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  1. MrJGT added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    Ok I'll give it a go. A few tips on creating plants would be useful as I can't find any useful tutorials anywhere.
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  2. MrJGT added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    Do you plan on doing Bergamot anytime soon? It's used a lot in the Heartlands and could really do with updating the model. If you don't have time let me know as I'd be interested in learning how to create plants.
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  3. MrJGT added a post in a topic Heartlands Claim 2   

    I think most of the rockier areas are my earlier work or left over from the previous claim holders and are something I'm currently reviewing. The only thing I've done with Nagastani is change the ground textures and added a little grass. I'll probably add a few harvestables but wont add do any other changes.
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  4. MrJGT added a post in a topic Heartlands Claim 2   

    I love your armour work Argor and as for your critique, thats all stuff that will come in the next pass. The first pass is mostly to get the major landscaping and locations done as well as the ground textures so it doesn't look as empty as it would. Now I'm going to go through and make it look all pretty with little details and things to make it feel alive. I'll have a look at the transition you mentioned. Yes underwater is barely started. Also the fort looking empty is because it's someones previous work, I plan on making it look better after I know the purpose of the fort.
    As for the heather, yeah it doesn't it was created by Wellpapp and isn't too bad around Chalman's Keep but here it doesn't work as well but I still need something to break up the green
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  5. MrJGT added a post in a topic Heartlands Claim 2   

    It's heather and I'm not entirely sure the best way to use it myself. I've just been going by how Wellpapp has used it around Chalman Keep. It might be the angle of slope that does it as I was personally thinking it could do with something to break it up/terrace it.
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  6. MrJGT added a topic in Heartlands   

    Heartlands Claim 2
    Here is a video tour of what I've got so far on my claim. It's mostly just landscaping, locations and texturing but thats what I do for my first pass. Now I'm going to go through adding detail and flora where needed.
    Any constructive criticisms welcome. I'll add images of each location as I go through and get them done.
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  7. MrJGT added a post in a topic Lefthanded Elves Discussion   

    I like the ouraboros idea as it's similar to Satakal the Yokudan/Redguard god and possibly where they got the idea from or where some religious practices came from. We know that men in Tamriel got many of their gods from the Aylieds who enslaved them so it would be logical to assume that the Yokudans got many of theirs from the LHE especially since they were enslaved for much longer. I also like the infinity conitations as I see the LHE as arrogant, even for elves, so would believe that their rule and empire would be infinite and never die.
    Like I previously mentioned I can see the LHE having a similar panatheon to that of the Yokudans, probably by passing it down to them, but that doesn't mean we can't deviate from it slightly. However with regards to elemental forces idea it does say (on UESP not the best source I know) that the Redguards worship pixies, maybe these are the elemental forces that are part of LHE religion? It also gives us some great scope for creating some warped atronach/pixies on Thras.
    Going from what we see in ancient Tamrielic mer I'm guessing a caste system is probable. I imagine wealth would be measured not necessarily measured by money but by the number of slaves owned (I know the Sload have a similar system but I'm not sure how bothered the Sload are by a concept of wealth). This translates in cities with the richest living in tall towers towards the centre to house all their slaves thus show their wealth.
    I agree that magic should be an important element in LHE society given the Redguard hatred of it probably stemming from there use of it but I'm not sure what role it would play in society.
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  8. MrJGT added a post in a topic Lefthanded Elves Architecture Concepts   

    This is the city on Vandor or that's where I've drawn it. And imagine after a few thousands years of the Sload inhabiting it the city apart from some of the major buildings (like the amphitheater) and the outer walls would be virtually unrecognizable to its original inhabitants. 
    I envision the Sload using the city as a base but pulling down buildings as an when they need them and building new structures in its place. Or they simply use the former building as a living space. What were the former slave pens and slums could become homes and/or breeding grounds for the humans they are about to make undead. Covering up the former pristine filled walkways with layers of wet slimy mud so they can move about easier. There is also the city taking water damage and with the Sload not properly maintaining the foundations having it slowly sink into the surrounding marshes and sections of the former docks now under water. This is no longer the former glorious city of the LHEs, no this is the dark and damp miserable hovel that the Sload have turned it into.
    Maybe once I get some of the interior city done you'll see what a horrible place this has become.
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  9. MrJGT added a post in a topic Lefthanded Elves Architecture Concepts   

    Even so that's a lot of magic and controlling of servants when there is a nice empty city just sat there :P.
    It would be a city in a sense of a place not where Sload might live together but at least somewhere they can collect for things like plays and visiting the bazaar. Also if the Maormer have an embassy somewhere they would likely prefer somewhere that at least feels like a city and would make any contact with whatever the Sload has for government easier. I also had an idea for an Imperial diplomat who came to Thras during the great war to try get the Sload to attack the thalmor to try turn the tide so he could be living their wandering about the city.
    The map I was using was the most current one I could find in the landscape of Thras thread so if there is a more up to date one then a copy would be most appreciated.
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  10. MrJGT added a post in a topic Lefthanded Elves Architecture Concepts   

    Glad you like it
    I thought they might use it as their capital as the Sload to me seem very pragmatic and why bother building a whole city when you can inhabit the ruins of an old one. It fits more with their shall we say lackluster way of building houses and the way N'gasta seemingly used an already built tower as a base.
    I'm thinking of adding some more spires to the interior like in the inspiration art. I was also imagining the interior being a lot more Sloadish with coral and mud used to fix the holes I'm the wall and add extra buildings when they need it.
    I think it would be one of if not the biggest city on Thras and when I designed it I put it in the U shaped bay on the isle of Vandor so would be on the waterfront. It was originally the LHEs main base of operations on Thras it being the closest point the Yokuda. It is also surrounded by marsh in its current location so could slowly be sinking into the mud (maybe more pronounced on one side than the other?).
    I could also see the major Sload buildings being here like the grand amphitheater. 
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  11. MrJGT added a post in a topic Lefthanded Elves Architecture Concepts   

    So I've been brought on as a concept artist and thought I'd start with some LHE stuff  This is my design for the former LHE city on Thras that the Sload then turned into their 'capital'. The centre pillar and the 8 guards houses on the held stones similar to welkynd stones the aylieds used but these created a magical force field that would refract the light like glass making the dome visible to the naked eye. 
    There would be some docks allowing slave ships and the to dock here and would be where the maormer embassy would be located as well as maybe the bazaar idea that I saw floating around.
    I might work on a street scene/a few houses later on to show how it would look in the city.
    Any feedback welcome and I do have rough sketch of how the city would originally look for those interested or to help whoever models it. 
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  12. MrJGT added a post in a topic Real life corals for inspiration   

    Yeah that was kinda the idea I had when I found it
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  13. MrJGT added a post in a topic Real life corals for inspiration   

    I found this on the beach and thought it looked like a cool coral heart. Possibly a lootable item off of coral zombies?

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  14. MrJGT added a post in a topic Personal Thras lore that you may want to use/discuss   

    I don't even think he got sent to oblivion, I think he got scattered throughout the realms.
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  15. MrJGT added a post in a topic Personal Thras lore that you may want to use/discuss   

    Exactly that's what I was imagining for the coral caves.
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