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  1. Main Questlne

    High Rock has a mix of imperially loyal factions you can back in its main quest but in the breton fashion this can mean different things for each. Having Hammerfell rejoin isnt an option, but you can support factions interested in reconciliation or alliance. Id recomned keeping an eye for the lore primers when they come back as they provide far more detail.
  2. Join Roscrea Team

    Dont forget to make a post in the general recruitment and apply in the discord.
  3. Connor

    Piece of advice from the local lurker? Writing applications will very rarely get picked up due to the team already having an experienced senior staff and a ludicrous amount of chaff thrown at them, if your serious about wanting a position you'd be advised to provide multiple examples of your work as well as ingratiate yourself to the team on one of the platforms they're more active on such as the discord or reddit. It may also be to your advantage to try to get a basic understanding of how the creation kit works being, being able to do the occasional bit of interior work or being able implement the quests you write yourself will make you far more appealing than just tossing up some pretty words. Edit: By the By youve placed your application within the Atmora sub-section when your application should either be in the general recruitment thread or either of the provinces you wish to apply for.
  4. Where can I help?

    What are your interested in and do you have any familiarity with the creation kit itself?
  5. cyrodilic wreckage

    A lot of cities have rough outlines and most of the duneon assets have been completed but Skingrad and Leyawiin still need assets as well as a staggering amount of armour, weapons and clutter. Not to mention that even after thats done youve got to remember NPCS, scripting, voice acting and bugtesting. Oh and all the faction questlines.
  6. Cities of war

    How about enabling the military camps from game start as staging grounds for the side controlling the hold and then giving the soldiers in them routines that have them patrolling during the day and then returning at night? Also the various small camps you find could do with some loving as well.
  7. cyrodilic wreckage

    Not a member so i couldn't answer either question definitively, though the imperial cities tile-set is complete and the city is being worked on. The team also refuse to give estimates on release, though from my own observations the mid 2020s seem like the earliest all of Cyrodil will be finished. If you want to talk with the team you should head to the reddit or discord.
  8. Altmer Concept Art

    No there isnt and dont necro threads, even if its sad this one died un-noticed.
  9. cyrodilic wreckage

    The teams stance is that its been over a decade since the great war so the majority of the damage has been repaired, but Ive read that if you look around the imperial city you may notice hints of what happened. I dont know if the statue of Akatosh still stands though.
  10. Music composer, audio score

    Provide a sample here or on the discord and then apply at the website. I must emphasize adding a sample otherwise you probably wont be considered no matter how nice the credentials are.
  11. Skyrim's Most Ambitious Mod Ever

    Damn and I thought my ex-wife couldn't let things go....
  12. Concept artist looking to help

    Not a member, but do you have anything TES based? Your work shows promise but concept art actually needs to be an idea that can be turned into something in-game. Perhaps a rendition of one of the redguard gods?
  13. Morrowind Mage Faction

  14. Morrowind Mage Faction

    Apparently the Shad Astula from ESO will be making a comeback, though im not clear on the details.
  15. Siege

    Do you mean like assaulting forts in the civil war or actually entrenching a position around a castle while waiting for the enemy to be starved out?