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  1. Application - 2D Concept Artist

    Hey Hastalis! Elsweyr would love to have you on our team, you certainly have a decent amount of experience with Khajiit already! Will send you out a link to our development discord!
  2. Application for programmer

    Elsweyr would love to have you onboard, we'll PM you an invite to our development server.
  3. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Great examples of your work! We would love to have you on board, I'll send you an invite to our discord via PM.
  4. Application: CK Implementor

    Hey ImmortanJoel! Elsweyr has a few implementation projects on the go you might be interested in — feel free to PM me for details
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    I'm married, but oh gee, oh boy, would I ever like to propose to you right now. I'm the Creative Director & Project Lead on Elsweyr — that's a fantastic start on turning some of our beautiful concept art into reality, look out for a PM link to Elsweyr's Discord, pal.
  6. Application: 3D Modeling/Texturing

    Elsweyr would love to have you on the team! I'll be sending you an invite to our development server immediately via PM.
  7. Application: Writer

    We'd love to have you aboard Arfy, I'll send you an invitation to our discord via PM!
  8. What is Elsweyr to you?

    Hi Siyu-chan, this is best answered on our discord — most of our new development is on other mediums, and has shifted away from the forums. I'll provide you with a link so you can discuss with us there
  9. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    We'd love to have you onboard Feralbyrd! Expect a PM invite to our development server.
  10. 2D Artist looking for work on any province

    Elsweyr is the closest currently to Valenwood (having shared a border that has shifted territory over the years), and have ongoing development of Bosmeri assets, including the need of some Bosmeri border settlements, and production of assets related to Bosmeri raiders on the border.
  11. In your opinion, how big do you think Nirn is?

    LadyN has done various work on scale: http://ladynerevar.tumblr.com/post/66412506492/the-continents-of-nirn-scaled-to-those-of-earth https://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/comments/3vtqtt/the_ln_scaled_tamriel/
  12. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

    Here's a more metallic variant, I've just removed more of the top snowy layer, meant to have a "Stalhrim" quality.
  13. Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage

    Still needs some sort of emblem above, but here's a quick little thing I put together as an option for Atmora logotype.
  14. marriage in elsweyr?

    Related supporting lore:
  15. Bosmer Weapon Concept Art

    Happy to discuss that, specifically in relation to BM/MW's use of Sandstone Karsts, which are much more integral & critical to Elsweyr's unique world design.