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  1. Hello guys and geeks, the fallowing problem showed up, when i started to create an arena mod for skyrim due to my frustration with the official fallout-4-Arena-Version: Turning on disabled Creatures absolutly works without any problem, i can also turn them off with the same trigger! I didn 't find a solution to bring the creatures to live and automaticly put them in the same place again were they started. I already found the script wich is supposed to work like i want it to, but it didn 't work for me yet! A helping hand here would be hightly appreciated, and i guess it 's not much to alter in the script there, since the compilation was successfull... Thats what i already have done: Editor-ID of the cell is: destarena I 've put the script into the script-panel of a "pull-bar" and it looks like this: --------------------------------------------------------------- Scriptname destarena extends ObjectReference {Resets the cell destarena} Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef) Reset() endEvent -------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks in advance! Destero
  2. Desteros Grave

    Version 1.07


    description This mod adds a Tomb on the other side of the river near riverwood. It 's a small but hard Tomb, which hides some secrets to discover for you. Nice magical items to claim and riches to finde! Make sure you got a tank- follower with you and as many healing-potions you can get! This dungeon btw. is pitch black, so you should also have much torches in your inventory! Have fun guys, embrace the challange! If you are afraid of the dark and you think the vanilla torches aren 't good enought, you may try these: Torch Light Expanded - Different Light Setting If you don 't want to kill the immersion, you should use the 2xRanged Version! SPOILER-ALERT // BUT FIRST TRY YOURSELF // !!!!THIS VIDEO IS GOING TO SPOILER ALL SECRETS!!!! CHECK IF YOU MISSED SOMETHING Changelog Update 1.03 This update makes the crown in the dungeon unaccessable, if the barriers aren 't lowered. The load-door, which is not accessable but was visual on the map has been disabled Update 1.04 This update corrects the jagged crown by leaving it untouched Some unaccessable parts of the dungeon have been erased and won 't cause confusion anymore. Update 1.05 The patched version removes a problem in bleakfalls barrow, caused by the previous version of this mod. Update 1.06 Fixes the "Crown of Magnus", now it looks on the Charakter, like it looks in the inventory. Update 1.07 This update increases the performance in the whole dungeon, the navmesh has been improved and some minor changes have been done. Mirrors Bethesda.net SSE [PC] Bethesda.net SSE [XB1] Elderscrollsportal / German Version / SSE [PC] Elderscrollsportal / German Version / Orldrim [PC] what you need SKYRIM SSE or OLDRIM + Dawnguard "Darkcreations-Upload" works with both versions, it has loose files and the added mesh is compatible with both versions aswell! thanks and credits Thanks to Bethesda for the great game and the creation-kit Thanks to GHOSU for creating a beautyfull ring ressource known bugs All save in sound! If Problems emerge i try to solve them ASAP permisson notes Don 't do anything to this mod-content without asking! You have to wait for my answer and permission! Don 't reupload without permission! If permission is granted, full credit has to be given! Have a lot of fun! Download the "Free-to-play-seal
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    I don 't know if it was worth the pain in the ass, but it defenitly is worth some pain....somewhere
  4. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

  5. Beyond Skyrim FAQ

    Oh, thank you very much! Edit: Well, pretty close, but the one i need is this one The font in the pic is just a pic itself...
  6. Beyond Skyrim FAQ

    Hello guys, I am currently working on the Map-Emblem for "Expedition to Atmora". But to finish it i still need the font for "Beyond Skyrim". For now i grabbed a good quality pic, but would be great to finish the work with the original font. Thx in advance! Destero
  7. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

  8. Show us what you're working on!

    Oh my good Lord!!!
  9. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

  10. concept artist for any of the Beyond Skyrim Projects.

    First thing, that came to mind, when seeing your pictures was an ingame comic! Like the style! The first picture reminds me do "dungeonkeeper 2", well done!
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    Ah ok, got it.... some riddle in form of a maze..... I played something like that before as a mod in oblivion. The name was "Adash - city of magic". There was a riddle you had to solve, which helped you to get throught the maze. Will have a look at your stuff.....some screenshots i have seen are very promissing! Edit: Recent cave-, mine- and landscape -design for a small 2 - 4 hours questmod, working on with my mate "Rux42"
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    Hm, i guess there is a reason you have so much loading-doors, but i have to admit i don 't understand why... and it looks very empy, but i guess this has a reason aswell!??
  13. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

    Here is an idea: I think you guys are doing a great job on that font! We can use one of those for sure. I take your suggestion, Hannes and will remove the font on the shield and see what i can do, to fill the free space..... Nevertheless, i don 't think it would be a good idea to bring something completly new.....I would like to stick with the ship and maybe fill the space with some reasonable ornaments! Already have an idea. If you guys are ok with that, I would then like to do the overall finish and fit the font in as best as i can. One idea for the font, i don 't know if it is good....maybe try a rounded version around the shield... Cheers
  14. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

    I personly would like to see this or a variant of this for the worldmap aswell. Edit: Just my personal opinion, but we should stick to one logo, first of all, and secondlyl: We can put what ever text above or under what ever logo...
  15. Show us what you're working on!

    Atmora is waiting!