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  1. High Rock OST

    Although I don't really know anything about music, I do quite like the Game of thrones style cello I'd even ask why not to feature it a bit more prominently since Skyrim is a lot of violins, and singing? Aslong as it isn't all cello of course Just my two cents! ~Silver/Sarah
  2. Breton Adamantium Weapons [WIP]

    Worked on the flangs of the mace as suggested And I've cut down so now the mace is around 4.5k tris which is around the range of the Dwemer bow which relatively has the same amount. I will UV-map and texture it tomorrow and do the same for the battle axe if possible since it's already basically finished. The tris count was at about 14k to 17k for the original first try, so this is probably better Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/wxXvX Details seem rather stale on it at the moment, but that will change drastically probably with the textures on. (I hope) haha
  3. Breton Adamantium Weapons [WIP]

    Currently redoing the mace's wings, so just want to make things clear. You want to make it look kind of bulbous, with that I mean it increases in overall size or thickness as the mace's wings like spread out from the pole itself so it becomes thicker instead of thinner? Also the Battle axe is almost finished, just need to UV-map and texture it and I'll post a picture of it Edit: Actually before I do uv-map the battle axe I'll post a picture seeing as it's better to get final feedback ^^
  4. Deeza Is A Daddy!!!

    I've only been here for a day now, but still congratulations and happy fathers day!
  5. I've claimed the Adamatium weapon set to work on, and this will be the thread where I post my progress and for others to give feedback on the progress so I can refine it and make it to the best of my abilities. So first off I have a work in progress Battle Axe and Mace which have yet to be textured, or have hard surface modelling applied to them, but the basic concept is there I think! Adamantium Two Handed Battle Axe: Adamantium One Handed Battle Mace: These 3d models are made in Blender version 2.77. These models are based off of the concept art made by Waffles CONCEPT ART Feedback is much appreciated!
  6. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Thank you so much! I'd love to start right away Also I noticed in the picture it shows the path of where the file is saved, and the main Beyond Skyrim directory is in the Garbage Dump folder, just for reassurance that's not meant as an insult, just a strange way of me saving my things haha I'll change it though to avoid confusion
  7. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Hi there, my name is Sarah and I'd like to participate in this huge project I've been following this project since I was 16 and I've never really had the confidence to try out as I wanted to make at least a bit of an impression, although I still have sooooo much to learn. I'm an amateur modeler, have been doing it (on and off) since I was 15 and this is a picture of like an example work I made in 20 minutes of the Adamantium Waraxe, be harsh if you can, I haven't textured it and that's something I am still very inexperienced with. Wip Adamantium WarAxe: I would love to take on both the menial tasks and challenge myself at making the difficult 3d models for the Iliac Province, I could also do: Concept Art, Write, Do both interior and Exterior level design. And I am currently majoring in programming although I still have a long ways to go to really be proficient at it, as I am currently interning at a company as a programmer. Please PM or reply if I need to clear something up