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  1. Studen of art design want to help ^^

    Would be best if you had a way to post them here for all Provinces to see.
  2. Studen of art design want to help ^^

    Thanks for showing interest in our project! Could you provide examples of your work?
  3. Application, voice actor

    Can you provide any audio/video with your voice acting?
  4. Application: Music

    Thanks for applying! Could you provide an audio/video example of your work?
  5. Main Questline

    After this many years in development we already have a set quest line for our province. If you wish to contribute your ideas, please use our application forum in order to apply for a writing role.
  6. Hoping to be of help!

    Thanks :)! As for waiting; I have nothing better to do at the moment
  7. Hoping to be of help!

    Hello! I'm a hobbyist artist from Sweden that is looking to help in any way I can! art examples: http://imgur.com/a/rhT2A You can put me into whatever art department you need me in (but please link as I'm still not familliar with this forum) Edit: I have also beginner knowledge of 3d modeling (Blender) but the idea is to learn it eventually