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  1. Aplication: Modeller (very little exp)

    Happy to help just remember to ask questions when you get there.
  2. Aplication: Modeller (very little exp)

    If your not sure about your skill as it is now it may be worth checking out the Arcane University, the training division of the project: https://discord.gg/3YyeGCf
  3. I have a stupid question.

    https://discord.gg/TAzte8m The discord has been the main place for news for a while now.
  4. Application of potential

    If your serious about wanting to write for the project this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mWkOTuNkUiSMnvAPGpF_HZwr3uqhywyCzwmc02Jic4I/edit is the example use to show how BS structures its quests. If you can provide an example of work that fits within that structure you have a better chance of getting accepted. Though put further applications here: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/141-recruitment/ otherwise you'll be seen as spamming.
  5. The team and introductions

    You should make a post here: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/141-recruitment/ to apply. Also there are a couple of spanish speakers on the team so it may be worth linking your stories as well.
  6. Cities

    The discord and the subbreddit.
  7. Cities

    Nine and there already have been.
  8. If it was perfectly good it wouldnt have had so many glaring flaws. Not to mention the only "horror" aspect in this has been repeated twice in the series through Umbra (which was also the focus of the novels) and the constant reaching for plot twists is more a dramatic crutch than a horror one.
  9. Radiant questlines can send you into Bruma?

    Creation Kit cant handle loading two provinces simultaneously to make the quests, where as the radiant system is just picking a single interior for the quests. That second problem is a vanilla bug, (just play with dragonborn installed and youll notice quests send you to solstheim without a marker as well) and last I heard there wasnt very much to do about it either. The creation kit is many things, sensible is not one of them.
  10. 1st/2nd. His divinity was tied to the heart of Lorkhan, when the heart was banished he was destroyed, this isnt open to interpretation the Sharmat had been so long exposed to the hearts influece the two where irrevocably linked, body and soul. The only reason the Tribunal persisted was because they never exposed themselves to the heart for extended periods and still had alternate (but far weaker) sources of power, but with only Vivec remaining what could be loosely described as sane. So with that in mind nothing relating to Dagoth Urs return would make any sense mechancilly and likewise would only serve to undermine the plot of Morrowind. Not to mention youve fundamentally misinterpreted Dagoth Ur himself , since his entire philosophy was based on exposing the lie of reality and to that end never lied to the player. Likewise his followers never tried to deceive the player. So him pretending to ally with the player makes no sense from a charcter perspective and thats if we ignore the fact the Thalmor have no presence in Morrowind so he wouldn't care about them. Him being able to imprison the Nerevarine likewise is just nonsense, since that would first require "just a shade of his former power" to be able to overcoem a being who was able to best him at his height or somehow have influence reaching to goddamn Akavir and again is fundamentally at odds with how his relationship with the Nerevarine is portrayed.
  11. Considering the number of dreamers and ash slaves I killed playing Morrowind.... yeah I definitely dont have any problems killing someone under the sharmats influence. And thats just forgetting he died when the heart was lost.
  12. Student Application Thread (level design.)

    It is, however the Discord is used more now than DC. https://discord.gg/9xFGwPr
  13. summerset and hammerfell

    Considering just how far away summerset is on the heightmap you must either have the greatest LOD ever made or your looking at Stirk which is part of cyrodil.
  14. Application: Anything

    They want proof of your skills before they'll consider you. What have you done in the CK? Would you be willing to upload or link an ESP so it can be judged? What have you textured? Would you show evidence. Do you understand Papyrus? If so have you used it to script anything. Words alone dont mean anything here.
  15. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    Well that would be the Grand Chancellor or Potenate and even still, the player being be made emperor, reforming the blades or starting the second great war are things the team have stated will not be included within the mod.