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  1. sweet Ill get to this stage and follow the tutorial and will reply soon
  2. Hi, I resumed back in the skyrim test clutter https://gyazo.com/2879f23bd65214abc6755b6819300f88 Im on the next part (part 2 which is adding collision) if possible could you link a video to this. I'm sort of confused on how to do this. Thanks!
  3. yeah I rushed on the unwrapping I don't normally use all the space for unwrapping my lecturer told me that its a bad habit. I opened the model on nifskope what do I do now? https://gyazo.com/b6582ea4f802dd32375958f6c3b8c2cf
  4. oh I think I exported the normal map as a world space map XD my bad I have made a tangent version. https://gyazo.com/1613b93cc363d0ab8fd1cb7dee3fc116
  5. Ok I have done what you guys said, I made the green channel invert and I also done a test render on max to see what the normal map looks like, it looks pretty decent. https://gyazo.com/a2651a32c5a7a98a4e67cabb2b658e2c (test render on max) https://gyazo.com/b0c11ed19ae0dbd8492c4f0f190a049f (normal map with specular as an alpha). so now do I save this normal map as a DXT5 and save diffuse as a DXT1??. Also what do I do after this? oh yeah also should the aplha channel be visable when I save the file as a dxt 5?
  6. oh, I hand painted the texture on mudbox and baked the maps here aswell I just imported them into photoshop so the file can then be .DDS ill do what you said for the normal map. what should I do after this? how do I save the grey scale specular map as an alpha for the normal map?
  7. Ok I made a simple bottle model including textures (Diffuse, normal and secular). What should the save settings be (this is for the .DDS format)? https://gyazo.com/bf379924b8993b7008e8ccec467b7047 Should I leave it as it is? and I apologise for the delayed reply.
  8. that's great well I'm going to do a random clutter model to being with then I can hopefully do other stuff such as shields or even Armour pieces.
  9. http://pad1.whstatic.com/images/5/5c/Enchant-Items-in-Oblivion-Step-5.jpg I can make one of these models like an alternative version but I have never heard off a .ODD format what k textures should the models (resolution)?
  10. Oh wait after tweaking with my max settings and the max plugin I can finally open Nif files hurray. I'm ready for the next step.
  11. I got the extraction part correct, and I've installed the plug in but when I attempt to import a nif file it says error on 3DS max, any Idea why this is happening? and how I can resolve this issue? Although I can open objects that are unpacked as nif on niftscope and it allows me to export the model as an OBJ. Then I can open the file on to 3DS max. https://gyazo.com/4890889005ec58f7d1da373e1f68ee2d I can then export the file as a nif. Can i do this instead, this is because I'm having issues importing nif files into max, I am current using 3Ds max 2016. https://gyazo.com/1d1bfd6f7bc4ee839ec9c97169cd5d48
  12. I've extracted the sword and its an BSA it, I'm trying to open it on 3DS max and it doesn't let me, is this because it needs to be nif file? Never mind I pressed something else, I've done it now. Although I'm having issues opening the nif file on 3DS max it says https://gyazo.com/b2b42ad09fdd22415098243be4ef98ae I've installed the nif plugin and watch the tutorial on youtube although I am having issues with importing the model into 3DSmax.
  13. Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)

    hey guys just need help on the work flow on using neftskope and BSAopt. I have experience in modelling and sculpting, I sue 3DS max and mudbox, I can also unwrap, but I just need help on extracting models in skyrim and the generic workflow like on how to get models from skyrim into 3DS max and similar things to this, someone from iliac bay directed me here. my portfolio: www.shihab.me.uk
  14. Portfolio of interest

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, Zac and I are Antiquated. Although I currently have no preferences regarding the provinces, I'll be happy to work in Iliac Bay as a Concept artist or 3D Modeler, but I prefer the 3D Modeling side of things. If you'd like to see more of my concept art here is my Deviant art page: http://shihab-miah.deviantart.com/