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  1. What's going on with some topics, I clicked on them and said I'm not allowed

    1. BadezemCao90


      What do they mean as Old (Reference only)

    2. Ubergrover


      hey, not sure. I don't logon much any more, just a lurker now sadly. I'll see what I can see


      I get the same errors. Sorry; it's a bummer that it's gone, I'll keep searching.

  2. Orsinium Mine Development

    If it's all been finished, navmeshing is a go. Unless I'm mistaken we are only holding off navmeshing on exteriors?
  3. Man, those are some nice looking rocks.
  4. You mentioned rock fetish?
  5. [Unclaimed] Sandstone Mines

    I know it's still very WIP and may change but I like how long and cramped that first tunnel looks. Gives a claustrophobic feel I don't get in vanilla for sure! You probably already know but you should talk to sweetroll about his tileset. Yours shouldn't be as complex since it's a mine rather than a tomb-type dungeon with a puzzle system and whatnot, but he can probably give you tips. And of course Markus has probably looked at what goes into tilesets. Good work so far!
  6. Recommend some Mods...

    Here's the latest (i think) thread on FCOM. Throughout the thread there is more info.
  7. We have yet to release any content set outside Skyrim. There are some mods on the Nexus that add gates on the borders of Skyrim, but they do not actually lead anywhere. If I understand your question, then no, there isn't a way to get from Skyrim to Cyrodiil yet.
  8. The Troll's Toothpick [Claim 3]

    That's a bit heavy handed. I wouldn't mention that at all. Make the player think they might still be in trouble. "Why did the gods bring you here? *pause* We need to talk to Wuuldaakaviing."
  9. Versitile Skill Set

    Welcome! Additionally, ask questions, any questions. While the ablility to design and rig creatures would be awesome, as far as I know we have no one who is an expert at that. By all means tackle it, but for the most part we won't be able to offer expertise. You are proud of your modelling so I'd definitely suggest going that route. There are tons of things to be modeled and there are already a number of pro modelers so you'll get all the advice and feedback you could want. And if you get burnt out you can dabble somewhere else! Also, I keep forgetting to ask people, but could you please give your first impressions of the forum and whatnot? It's structure, whatever strikes you. We recently reorganized and I'd like to know what would make getting familiar with the forums easier.
  10. Thanks for the update Privata! That sounds like a good plan. You definitely know more about that than I do and I trust your judgement.
  11. Wrye Bash - What about install order

    I'm brushing up on my Wrye Bash knowledge and am using BOSS, but I am wondering about install order (as opposed to load order!). I can't find anything about install order, but it seems to me like it's necessary since not all mods are "mod files" but are .bsa and "Data" as well. Should I just put what I want to override further down in the install order? I'm guessing there isn't much on it since it won't break the game like a wonky load order would, but does it still influence the outcome? For instance, which texture wins out in some conflict? I really should know this but I am doubting myself and have been operating under assumptions. I'd rather hear what other people have to say. PS I underlined install order and italicized load order. I am talking about different things!
  12. [WIP] Boar

    Or the other "bore" - "to make a hole by drilling with a rotary cutting instrument" But that boar is looking good!
  13. Whaling in Roscrea

    If nothing else could it be a carcass?
  14. HF - Alik'r/ Dragongrove [2A, 2B]

    For just throwing those together, they are nice looking mangroves so far.