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  1. Roster

    Creator: Christopher Strengths: Big picture, level design, editing, scripting, programming, brainstorming, implementation Lead Writers: Alfred & Carine Alfred Strengths: Characters, brainstorming, world building Carine Strengths: Quests, characters, organisation Lead Technicians: Hide & Alexander Hide Strengths: Creating FMOD, level design, brainstorming Alexander Strengths: TES5Edit modular patching, scripting, level design, brainstorming. Writers: Sven, Michael & Dylan Sven Strengths: History, brainstorming, big picture Michael Strengths: World building, characters, creating maps, quests Dylan Strengths: Brainstorming, quests, consequential dialogue
  2. Song system

    Obviously this is waiting on permission agreements from the singers?
  3. General Dialogpacks

    Seems kinda Nord-centric xD
  4. Fortune Teller

    Ohh ok, I had no idea. Sounds good then
  5. Fortune Teller

    How would the player come across this woman exactly? We don't want to make it too easy, otherwise it'd be odd that no one in the world of Skyrim knew about another fortune teller in the land (bar custom NPCs from Holds of course). If we make it semi-difficult, at least for the first visit it can kind of explain why the people of Skyrim aren't very aware of her existence.
  6. Halls of the Enlightened

    Sorry I meant SkyForge -> Jorrvaskr xD Must stop posting so early in the morning ...
  7. Easter Egg

    I don't know if you know of it, but Pillars of Eternity is an old-school RPG on Steam that was funded by Kickstarter. As thanks they added major backers into the game via tombstones but in the options menu you can disable these homages if you wouldn't want the break in immersion. If we have an MCM we could do that too. I'm sure mod authors won't mind, and if they do just give them a message saying you've done it and happy to remove it but otherwise leave it in?
  8. Halls of the Enlightened

    Ahhh right ok, so SkyForge = Jorrvaskr then? So that ornately carved wood should, imo, be found in the deep sewers then.
  9. Ship Travel Feature

    If you look at Pirates of Skyrim, it has a lot of features that I think would be great in this mod.
  10. Fortune Teller

    Where is Stonehills exactly?
  11. Easter Egg

    How about names on a tombstone for every mod author we use assets from?
  12. Bank Feature

    I agree, having non-connected banks seems odd and almost counter-intuitive to me :/
  13. Political System

    I really like this idea. Ideally the nobles of each Hold would be introduced and explained to the player before they become Thane, except perhaps Whiterun since that's so easy and typically the first city visited. That way, players will already have an idea of the choices and consequences of decisions to come in relevant quests. I'm thinking a combination of Dragon Age's Inquisition gameplay (which is mostly hunting down resources and establishing more trade etc) with Fable III's major decisions in the later part of the game. Also the Civil War should definitely have an effect on where you start in each Hold. if you're a Stormcloak fan and you're trying to be Thane in Markarth than good luck with that
  14. Halls of the Enlightened

    What's the oldest building in Whiterun? Jorrvaskr or Dragonsreach? The lower sewers should reflect the architecture of whatever building is oldest imo, although still be realistic of course.
  15. Fortress of Ice

    For sure, a player home that continues to give after getting it is the best