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  1. Yeah, I'll give it a go.
  2. I have access to: my 2 clarinets, a guitarist, various saxophonists, some violnists, a flautist or 2, a percussionist (who can play timpani drums, cymbals and a amongst other things), a pianist, about 20 different bongos, a cellist and various brass players. I also know some folk musicians who might have a sitar and I have some mixing software that I could use remove breathing from the tracks. At my school, however, I do have access to quite a realistic-sounding midi sequencer.
  3. Tadaa. The section in the middle with the bass recorder was improvised. Sorry that the sound quality's a bit poor and that recorder and violin get lost a bit under the cello.
  4. OK, does it matter if it's in MIDI format or do you want it in MP3?
  5. Hello, I am a composer and musician who specialises in middle-Eastern music and Jazz (although it's probably only the first one you're likely to be interested in). I am looking to work on the Hammerfell section of the project. I have no past experience in making music for mods or games although I have won a 3 county-wide competition with some of my work. As a result of finishing exams, I now have a lot of free time on my hands so can work on music for up-to 3 hours a day. I play Clarinet and Bass Clarinet and know a lot of other musicians so could probably convince some of them to help me make live recordings of the music, if needed. Please take time to consider my proposal. Cai.