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  1. Have you any examples of your composition work?
  2. The Badlands 2017

    They really come to life when you give them to a good landscaper! The rocks look perfect in these formations, and the climate in general looks spot on. Love these -- especially the second picture!
  3. Textures are now entirely finished and included in the .esm for our landscaping team! Worked on a lot of stuff behind the scenes without posting -- got carried away. We now have directional sand for dunes, a dirt/gravel for makeshift paths, and I have worked on making the grass textures look more realistic, using small weeds instead. Hopefully they will be put to good use! For screenshots, check Rob's landscaping thread. I will upload individual shots of each texture before too long for reference:
  4. Hi there! Most of the scripts (if not all) that we write for game use are written in Papyrus in the CK, that is similar to Python in some ways as far as I know. Do you have a github or similar account so we can see what you're working on? Also, if it interest you, we have a small team of people working on plugins for mod tools -- the Blender nif plugin is written in Python, and there are other projects involving C++ and XML if that's your jam. I'm sure someone more closely involved with such things will come by this thread soon. Welcome to DC!
  5. Concept Artist or 3d Modeler looking to help.

    Hi there! As Oliver says, all provinces need help from volunteers. I'm particularly interested in your architectural concepts -- they're of a great standard and some analytical designs like this would go a long way into easing the 3D process for our modelers when building tilesets. If you're interested in lending a hand to Elsweyr (on whichever type of work you'd prefer, we have tonnes available), send me a direct message. I'm also on the Iliac Bay team with Oliver, so let either one of us know if you're interested over there! Above all else, welcome to Dark Creations and Beyond Skyrim
  6. Made some rocky textures for outcrops and detailing around rock formations. Screenshots thanks to @robcbwilson:
  7. Iron Weapon Set Progress Thread

    These weapons are great. They have a distinctive style that registers as soon as you look at them, and they're intrinsically Khajiit. Don't worry about timescale -- take it at your own pace. And thanks for breathing life in to this dark place of the forum!
  8. Textures implemented in the CK. Blend between rocky and standard sand (zoomed out): I've also made the two grassy variants -- thin and dense. The grass is constructed from individual blades that have pushed through the sand, and will be used in border and blend regions, so the small waveforms in the sand are smaller. Here is another blend between the two:
  9. Hi Lorn, great work! We'd love to have you at Elsweyr. We're going through a boom of development at the minute and your submissions are beautiful. We have primitive architecture (yurts and huts etc), illustrations, and many other things that need concept art for our modelers to draw from. If you're interested, throw me a PM and we'll get you sorted. Welcome to DC! Edit: As a member of Iliac Bay also, they would love to have you too!
  10. Added some small gravel-like stones and sun-bleached dry wood pieces to the sand to look more natural, and reflect the references more. After this, I quickly altered some of the parameters in the Substance I'd made to create a flatter, gravel-based texture with more debris to be used for variation and underneath vegetation/rocks:
  11. Looking to help recruit more for Beyond Skyrim

    Hi there! We certainly have PR roles -- there is a PR department. Not that I know too much about it, but someone should step in and contact you about it soon. Thanks for your interest!
  12. Hi all. There is currently an "Elsweyr Textures" thread on this forum, but the listed textures look quite different to what I am working on and it was last active around 2 years ago so I'm going to go ahead and create this thread. Before work commences on Dune architecture, I am working on developing a new texture set for the Badlands in central Elsweyr. The current list of textures needed for this set are as follows: COMPLETED (18/06/17): 1 x flat sand texture (small waves) 2 x directional sand (for dunes) 1 x flat sand and gravel/debris 2 x rocky sand for outcrops and blending 1 x dry cracked mud 1 x dirt/gravel for makeshift tracks This set will primarily take influence from the red sand and grit of the Australian Outback -- I'll be looking mainly at the Simpson desert for references. We're talking high saturation, popping oranges and reds. Here are a couple of references: ----------------------------------------------- First off, the (almost) finalised textures for the cracked mud (ELSLandscapeBadlandsCrackedMud01) and the flatter sand (ELSLandscapeBadlandsSandFlat01), photographs courtesy of @robcbwilson, placed in-game. Textures have been made fully procedurally in Substance Designer, and the graphs can be quickly modified to make new variants, which I will be doing for directional sand and some of the rockier textures. The only thing I might add is some dry wood to the sand texture, much like the second reference photograph in the first post.
  13. [Claimed] Farrun

    Thanks Lux. At the moment, it needs upper class houses (3 of them -- I've started work behind the scenes on one of those and it's been passed on) and guild halls, as well as possibly some shops. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes
  14. [Claimed] Farrun

    Just posting in here again to say I have stopped working on this set. It's being passed on to someone who has more time. It's been a bit of a labour of love, and I'm pleased with what's been achieved so far. It is currently about half way to completion, hopefully someone can take it all the way! In the meantime, I'm working on some other things that I will be posting on the forums soon. @eryigid will take it from here!
  15. Student Thread - Ravenz

    Sorry about the long reply, been busy over the holidays! Yes, that's the template I use