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  1. Well thats sounds good to me. when ever its time just send a PM I am going to try and check in more often. Thank you. By akatosh... two years wow.
  2. I came back to have a look and see how things are going , and I have to say that I am very pleased with the progress the team has done on it. It looks just amazing , in fact I would say that its better than what I did on the reach. I still dont know if I have much time , but if there any smaller things you need doing on any landmass , mostly the base objects or tiny details in some areas (or waterfalls , I like doing them...) Keep up the amazing work ! (feels wierd commenting on something I had worked on in the past... but in a good way , its like watching your child grow and get an awesome life)
  3. Thank you all. I do hope I get more time and when I do I will work on the project. Maybe every know and again when I get time I will do some minor updates to the esp , maybe reduce my claim or somthing like that.
  4. Well , thank you for understanding. I WILL be back if I get more free time , I hope my work on the west reach help make the project ; I love what I did , I realy do. The west reach is like my baby of sorts. Not to sound to selfish but could I still be credited for my work on the west reach. Anyway I will still check back and see how your progress has been going , its been real fun , a dream come true in fact. I am sorry (*manly tears)
  5. I am a bit scared about the project , real life is getting in the way alot of the time. I would like to have your guys advice. I dont want to let any of you down and I love my work on here , but a lot of my time is stolen by my job and caring for my GF (she has a thew mental issue so she needs me) what should I do? I dont want to half-ass this , and maybe its best I step down? I dont want to... but I want whats best for the project and the future end users... what do you think?
  6. Of course you dont have to test performance , if you just want to look around and tell me what you think and what needs to be improved and whats fine etc thats fine too
  7. Ok cool then , the way I would like to do testing is when the next build is ready I send a link to it on here , then maybe we can have a skype or PM or just talk about it (trying to keep the dev forum cleanish)
  8. Ok thanks for that I will need testers then , my PC is very high end and its hard for me to test for lower specs. so if anyone is intrested in testing out the next build when I have worked more on it , that would be ace.
  9. I have a question about what level of qualaty should I aim for. I have been overhauling the mountan area of the west reach , should I ape vanilla or go for a better level of detail?
  10. Just saw the 3rd aniversary trailer , even tho my part of the west reach was not shown I felt very proud of both me and everyone else on this project :)

  11. Sorry , I think I miss expresed my self what I ment by that was : In case there are areas or locals that we are not including that are present in TESO it might be a nice idea to place some small minor rements of said place. I dont think I have any say on that sort of thing to my knowledge. I hope I did not sound rude or somthing like that
  12. Im wondering if I should place some small , and I mean very small remains of walls were old citys/forts would have been (only for ones we are not putting in the mod) I am thinking of nothing taller than a bush.
  13. Some parts of TESO it seems that citys must have been built in one place and over time the name moved to another city. like ebonheart being in TES1 location and not in TES3 location.
  14. I am currently wondering if we should rename the West reach to Bangkorai , or at least the zone I am currently working on , then for belkreath into Craglorn ?
  15. I have got some small news nothing realy amazing , but it somthing at least : I have work on the mountains and clifs. its nothing major but will be very important when the LOD gets done. However there is bad news : Updates and information on work might be a tad slower than it used to be but only for a time , I am currently getting a job and working on stoping medication and at the final phases of a 12yr depresion. If annyone has anny questions or wants specific details on the project or specific screenshots or anything of the sort just leave a comment or PM me , I want to be more involved with the community but dont have a clue were to start (social is not my forte)