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  1. LadyGray added a topic in Fauna   

    HF : Arabian Horse
    For my first project in Beyond Skyrim I'm creating a unique horse mount for the Redguards.  The iliac bay team decided that the Arabian Horse breed would be the best choice.  I promise the horse won’t look like a roider by the time it’s done. Also feel free to critique if you see anything.

    Waffles was awesome enough to make me a design for the horse saddle. 

    Since this is my first project in Beyond Skyrim I could use help with some technical information, in particular this….

    … Someone who knows how to bind a new mesh to a pre-existing Skyrim skeletal rig.

    … Someone who knows how to modify an existing animation.  I’d like for the horse to trot with it’s head and tail up higher than the original animation.

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  2. LadyGray added a post in a topic Finalized list of flora and fauna in Hammerfell 2015   

    This will do nicely. Thank you  very much.
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  3. LadyGray added a post in a topic Organic Modler   

    Thanks for the welcome kettle.  So I've explored the site a bit more.  My particular areas of interest would be modeling organic people or creatures.  I'm willing work with any of the crews.  To fill the land with animals dogs, geese, camels,  fish or whatever else.
    If I ever had made my own mod it would be to make more body types in Skyrim such as fat people, children, babies, old people, extra slim ect..  but I'm not sure how complicated that can get.
    Will finish post when I'm not on the road. Brb
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  4. LadyGray added a topic in Recruitment   

    Organic Modler
    Just looking to help a team (while keeping my 3d skills from decaying into dust) Ive done all types of 3d modeling but I'm better at human bodies and creature design.   
    Character Model
    Some kinda fantasy dino creature
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