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  1. Im alive

    dont know if you guys remember but i was here a few months ago and started work on some concept art and modelling some weaponry, I had to take a break from gaming and modding to sort my life out but am now coming back to skyrim to help you guys out in anticipation of the special edition and the new mods and awesome stuff on dark creations, sorry if my lack of activity caused any issues or delays, if people have stuff they would like me to help with, i am happy to put a few hours in every week or so, thanks for reading and best of luck.
  2. Hammerfell Weapons Progress

    This is the WIP model of the iron battleaxe (halberd) based on the awesome concept art by waffles.
  3. This is where progress on the modeling of weapons and ideas about said weapons is posted
  4. Does anybody need a hand?

    I have several years of experience with blender 3d and gimp and started making game assets a year back, due to a recent technical disaster (the sudden and unfortunate death of a 4 year old 2tb seagate hard drive) much of my old work is missing however if you want to see some of my vfx work it is located on the nebulaanimationsvfx youtube channel. I would love to help in anyway that I can, including texture creation, modelling, concept art and models. here are examples of some of the WIPs that i started after finding out about this awsome project: None of these are in the creation kit yet, i will need to learn how to convert them. The building in the desert has a forge in the center, the smoke from which rises out a hole in the roof, the surrounding area of the building could be a market or other use, still deciding on what to do at the top of the spiral stair case, the house is a low poly (approx 2800 tris) attempt at high rock architecture, more detail needs to be added to both of these, note the roof texture is entirely made from scratch, the other textures are edited texturemate textures. (I asked if use of the textures in this project was acceptable and he said it was, so if you need stuff for textures, that site is really usefull.) Many thanks to those who read this and good luck with what ever part of Beyond Skyrim you contribute to.