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  1. Skingrad Development

    Nope hopefully we will be later this year.
  2. 1. The Cyrodiil/Dominion border is highly militarised with virtually all the forts round there (plus osme new ones) occupied by Imperial forces. 2. We are upping the population density compared to Skyrim especially in the more favourable climates like the heartlands themselves and the West Weald.
  3. There will be a point where Dark Brotherhood quest will be locked off to the player as the Emperor will be assassinated but we will make it obvious to the player that this is the case so if they still wish to do the Dark Brotherhood questline they may.
  4. Yes this project is dead but for you to start it back up again you'd need a team and project proposal that would need to be submitted to the council before you could become part of Beyond Skyrim.
  5. Your second point is the reason a patch would probably get made (either officially or unofficially). For your third point it simply doesn't work like that, not without having a duplicate item for the merchant. If you came into Skyrim with those items the names wouldn't change to say which province they are from. If we did a patch we'd keep it optional to give more freedom to the player. Thank you for your praise and I hope you enjoy it when it releases.
  6. We decided against putting Cyrodiilic in front of all our armours/weapons as in the base game the armours/weapons aren't called Nordic Iron or Nordic Steel so felt that it wouldn't be in line with that. Also when you are in Cyrodiil you wouldn't call it a Cyrodiilic Iron Sword or whatever, you'd just call it a Iron Sword. I remember someone asking if they could do a patch for it but I haven't seen it on the nexus but it could be an optional patch we do once we've finished Cyrodiil. Hope that answers your question.
  7. Bruma will be intergrated in Cyrodiil
  8. Application, Creation Kit Modder

    Hi Archiphres, I'm the exterior lead for Cyrodiil and if you want to join I'd like to see an example or two of some previous landscaping work whether it be modifying a vanilla location or creating something new. Looking forward to seeing what you produce.
  9. Hi Onuspell, I'm the landscaping lead for Cyrodiil and would be interested in seeing an example of your landscaping just so I can get an idea of what you know. It doesn't have to be massive but I look forward to seeing your work.
  10. Level Designer Application

    Hi Boingydoo, Sorry I'm only just getting back to you but I do like your work so it'd be great to have you join the team. I'll PM you the details.
  11. Morcroft's Herbarium

    Ok I'll give it a go. A few tips on creating plants would be useful as I can't find any useful tutorials anywhere.
  12. Morcroft's Herbarium

    Do you plan on doing Bergamot anytime soon? It's used a lot in the Heartlands and could really do with updating the model. If you don't have time let me know as I'd be interested in learning how to create plants.
  13. Heartlands Claim 2

    I think most of the rockier areas are my earlier work or left over from the previous claim holders and are something I'm currently reviewing. The only thing I've done with Nagastani is change the ground textures and added a little grass. I'll probably add a few harvestables but wont add do any other changes.
  14. Heartlands Claim 2

    I love your armour work Argor and as for your critique, thats all stuff that will come in the next pass. The first pass is mostly to get the major landscaping and locations done as well as the ground textures so it doesn't look as empty as it would. Now I'm going to go through and make it look all pretty with little details and things to make it feel alive. I'll have a look at the transition you mentioned. Yes underwater is barely started. Also the fort looking empty is because it's someones previous work, I plan on making it look better after I know the purpose of the fort. As for the heather, yeah it doesn't it was created by Wellpapp and isn't too bad around Chalman's Keep but here it doesn't work as well but I still need something to break up the green