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  1. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    Well that would be the Grand Chancellor or Potenate and even still, the player being be made emperor, reforming the blades or starting the second great war are things the team have stated will not be included within the mod.
  2. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    The problem with what your suggesting is that for the purposes of the mods main quest the emperors already left cyrodil on the Katariah and if the player continues the questline he gets assassinated weather you've started the Dark Brotherhood questline or not, so the player will not be having any interactions with Titus the second. The quest-line will allow you to back one of the many claimants to the ruby throne, but the player is not one of them.
  3. Thanes of Skyrim

    You seem to misunderstand what the evidence is pointing too. 1. Ego: If he had the title he would brag about it and the cultural difference only means hed over estimate its value. 2. Law: You have to own land to be a thane, not the other way around, just owning land doesn't immediately give you a title. The only exceptions being Baalgruf in the main quest, even the jarls you directly place into power in the other holds require you to own a house before they will bestow the position. 3. Wealth: He is the least impressive of the three farmers in whiterun. Pellagia simply has a larger setup and the battleborn have far more influence in the hold. 4. Role at court: He never actually advises the Jarl and neither of the jarls actually care about him. And i remind you that Jarl Dialogue got recorded for Hrongar, so we cant just atribute this to cut-content either. Now with all that in mind consider how he never actually enters dragonsreach in the vanilla game and that his wife is dressed in common clothes, the Jarl/s never mentions him and he desperately brags to adventurers in the street. Bethesdas intention was clear, hes got a little bit of wealth which he wastes on his own appearance to present the image of being a person of influence, but actually has none. I hate to break the image youve constructed but the evidence is very damning. (And little finger had an actual role at court acting as chief treasurer (even if he was shamelessly embezzling the crown and plunging the kingdom into debt) he wasn't just some landed braggart who stumbled into the redkeep every few days to lick boots.)
  4. Thanes of Skyrim

    The thing is the man is so up-himself if he was a Thane he'd make a point to bring it up, you'll note all the thanes in-game are very up-front with their position despite the varying level of ego, yet Nazeem the Narcissist doesn't? More over hes always bragging that he "Earned his way to the top" which given that the Pellagia farm is the one supporting the city makes me think he did the same thing the battleborn did and swap to cash crops, but unlike them didnt already have the family name, thus giving him an over-blown sense of authority. Then factor in how much his wife complains in the temple and it becomes very clear the man has no real influence. I also feel the need to point out Pellagia again, because he has a bigger farm, with more crops, has an extra worker and a house in the city, just for further proof Nazeems is putting on airs.
  5. Oh yeah, same goes for all branches. Either direct post or links.
  6. Dragontail Mountains?

    The dragon tail mountains are in the hammerfell portionb of Illiac bay and contain the city of skaven as well as several dungeons.
  7. PR Volunteer

    Applying since I've actively answered questions on other platforms and wouldn't mind doing so in an official capacity. Answer to DreadImpaller on reddit and Vern on Discord.
  8. Project recruitment

    Can you provide samples or your work?
  9. Bugged Quests

    Okay odd question, which version did you install and how did you install it?
  10. Something I realized from Dawnguard

    It has been mentioned before numerous times.
  11. Something I realized from Dawnguard

    Quests between provinces aren't currently possible to do within the creation kit. There is an alternative version being worked on but there isn't a clear release date, so either way inter-province quests aren't really being considered.
  12. Bugged Quests

    1. Youve gone through all of Rigmars options as well? 2. Do you have a save before the interogation? 3. Is that the replacement guard captain?
  13. Something I realized

    Thanks Geedubs.
  14. Elder Scrolls VI Location analysis

    Except Azras crossing is up in the drudach mountains, the closest major body of water is the Bjoulase river where as its clearly the sea in the shot.
  15. Something I realized

    Closer to the bosmer becoming a sea of nightmare beasts who become a wave of death killing everything with a pulse before turning on each other in a cannibalistic orgy