyrim consistent with Cyrodiil. But, removing it is a simple enough thing that you could roll your own mod. I'm sure there are tutorials out there for how to remove something using the CK.
  2. Is the team aware of this?

    I understand where you're coming from but that kind of consistency is outside of what we're trying to achieve. It would just involve too many restrictions on us and too much extra work.
  3. Is the team aware of this?

    Beyond Skyrim is made with the intention of respecting existing lore but with the understanding that it is non-canon. We're telling our own stories in Bethesda's universe and it's OK that TES6 will in all likelihood negate all of it. I mean, the Extended Universe contains some of the best Star Wars stories ever made, regardless of whether they're acknowledged in the mainline series.
  4. Skyrim's Most Ambitious Mod Ever

    Pointless topic of salt and BS. Locking. @RandomG Calm down. You're entitled to your opinions but not to express them in any way you like. If this is how you behave when something doesn't go your way, it's no wonder you were banned.
  5. Deleting Uploads

    In a way, but we decided against it a long time ago. Just let me know what you want deleted and I'll take care of it.
  6. Discord

    It seems there is interest in DC having its own channel so I've reconsidered and created one.
  7. Discord

    I'm not sure it's necessary for DC to have its own channel at this point but thank you for offering. We can revisit it in the future if it turns out to be something people want.
  8. Discord

    Not at present, although I think most members belong to the public Beyond Skyrim channel.
  9. A pleasure to see you guys.

    Take it down a notch, guys. There's no need to make this unpleasant.
  10. Important Announcement

    They're in Hosted Projects now: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/612-thras-the-coral-kingdom/
  11. Neither is more important than the other, rather they cover the two most important things happening in Cyrodiil. Like mentioned, KotN is story-driven with focus on a central narrative whereas SoSK is a more open-world kind of sequence. Which you end up liking more will depend on what you enjoy as a player.
  12. Bruma Gameplay

    Moved to Beyond Skyrim General.
  13. As per the Community Rules, "[a]ccounts will not be deleted by request, for any reason."
  14. I'd like to help with music for Beyond Skyrim

    The Bards College is no longer around. Projects handle music in their own forums.
  15. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Ditto. Work has been just ridiculous this week. Well, there is something I've been wanting to do, which is to include an explore track with vocals, not unlike that Jose Gonzalez track they stuck in Red Dead Redemption. Your voice is very gentle and could be perfect for such a thing. Are you familiar with Discord? I'd prefer to discuss it over there as that's where we've got all the music discussion. Thank you. I hope to get back to the piano at some point this year.